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    Session 12, part 2- The Bridge, Nurah, Soltengrabbe and the attack on Drezen!

    Morning news- Commander John is gone! His cell lock is picked clean, and the Sarenrae soldiers are killed. On the wall is written "I'm going back to the source" (The shadow demon inside Drezen). A watch post said John stormed past them, and cast hold person on them. a long post said that the gtes of Drezen opened up for him, and welcomed him.

    The party awoke a bit dismayed, but at least- powers recharged! (Including the 7th level spells and such). After a brief discussion the party decided that they will first capture the bridge, and then maybe will give Andera his diversion to go sabotage the other siege engines.

    "So it this the last of him?" Asks Andera, concerning John. Sena shakes his head slowly "I have feeling we'll see him again..."

    The Ahari bridge massacre

    They grew close to observe the bridge, and saw the 8 tieflings, 4 chained aurochs (For which they for some reason decided that they have over 100 hp each? ), and Barrid, the sorcerer at the back. Andera snuck through the gorge to behind the bridge, enough to get close to Barrid, while the rest? 3 invisibility spells and one silence got them to about 20 feet of the tieflings, to unleash the onslaught!

    And what a decisive onslaught it was! The battle was a joke! Sena started with smite evill on the tiefligns (Very surprised to see them fall so easily), Julian started spamming grease spell on the beasts to stop them pulling, Md dog charged to kill them quickly, and Andera did quick work of the surprised Barrid at the back. (Andera took the Step up feat which works EXCELLENT against casters! Disrupted him nicely!) In 2-3 rounds the battle was over without a single hp lost. A real "strike team" operation!

    Spoiler: Ahari bridge
    Crappy encounter, which is supposed to be tough, but really isn't. None of the participants have good perception skills to notice the chשracters, so they just... sit and wait. But good enough to let the party feel awesome!

    I let the party retreat a bit and check the magic items (Especially the wand of teleportation), When I sprang the next surprise on them!

    But first, closing up loose ends

    The party heard a great roar, and saw a big shadow flying... not towards them, but towards their armies on Paradise Hill! Here I may have made a mistake. The party wanted to use this as a diversion for Andera to go sneak (Apparently they didn't think of Soltengrabbe seriously), but I hinted they think they may need their entire strength. Julian's player was annoyed at me "A DM should never hint!" (I hven't so far, but I wished for Ander's plyer to experience this fight as well). Hopefully not a big mistake...

    Julian conjured tow mounts, and the party bolted, casters on one horse, mundane on another. But an Ambush has been set, by none other than Nurah, Brother John (with Wakizashis?), 15 rogue tieflings and 3 sorcerers. ("Wait, so he is a betrayer?") Nurah casts grease on Julian's horse which falls in the middle of the bunch, but Mad dog spurns his horse to jump over the blockade of tielflings and "Can I jump from my horse on her?" Me: "Um... Sure... give me athletics 15" Mad dog jumps in mid air and comes burying his sword in the surprised Nurah. Andera also jumps and lands near John, each wielding two Wakizshis. Andera hisses "There is no redemption for the likes of you!" and used mythic power to do an impressive sneak attack for more than 50 damage! AS he hit him, the pain made the mask of Brother John slip away to reveal... Excorius!

    Seeing this Sena rose "ENOUGH!" And cast Smite evil, killing most of the tieflings in the way. Julian kills excorius with MM and threatens the others "Run now, while you still can!" Nurah tries to move 5ft back and cast displacemקnt, utterly shocked at the onslaught. Mad dog finishes the job and buries his sword through her skull down the length of her body. (This player seems to like grisly descriptions as well!)

    Without further ado, the party heads towards the mess with Soltengrabbe.

    Spoiler: Nurah nd Excorius- what really happened
    My version of things is that While Nurah was plying her subterfuge to the army, she noticed Excorius, and somehow contacted him. HE then supplied her of the demon's blood, straight from the source (Teleport is a wonderful ability), and used his own shape shifting skills to sow confusion, such as in last night, where he masqueraded as John ("Activating" a teleport wand). This was the meaning of the note "Wait for my signal".

    They now wished to give Soltengrabbe as much time as she could to wreck the armies (See soon enough). I initially thought the Nurah might be able to escape (She's a crappy combatant), but failed that.


    Awesome battle music!
    alternating with
    More great music!
    (Suggested by kornwiser! Thanks a lot)

    There is some distance from the bridge to Paradise hill, not to mention an (albeit short) delay on the way. This gave Soltengrabbe 3 rounds with the armies. We rolled randomaly and she fell (of course) on the Queen's knights (They suffer the worse of the burnt) She attacked them for 3 "army rounds" (3 minutes) before the party could get there. The army didn't manage to damage her, due to her resistance.

    Spoiler: Soltengrabbe army stats
    Category Value
    Composition Fine demonic mythic chimera
    ACR/ init 4/+4
    Size tiny
    hp 40 (each hp= 3.5 hp for regular play
    Moral +4 (to death)
    DV/OM 14/+4 (See Significant defense, great speed, breath weapon)
    Tactics relentless brutality
    Special Significant defense +15 DV (Epic)
    Great speed- 2 attacks per turn
    Breath weapon- 1 attack, if "hit" than ACR damage

    On the way to her the casters casts a few defensive spells. They meet her chomping down a horse on top of a hill, the other armies soon disperse, recognizing hero stuff in the making! Mad dog charges on his horse again, and uses mythic power to bypass her DR, damageing abotu 40 out of her 140 hit points. Andera attacks, misses and vanishes. Soltengrabbe uses her mythic power to breath swiftly, and then full attacks Mad dog, dropping him into about -22! (From about 80). Thankfuklly due to mythic he doesn't die immediatly.

    Sena appraoches, and uses mythic power to cast commune protection from cold on him, the horse and Julian, Soltengrabbe approavhes and tries to smack him, but misses. the party is surprised at Soltengrabbe's second turn in a round! Julian tries to slow her, but her many brains ability helps her win against that.

    Andera then begins his routine of comign to her invisible, sneak attacking with mythic power and hten bvanishing. She uses full attack after full attack on Sena, but he turtles in and evades nearly all attacks (Really High CR), while he uses his channel smite (the 7th level feat) to struck harsh strikes on his own. Julian's spells are ineffective.

    With Mad dog's initial heavy damage, Andera's continual decent blows, and Sena's tanking they manage to bring Soltengrabbe down!The party rejoiced in their victory, as the thrilled and cheering armies came to greet them!

    All in all I think it was a bit too easy. I wonder at Senatef nigh impenetrable armor. Hard to challenge like this... Still, the party felt awesome!

    Spoiler: Soltengrabbe stats
    I've been using the altered stats of Soltengrabbe, which were suggested by Alleran earlier in the thread. I post them here for the interested...

    XP 9,600

    Female advanced mythic chimera (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 44, Pathfinder RPG Mythic Adventures)
    CE Large magical beast (demon, mythic)
    Init +10/-10M, dual initiative; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent; Perception +17

    AC 24, touch 11, flat-footed 22 (+2 Dex, +13 natural, 1 size)
    hp 142 (12d10+76)
    Fort +11, Ref +10, Will +7
    Defensive Abilities three brains; DR 10/epic and cold iron or epic and good; Immune electricity, poison; Resist acid 10, cold 10, fire 10; SR 21

    Speed 30 ft., fly 50 ft. (poor)
    Melee bite +18 (2d6+6/19-20), bite +18 (1d8+6/19-20), gore +17 (1d8+6 plus trip), 2 claws +17 (1d6+6) Power attack: -4/ +12/ +8
    Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
    Special Attacks mythic breath weapon, mythic power (4/day, surge 1d8), crushing jaws

    Str 22, Dex 14, Con 17, Int 4, Wis 13, Cha 10
    Base Atk +12; CMB +18; CMD 30 (34 vs. trip)
    Feats Ability Focus (mythic breath), Improved Critical (bite), Improved InitiativeM, Iron Will, Power Attack (-4/+12)M, Weapon Focus (bite), ToughnessB
    Skills Fly +8, Perception +17, Stealth -2 (+2 in scrubland or brush); Racial Modifiers +2 Perception, +4 Stealth in scrubland or brush
    Languages Draconic
    SQ demonic

    Crushing Jaws (Ex)
    If Soltengrebbe hits a creature with both bite attacks, it savages its prey as a free action. This deals 2d6+1d8+9 points of damage. In addition, the victim must succeed at a DC 22 Fortitude save to resist being staggered by the pain for 1d4 rounds. The save DC is Strength-based.
    Demonic (Ex)
    Soltengrebbe's transformation into a mythic creature has infused it with many demonic resistances and immunities. It counts as if it had the demon subtype for the purposes of effects that have additional effects against demons.
    Mythic Breath Weapon (Su)
    Soltengrebbe's breath weapon is usable once every 1d4 rounds, deals 6d8 points of cold damage and 2d8 piercing damage in a 40-foot cone, and allows a DC 21 Reflex save for half damage. The save DC is Constitution-based. If Soltengrebbe expends one use of mythic power, it can be used as a swift action.
    Three Brains (Ex)
    Anytime Soltengrebbe attempts a Will saving throw, it rolls twice and uses the better result.

    Mythic tier 2+ aftermath

    First of all- Tier 2 changes:
    - Julian: Took Eldritch Breach. Her two mythic spells now are ray of enfeeblement+ hideous laughter (She changed the last from Mirror image which did not work as she thought)
    - Andera: Took combat trickery, seeking combat control.
    - Mad dog: Took burst through. He wants to charge!
    - Sena: Took faith reach (Mostly for communal spells)
    The party got some extra hp, amazing initiative and increased their main abilities by 2 each.

    The party got Excorius and Nurah's equipment back. They especially liked the handy haversack (I gave it a secret compartment where Nurah kept the vials of shadowblood), and the w nd of modify memory ("That explains a few things!") And Andera of course took the Wakizashis, both magical (1 of them spell storing, another by suggestions in the forum- a +1 sword turning to +3 for sneaks and confirm crits). A heavy boosts to his magical abilitiesm, but he lacks behind the rest by faaarrr...

    The armies were of a VERY high moral (After the bridge and Soltengrabbe), but the Queen's Knights were beaten up bad (more casualties), and the betrayels of some tieflings took 2 permanent hp of Ander's army.

    All in all the Bartlets were 3 hp down (Doesn't seem like a lot, but 10 is their max), Queen's knights at -15, tieflings at -7, and a few other minor injuries to the armies. Not to mention the unconscious Mad dog. Sena became angry at everyone drinking his channel and spells (Mad dog took a LOT to heal), but dispensed it till he was dried out, and still the Knights were not that good...

    Andera takes this opportunity to give his people, now free of their betrayers a new name- "Deskari's bane!" (Also a sort of a precaution, putting them FIRMLY on one side of the conflict). Qulin mulls over it... "I like it! I t means problems maybe, but we are your servants, Deskri's bane, and we shall be your weapons.... maassttterrr!" (Cue in profound groveling, and rolling of eyes)

    Parley at the gate

    What next? The turn of moral was too good to pass up! Julian said it "I bet the enemy really didn't like seeing their champion beaten down! Lets go shake them up a bit more, and give Andera a chance to take down the other two siege weapons."

    So the party did something unexpected, and quite lovely! They cut off the 3 heads of the chimera, and rode towards the gate. On the way Andera rolled off and went into the gorge, sneaking. As the other trio reached the bridge they put the heads on display, and Julian called out loud. "My the lord of this land show itself!" () They did not quite expect the outcome.

    A sort of a dark presence loomed over the bridge, and the ghost image of Staunton Vhane, They could feel his power over the troops, a gripping hand of terror. "You dare the affront of speaking with us?"

    Julian didn't flinch "We have slayed those on Paradise Hill, we have killed your spies" (She threw the bodies of Nurah and Excorius. "And we have easily killed your Champion. I come to offer you surrender!" This was met with a great sinister laugh from the wall, one hollow and grave. "You have only faced the outside of Drezen. Come, clash on it's walls, and bleed!"

    Julian tried to spar some words with him, giving Andera good time to sneak to the walls, but she was caught "Such paltry tricks? we shall double the guard, for any sort of approach. None gets into Drezen!" (The party joked "You do not simply walk into Mordor!") Andera managed to sneak well enough to avoid detection, and hid back in the gorge.

    But there was aa second reason to coming here. Julian makes a final ultimatum: "Well it was nice speaking to the wall that cannot surrender. Tomorrow Drezen will fall! None that will stay tomorrow will survive. The dwarf is stuck within, but the rest of you can still turn away. It is not your way. His soul is chained to the wall, sorcery is all around you and still- it doesn't help! We give you till tomorrow, run away or be destroyed." With that the party left.

    Now, to tell the truth I wasn't expecting this, but I let Julian roll intimidate against Staunton's intimidate, and she managed to persuade some forces. 2 dretch armies and 20% of the shcir army hp were removed from the siege. As you will see, this may have saved a few armies later on!

    Andera wited till dark and made his move. though the DC were harder, and meeting the last surviving brimorak in the last tower he manged to evde everything, sbotage the engines, and make his way back.

    At night the berbelang attacks a bit, nothing much to report...

    It is at this point that we come to the near 9 hours mark of our session. But we decide to play on!

    Day 10, the siege of Drezen!

    (Apologies: I can't for some reason rotate the following pics. If anyone can help in this, I'd be much obliged. Thanks!)

    It is Julian's birthday! "I'd like a fortress as a present!" The party decides to forgo the graveyard and such, but insted to attack the fort today. The plan is fairly simple:

    From the north east, near the broken bridge, the siege engine of the Knights of Sarenrae (Under Sena) will try to bring the wall down, and draw troops outside, and away from the main gate. The other non mounted troops (Tieflings under Andera, Bastards under Mad dog, and The mongrelfolk under Lann) Will try and occupy such troops and maybe force a way in. If possible, the siege engine will be moved towards the gate. (They assumed the enemy can't launch, or won't want to launch a massive offense outside of the walls)

    At the south, the mounted troops (Bartlets under Julian, Queen's Knights and Silver Banner) will either use the siege engine to bring down the gate, or will force their way in otherwise (They didn't quite have a plan for this). The big idea was to splint the enemy's forces, and try to lure them out, since facing them ll at a defended choke point won't succeed.

    This also meant splitting the party- Julian alone, Sena with the siege engine, and the rest on his side. Julian's hawk familiar will deliver messages.

    Spoiler: Map of initial approach

    North is to the left, east is up... Grrrr...In the east I joined the map of Paradise hill, where the initial non mounted troops are gathered.

    As the forces were getting to attack position, they could see enemy forces. Tieflings over the NE walls, Cultists over the gate, and another groups of cultists on the walls between them. Dretches and Schirs were not seen yet. Sena gave the order to start the attack, and heaves of stones flew to Drezen's walls.

    Did I mention the player rolls well? He hit the walls hard, and put in a dent. The Bartlets let out a surprise volley on the cultists at the gate, and retreat. The fort tries to reply, but their catapults cave in on themselves. Andera looks pleased! The PCs' catapult lets down another barage and takes down a wall, but the fort had more surprises- the trapped ghosts of former crusaders rise from their maze like structre (not that the PC know of it), and rush from the walls straight towards the Knights of Sarenrae! In here is hows how frutious is is that Sen commanded them, since his defensive spells, Smite Evil and channel energy gives the army SOME ability to fight back. (I originally thought they might need some strike team inside).

    Between fightingthe ghosts the army manages to retreat a step and takes a second wall section down. A large tieflign army along with a dretch rmy come to the gap to stop approaching armies.

    Spoiler: Drezen siege, coming out of the wall

    This time north is down. To the east (Left) Sena's forces are engaged with the ghost army (White). out of the walls come the tieflings (Red), and dretches (green), the cultists are still on the walls for the meantime (blue)

    If you need a job done, call a wizard

    The tiefligns try to engage the ghosts with sorcerers alone, while the siege engines are being held. Julian, seeing through the eyes of her hawk doesn't like this, and tries to come up with ways to open the gate. Knock? too big... hmmmm...

    Meanwhile, Sena's channel energy finally takes down the ghosts, but they see their energy flowing back to the fort, and soon after they appear again!

    Julian decides it's enough, the siege engines won't come this battle. She picks two sturdy crusaders, casts mirror image and invisibility on the 3 of them, calls for the forces to make some diversion, and teleports them 3 to one of the towers near the gate. She imagines that there is a mechanism there. We roll, and she rolls lucky and picks the right gate. The 3 rush down and face the Brimorak left to guard it! One mythic hideous laughter later, and a knock on the door leading, the two crusaders start opening the gates! Arabeth signals to the QUeen's knights "Charge!" They come to clash with the Shcir army (A dretch army behind them), with the Silver Banner coming close behind, and the Bartlets starting shoot out with the cultists up the wall

    (This took a bit of improvisation, but her logic seems cool enough)

    Ducks in a barrel
    On the other side, the armies leave the Knights of Sarenrae (Who get one or two parting shots before being engaged in the weakened ghost army. They lose power each time they are destroyed), and start a shooting match with the tieflings, and then cultists who join. Sena, who leads this side, has enough and makes a crucial mistake. "Enough! Engage them!" He calls to the others.

    The 3 armies comply, and climb down the gorge, but the enemy just comes to the top of the gorge and start shooting them down, not enabling them to get up! The tieflings suffer heavy losses, the bastards moderate.

    Spoiler: Drezen fight, down in the gorge, battle at the gate

    Again, north is down. The forces to the east are in the gorge, with the enemy blocking them from up. At the gate the Queen's knight (South, or up) against the shcir, the other armies behind them

    Could go either way!

    A few tense rounds pass. One one side Sena manages to shrugs the ghosts again, and manage a shot at the tiefling Army. Andera's army uses darkness on the cultists, and manages to scamper up and fight, but nearly gets wiped in the process. The potions from the temple of welcome night are drank left and right. Sena curses deeply as yet more ghosts form. Nearly out of smite eveil and channel energy.

    On the other front The Bartlets deal good damage, but tke good damge as well, and nearly disperse. Julian uses the dimension doo wand to get to a clean tower, and launches fireball after fireball and the cultists, showering the knights below with charred heathen meat.

    The Queen's Knights however meet Staunton's presence commanding the Shcirs! They prove tough, and The Queen's knights also suffer heavy losses. His presence is enough to instill a routing check every turn (The reason the others don't face this is because is presence is in the fort's territory only.

    The party roll about 4-5 20s on defenses and such. a very close call. Finally the Shcir fall! (Thanks to Julian's previous demoralizing speech), but Staunton presence disperse the Silver Banner. The enemy tieflings fall as well, and the Lucky bastards climb to fight with the tiefligns against the cultists.

    Spoiler: Drezen stage 4- Nearly done (us or them?)

    North is to the right. In the east Sena's army is still occupied with the ghosts, while the others are getting out of the gorge. The Knights are at the gate, with the green dretch army in front.

    Finishing it off

    Though the Queen's Knights are triumphant, the dretch army charge, along with Staunton Vhane's presence annihilates the army (Arabeth escapes). After that it's fairly over though, Julin continues to blast from her perch, and with the Bartlets takes the last of the cultists and dretch army. The bastards engage the cultists and enables Andera's army to retreat, while the mongrelfolk go inside and wreck the ghost-generating-maze, and last tiefling army.

    Opposition annihilated, the rest of the army enters Conquered Drezen!

    The cost: The Silver Banner, The Queen's Knights, Tielign at 2 hit point (and suffered casualties), and Bartlets at 2 hit points. plus the others wounded to various degrees. But the feeling of elation great!

    Happy birthday Julian!

    Each player's XP: 50,263 (Almost 8th level. That went by fast!)

    We finished the session here. It was a terrific ride so far. This also concludes the mass combat part (At least for this module) and I may talk about it in a further post, when I get the time. I intend to talk about our experiences with mythic (Now having played with it for 1 tier).

    But for now- sleeeeeeep! Please, add a comment, a note, or a question. Responses really help a lot!
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