Let's face it, this is one of the main draws of the book. Imperial GuardAstra Militarum in space. Let me disabuse you of that notion right now. These are not guard. They are just not-Marine humans. They look like a duck, but they don't quack like one. Some similarities with Guardsmen, such as Command Squads, PlatoonsTercios, and IG tanks aside, they play more like slightly weaker marines - but there are hordes of them. So let's kick this off;

Special Rules
Disciplined Fire; BS2 Overwatch with Pistol/Assault/Rapid Fire weapons sweet. The limitation on weapons makes sense - I'll talk more about that when I get to the Lasrifle Sections.

Close Formation Fighting; modern day version of the phalanx puts you with extra WS if you're in base contact with another model with this rule. This is okay - but the downside is if using it defensively, the way pile-in moves work, you're going to be doing it AFTER the enemy has hit you, and there aren't many WS3 units who are attacking you in CC - so if you want to do it defensively, you're going to have to move into that formation the turn before. Let me introduce you to the way the game works. Movement Phase. This is where your enemy moves his units into charge range. Psychic Phase. This is where your enemy can buff up before the assault phase you've prepared for begins. Shooting phase. This is where you remove 20 men from the board as your opponent plops as much AP4 or better templates on your close together dudes. So yes - this is an assaulting thing. If I refer to a WS with an asterisk (WS4*, say), that means I'm factoring in this rule.

Super-Heavy Command Tank; not much to be said, really - essentially a 52"+ bubble allowing rerolled failed morale checks. Decent, eh?

Disciplined Command; Forces the highest rank to become the Warlord, and prevents Tank Commanders from gaining a Warlord Trait. Because you can't command from a tank, obviously - you can only command when you're on foot. Or maybe in a tank, but not if you're a tank yourself. And stupidreal men fight on foot in a universe of war when island sized floating cities carry enough weaponry to turn an entire continent to magma and 50ft tall titans carry weaponry that can raze an entire city are walking about. Makes no sense, but it's "fluffy" I guess. Not that you'd really want anyone else to be the Warlord anyway - the most protection available is for the most powerful character, so it makes sense to protect the character the most who is worth free VP's, no? It's a shame though, because they go to the effort of giving it the Tank Commander the 'subtype' of Character which would normally allow it to benefit from the rolling on the Warlord Traits table, which I was surprised at - it was the first thing I checked when I saw it was a HQ option - until I saw Disciplined Command (and yes, it has that rule too).

Hold The Line; This affects Tercio's (platoons) - if a squad rolls box cars against Pinning/Morale caused in Psychic/Shooting phases, and theres a nearby squad from the same Tercio, it can reroll. So, if you ever find yourself outside of the 41/2ft bubble of a Super Heavy Command Tank, you are likely to stay where you are. YAY? It's nice I suppose when it happens, and maybe a game changer in the right scenario, but it's only a 1/36 chance of occurence - I wouldn't expect to see it too often.

Also, every ground vehicle in the Auxilia list has the Explorator Adaption - including Super-Heavies. It isn't the most powerful special rule in the game, but when it triggers is always very handy - its main effect being the free good bit about the Dozer Blade (you don't care about the Ramming strength - and although I say free, it puts up the cost of vehicles significantly). In addition, it gives a 6++ versus Blast/Template Weapons, and if you're playing in missions which care about Void Hardened (mainly, Zone Mortalis), then you get that as well. As the Malcador Hull isn't much wider than a Leman Russ, it's useable in Zone Mortalis (unless you play with can't be more than 4" square, in which case nearly every vehicle in the game is discounted - a Leman Russ hull is 12cm long after all). However, it's additional length can cause them to get stuck... I'm yabbering. Anyway, this Void Hardened rule? Does nothing to vehicles. Essentially, if you don't have Void Hardened Armour, and use an optional special rule, then S4+ Weapons become Rending, already Rending Weapons Rend on a 5-6, and Blast Weapons cause Pinning. The trick is, none of that has any effect if you have an Armour Value. YAY editing.

Warlord Traits
Important thing to note here - Lord Marshal (an upgrade for a Legate Commander) can CHOOSE his Trait. It costs a Rhino to do so - so do so.
1 - Eternal Warrior is always good. And don't mistake just because it's not-marine it's squishy, Lord Marshals can be built tough.
2 - Shattering Bombardment lets a nearby Ordnance weapon to become TL'd. If you're playing a shooty army, I'm sure there's a use for this somewhere.
3 - Hatred in a challenge - it's good, but it's not quite averyfamousbeerbrandi'mavoidingsayingbecauseofadve rtisinglawsEternal Warrior.
4 - How much is it worth to you to give your entire army shrouding for the first turn? Yes, that much, especially when you can take Aegis Defense Lines without taking up your Fortifications slot.
5 - Stubborn and Move Through Cover - er, nur. Well, stubborn is good, but not so good that if it was so necessary to your plans, you can't organize an allied Chaplain to join in.
6 - Reduce one bit of enemy cover by -1 - can't say this is really that relevant compared to Shrouding/EW.

Using Age of Darkness rules, it's important to note that you cannot use allied transports, even with IC's attached to allied squads. There are 4 levels of alliance as well - but the only one you should really concern yourself with is Sworn Brothers (best), as these are the only ones who can really complement your forces and allow rule synergy - and these are Ultramarines (no unique rules as yet), Sons of Horus, Word Bearers, and Salamanders. In addition, Alpha Legion are funny ones - one on side of the matrix, they're trusted, on the other, they're simply fellow warriors. Can't really think of anything notable the Alpha Legion have with a special bond of trust with the Imperial Army (re Legion novel for example) - especially as the AL matrix has them Distrusted by most. Yay Edi... you know the drill.

It is important to note that they don't really play like Guard though. No Orders, and 4+ Saves makes them kind of resilient compared to the normal dude. They are also equipped with super special lasguns which can function as grenade launchers or machine guns if you wish. You don't get massed blobs of mixed heavy and special weapons, you don't get many independent characters, no commisars, no priests, no random assaulting units of Power Axe equipped guardsmen holding off Terminator Assaults. It is one man and his gun, wearing old school diving suits to combat traitorous transhuman demigods swollen with the blessings of supreme beings formed from pure emotion that make their home in a hostile alternate dimension.

HQ - Special Characters
Lord Commander Ireton MaSade; I can't make head-nor-tail of this guy. Primarily, he's a defensive force multiplier HQ. He has a 2+/4++, Adamantium Will and IWND, but despite the deceptively weak combat stat line (WS3, I3, A2), he can do okay as a counter charge - a Master Crafted Power Sword and Hold the Line, benefit from additional attack, and equipped with 2 CCW doesn't make him a game breaking charger or something capable of destroying a Praetor, but he can cut down a couple of MEQ's, especially if backed by a Lord Marshal's Elite Veletaris Storm Squads with Power Axes. However - if you were to build a character to do that, you can build better with a Lord Commander - for a few more points, I'll show an example build for a counter charge character - one of his downsides for that type of build for example, is the lack of the ability to select Eternal Warrior due to his own Warlord Trait taking that option off him. However, that's also reason you'd take him - he call D3 units to redeploy turning him into Eldrad-lite - in addition to his special rule which allows you to bring on the first destroyed unit once again from ongoing reserves. The problem with that though, is that you don't get a choice in what unit to bring on - it's always the first destroyed. If you take something like a cheap Enginseer and get that wiped off the map first, then you've just wasted the ability to bring on a second Tank Squadron, and added to that, you need to roll a 5+ to do so. It's not even a 5+ just to bring him on, it's a 5+ to benefit from that rule, i.e not really worth it IMHO. Nice ideas, but poorly executed. Note if playing a campaign using the Heresy canon, MaSade is a loyalist.

Legate Commander; Cheapest option you've got available for a HQ, costing only a little bit more than a rhino. You can make it as expensive as you need to, but if you're going cheap, might as well stay cheap. There is an upgrade, called the Lord Marshal - but that is as big an upgrade as to require a new entry, so I'll make a new entry for that. The most important thing about this HQ is the High Command rule - which provides your Ld value (9) to all friendly units from the same detachment for morale and pinning checks, provided that the HQ isn't falling back. Combine with the above listed morale boosts, the army is quite capable of staying where you put them. For wargear, fairly typical pistol and melee options, but a few stand out choices - the Inferno Pistol can always come in handy for Dreadnoughts, and the Charnabal Sabre, which gives cheap rending to take on enemy units. Don't expect much from it, though, other than to stand there looking pretty and to give your troops its Ld until it gets blown up in the second turn.

Lord Marshal; This upgrade costs as much as a Rhino, but massively jacks up the Legate Commander's stat lines, modifies the FoC, and allows some unique equipment to be taken - but as mentioned in the Warlord Traits, allows you to choose which Warlord trait you want - and with first turn shrouding or eternal warrior available, it can work for either type of commander. If going for a cheap HQ, a nude Lord Marshal comes cheaper than many Legion Consuls, and provides all of your infantry with Ld10, and First turn Shrouding. If going for a melee/counter charger type character, feel free to tool them up. They're not exactly going to be Primarch level, but they can still be pretty deadly - access to a 2+/3++, MC'd Paragon Blade, WS5* with Digi-lasers, and forces charging enemies to reduce their distance by d3 and no Hammer of Wraths, you've got a fairly decent character. It's not exactly Straken, but he's kinda stupidly good. The other major benefit he brings to lists is to take Elite Veletaris Squads. These units improve their WS, and with options for Power Axes, and Shroud Grenades (Defensive Grenades, non-vehicles (and a few others) must pass Ld test to charge), they can provide a reasonably capable counter charge unit - and you can throw in a Medic for FNP if you wish.

Auxilia Tactical Command Section; Your Command Squad analogy. It essentially gives you a 1/game S9 Ap2 pie plate, and access to a couple of special weapons with the list otherwise lacks access to. Comes with a Nuncio, and 24" Banner bubble for ignoring casualties for morale checks, and a Cognis-Signum for more granting nearby units more accurate shooting/pseudo interceptor (yes, you may call in the Barrage attack on said units) and prevents units setting up nearby if they have Interceptor. A few buffs, but kind of expensive. They can roll on the Warlord Traits, but with the option to choose for the same cost, you would be making a choice between a 5 man warlord with a s9/ap2 large blast and random warlord, or a guaranteed shrouding. It's your choice - and remember that unless you houserule in the Ideal Mission Commander, you don't get a reroll. For Strategos upgrades (i.e commander), it gets bog standard character upgrade type things. Nothing notable, and no Inferno pistol. Can take additional Veterans, but they don't get access to additional special weapons. In regards to the special weapons, they get access to a Grenade Launcher with Haywire which is pretty darn notable though.

Auxilia Tank Commander; Although a HQ slot, it actually is an upgrade for a tank - improving the BS to 4, and gains the command tank special rule (which it makes no mention of anywhere. Super Heavy Command Tank is purely that, and refers only to Super Heavy tanks. Suggest - grant the Super Heavy Command Tank when mounted in Super Heavies, and Book I; Betrayal version of Command Tank to non-super heavies (see earlier whinge about losing it's quasi-interceptor in the LACAL books). In an attempt to perpetuate the myth/trope over Romans having poor Cavalry, it makes special note of the Tank Commanders never being able to be warlords in Primary detachments. Is it just me, or do you spy intentional loophole for an Armoured Company list to be filler material in a later book? Anyway, despite the small stat buff to the tank, the Tank Commander provides a lovely little special rule of your choice from a small selection. Most of the rules also affect the entire squadron, ranging from Preferred Enemy (Infantry) to Tank Hunters, while IWND allows you to put him in a Super Heavy and become resilient as anything. Only trick is, he's expensive, and is adding on to already overcosted Leman Russ unit (thanks to that darn Explorator Adaption which doesn't do much), although like many units in 30K, you get more bank for your buck the more models you take in a Squadron. YMMV, requires more playtesting, but I don't see him as worth it. Remember you get 3 HQ's, so can take 2, though if you fancy.

Auxilia Medicae Detachment; Each detachment gives you up to 6 Medicae Orderlies, which provide FNP to a unit you must attach them to at the start of the game. If playing an infantry based list, these are ace - ~18pts to see a 3rd of shots bounce off the guys footslogging is quite a decent buy if you wish. However, they are not really viable for a Mechanised List - Dracosan Transports only take 20 men, and each section is 20 men minimum. They benefit from all the standard rules of normal Auxilia soldiers, so can give a hand here and there, but they're a cheap as chips FNP for your guys.

Auxilia Rapier Battery; These a BS3 versions of Marine versions - and are subsequently cheaper. They come with the same options as the Legiones do, and yes, they were wise to the fact that you'd get a cheaper Quad Mortar, so that upgrade is priced at what a Legion equivalent would be. No such luck there. If you like artillery, then these are a decent purchase for you - Graviton Cannons can quickly strip hull points, and the dangerous terrain the next turn can as well - I've had good use of them taking out things like Spartans that would otherwise be immune to things like Direct fire Lascannons or Meltas with their Armoured Ceramite.

Auxilia Ogryn Charonite Squad; These are an anti-MEQ/TEQ-in-a-pinch Bullgryn squad. They are a brute assault force, and have limited control over their actions (always Sweeping Advance/Consolidate to nearest enemy/no scoring/no voluntary going to ground), so World Eater players would be used to these - essentially slightly tougher Red Butchers. S6 AP3 with a 6 to wound resulting in AP2 and Instant Death makes them a threat to things like Firedrakes (although their 3++ are troublesome) or melee characters without Eternal Warrior. They have a FNP of 6+, but only a 4+ Save can result in them being gunned down by spare firepower, and they're extremely expensive. Neither do they have a Bone 'ead, but they do benefit from the Legate Commander's Ld boost, so that's okay I suppose. Not really a fan, but I've struggled to use Ogryns/Bullgryns in the past, so it's unsurprising.

Enginseer Auxilia; Are you taking tanks? If yes, then consider these. With the exception of Rapier batteries, these are one of the only other elites choices you should really be considering IMHO. Although they are kind of expensive, they come with 4 Servo-automata - if you spend the points to upgrade them to be equipped with a Servo Arm, then on a 2+, you pass your battlesmith rolls (which occur at the start of the shooting phase). The unit costs about what a LasPlas Razorback costs, but they're also fairly survivable with T5, and inevitable cover by hiding behind your vehicles. You can take up to 3 Enginseers, and up to 4 additional Servitors for cheap as chips, which allows you string them out in a long line, and place them behind the vehicles you want to save. In addition, they allow you to modify the FoC, unlocking a couple of Mechanicum units (Thallax and Castellax) as Heavy Support options (and can heal them with Battlesmith rolls). Notable other equipment is Servitors equipped with Haywire Grenade Launchers, Enginseer with Graviton Gun and Augury Scanner (comes in at 185pts for 9 haywire shots), which is an alternative option for Grav Cannon Rapiers (210pts for 3 Grav Cannons) - 3 Grav Shots versus 9? Hmm... But yes, they're a viable option on that front should you be lacking in AT.

Household Retinue Veletaris Storm Section; If you take a Lord Marshal, you get access to these badboys. WS5*, equipped with Volkite Chargers (2 S5 Ap5, if unsaved wound, cause another hit), they can tear through enemy light infantry hordes like no tomorrow - a 10 man squad can potentially kill 40 models in a turn - especially if you ally in a Librarian Consul with Divination and hope for Perfect Timing (ignores cover) - in a test game against Orks, I managed to kill 24 orks in a mob with a single phase of shooting. Alternatively, they can be a viable counter charge unit, swapping the Volkites for Power Axes, taking Shroud Grenades to aid in trying to get the charge off. They are fairly cheap access to Power Axes (30 WS5 PAxe attacks for 165pts is not something many can pull off for similar points - 175pts of Legion Terminators is only 15 attacks - although they do have obvious other benefits), however, so even should you not kit your Lord Marshal for offence, they can still pull off the job. Only trick then is ensuring that you have enough Elites slots, as you'll need to rely on your other selections to deal with light infantry. But yes - 20-40 S5 BS4 shots effectively for 115pts? These are good. Special mention goes to the Dracosan Armoured Transport when used as a Transport for Veletaris Storm Sections though - being only 10 men strong, they can fit inside the reduced capacity of one with a Demolisher Cannon. An alternative DT option is the Arvus Lighter - a flying Rhino for more than twice the price without weapons.

Auxilia Infantry Tercio; This is the other reason why people might mistake these guys for 30K Astra Militarum. They're not. Just because they've got large squads of lasrifles and can take multiple squads per troops slots doesn't make them AM. It's the orders that is the major difference. An Infantry Tercio is made up of up to 3 squads - any 3 of Lasrifles, Veletaris Storm Sections, and Flamer Sections. On top of that you get a choice of Dedicated Transports, OR Special Fortifications. I shall come on to those later, as there is a pretty hilarious way of fielding either of them.

Tercio; Auxilia Lasrifle Section; These guys cost the same as an equivalent number of guardsmen, but do not have orders. The orders make guardsmen so much more harder to compare to that I'm not going to bother - in short, each squad is 20 Auxiliaries, equipped with super lasguns, a free nuncio vox (draw los from this unit etc etc), and banner (can rally under 25%, +1 to combat res). Now, the important thing about lasrifles is that they're not as incapable as they once were. While in the AM list, FRFSRF makes them useful at short range, in 30K they are stand off range weapons - they recieve an extra 6" of range, and come with 2 upgrades - Collimators (free) and Blast Chargers (a cheap all unit upgrade). Collimators are a fancy name for become Machine guns - sit at 36" range, and let loose with Heavy 2, while Blast Chargers turn them into Grenade Launcher type things. Although short ranged, they can fire a single heavy shot which has a small chance of fusing the blast charger cell preventing you from using that particular blast charger again, turning them into an okayish light AT squad - 20 S6 shots can inflict a few glances on the side armour if you can get there.

Tercio; Veletaris Storm Section; See the elite section. With the lower WS, they're not as attractive as Power Axe users compared to the elite. Instead running them as gunners lets them rip through light infantry like diarrhea.

Tercio; Auxilia Flamer Section; Does exactly what it says on the tin. 10 men, Flamers. Only limit is that you have to take them in a Tercio that has at least 1 Lasrifle Section already. So yes, if you need to take on light infantry, then Tercios are where it's at.

Tercio; Aegis Defence Lines; Special Fortifications. These are NOT fortifications, these are effectively a "dedicated transport" for an infantry based Solar Auxilia, getting 4 long and 4 short Aegis Defense Lines - this frees up your Fortifications section if you desire, but more importantly, provides access to the Solar Auxilia's main Flyer defense (without using their own). It would be a must-take option if only Skyfire wasn't an enforced option, but with the additional options, such as Ammunition Dumps for rerolls of 1 when shooting or comms relay for reserves manipulation (especially good for allies - Sons of Horus for example are meant to do well with Drop Pod assault etc, but don't have reserves manipulation to make better benefit of it. Access to Icarus Lascannons or Quad Guns rounds out the Defence Lines options, but if you think that you have an army of 36" ranged Auxilia, with a 4+ Cover Save and Shrouding on the first turn, exactly how much first turn damage would be interesting to see.

Tercio; Dracosan Armoured Transport; This is gold. Unlike the Defense Lines which specifies that you get a maximum of 1 per section, you can take "up to three" of these heavy transports. They can take 20 men into AV13 5HP comfort, and provide access to a TL Lascannon. Alternatively, they may be used a DT for Veletaris, which opens up the Demolisher Cannon option - despite the reduced transport capacity, they still fit in. On the other hand, don't bother with paying for the additional Squads, take the minimum section and then 3 Dracosans. They are fairly cheap - obviously more expensive than a Vindicator (and larger) as a result of the transport capacity, but cheaper than a Leman Russ Demolisher. It already comes with a Dozer (ish) as a result of Explorator Adaption, but can be made much more survivable as a result of the Flare Shield and Armoured Ceramite if that's your thing. I like to keep them cheap - 165pts for a a Demolisher Cannon is alright IMHO - not too expensive, but not too cheap either.

Dedicated Transports
Dracosan Armoured Transport; See the Tercio section.

Auxilia Arvus Lighter; A Flying Rhino at twice the price. Sure you can pay for upgrades, but the paper thin armour doesn't really want me to put Lascannons on it. It's only an option for a Household Retinue Veletaris Storm Section or Tactical Command Section to use as a Transport. Flying transports have their use, and can deploy a squad of Veletaris within range of an enemy unit, and just annihilate it with their Volkites, but that's niche. Still, it's an interesting dynamic, as well as providing access to some of the cheapest AT available to the list (which says a lot) - but neither is it particularly effective AT, or indeed AA. However, it's the best this list can do.

Fast Attack
Tarantula Sentry Gun Battery; Finally, some Heavy Weapons! For an infantry based list, there is depressingly little access to AT weaponry - and Tarantulas go someway towards fixing that - access to Multimeltas, Lascannons for AT isn't exactly cheap, and comes with the limitations on targeting and firing modes which allows a canny opponent to kite them or at least shield to provide it with a cover save. There are also options for Anti light infantry, but if you're struggling against light infantry with this list, you're doing something wrong. If you want to ensure you can get some cheap shots against enemy armour, pick up the cheap forward deployment upgrade for Scout - this gives you a 12" diameter bubble you can deploy in. Use this original deployment to try and channel your opponent into a gap you've left uncovered heavy weapons, then redeploy to cover that spot.

Auxilia Leman Russ Strike Squadron; Overcosted Leman Russ without access to Sponsons. Sure, they get outflank, so they can spend 2-3 turns doing nothing, and they've got 1/game Fast. Actually, I'm being overly harsh here, but a Rhino cost increase for those limitation, AND you don't get Orders? Get wrecked. They really do hate you taking tanks in this list. In here are the lighter ones. So no, sadly no Outflanking Demolishers, because that might have been useable.

Auxilia Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter; It's not bad. Flying Rhino for armour, with 2 TL Autocannon, and a TL Lascannon can take out a few light vehicles. It's intended to take on enemy flyers and skimmers, which allows it to reroll failed reserves if they're on the field - but doesn't have any way of countering their jinks. It also has a few missiles with S6 AP2 Armourbane which can put a dent in medium armour, but relying on it to roll a 9+ against all the Land Raiders running about is asking a bit too much of it. An upgrade for Strafing Run is available, and a Flare Shield can make it a bit more resilient - but asking you to pay full price for it when half of its effects are missing is ridiculous.

Auxilia Primaris-Lighting Strike Fighter; It's a bit lighter than the Thunderbolt, but same AV. It's also a lot cheaper, but mounting a lot less weaponry - as is right the Heavy Fighter lasts a lot longer (provided it doesn't get blown up) but the Strike Fighter comes in cheaper. Stacking up the points costs won't do you a world of good - instead, identify the weak points in the army, and then give it a couple of shooting phases worth of equipment to make the best use out of it. For MEQ duties, a double Sunfury gives you 4 S6 AP3 missiles, while for AT Kraken Penetrators are better at AT the Kinetic Piercers. Alternatively, if facing lots of vehicle squadrons, An electromagnetic storm charge can cut a few hull points in a single pass. But yes, IMHO, identify need, then tool up your design-a-fighter to that need. If you're unsure, just take a Thunderbolt. They're both around the same, but no point in paying over the odds. That is - if you want a fighter. You don't have too.

Heavy Support
Auxilia Leman Russ Squadron; See previous. But not fast, and no outflank. This time you simply get more accurate the more you shoot at something. Considering that 2 of the tanks fire pie plates or multiple blasts, that's not really necessary, and that the other has 5 shots with a Twinlinked weapon anyway, that's hardly something to get excited about. Overcosted blargh, which is really disappointing, as I love the look of the Volkite Weapons. The new Volkite gun is a S7 AP5, so it can be used as an antilight vehicle, but the deflagrate doesn't affect AV, only wounds, so it's just a flat 5 TL shots. Might have been more useful to have a Vanquisher in here but no, we can't be having that. If you're shy for models, I suppose they'll do, like before, but a 20% points increase for a minorly useful upgrade is poor.

Auxilia Artillery Tank Battery; this is more like it. Nuncio Voxes love Artillery hidden behind terrain, because LoS is drawn from the vox - so that allows direct fire. Yes. Even if that means that the shot comes through the terrain, buildings etc, it perfectly on target as if it was direct fire. They are also a lot tougher being on a LR chassis. Combine with giving them Shrouding for the first turn and sticking them behind terrain. Still, they cost a lot, and the Explorator adaption is even more useless here. If you're moving them, you're doing it wrong.

Auxilia Malcador Heavy Tank; Yes. This is a Super Heavy. For a heavy support slot. It's Fast, but slightly less armoured, but can upgrade to heavier armour but lose fast. Ace. Comes with a Battlecannon and 3 Autocannons, and can upgrade each to different things, including the hull mounted one for a Demolisher cannon. Flare Shield and Armoured Ceramite are standard options on most, and occur here again, but I prefer to keep it cheap, and run around as many Super Heavies as you can if that's what you're going for.

Auxilia Malcador Infernus Tank; This is a good anti MEQ weapon - although it cannot uparmour, and isn't fast, it does have an 18" torrent S7 AP3 or upgrade to a Poison 2+ AP2 Template. Can't go far wrong with that. More expensive than a standard Malcador, but if you need it, then it can burn a ton of Marines. I'm not confident it would ever make its points back however (30 Marines is a big ask).

Auxilia Valdor Tank Hunter; Eh, really no sold on this. A Tank Hunting Variant, that costs half as much again as the Space Marine version of the tank. Still a 2 S10 AP1 shots forcing an enemy to roll snap shots next turn isn't bad. Just... Marines do that one better.

Cyclops Remote Control Demolitions Unit; Remote control robots that explode as a Demolisher cannon. Under half the price of an AM demolisher, for one shot, so you can take two. Eh, a SA Demolisher is 2.5*. If said tank fires more than 2.5* per game, it's worth it. If it doesn't, it doesn't. You can upgrade these to become better AI (you shouldn't need help with that) or capable of taking out Super Heavies with a Strength D - but you can guarantee you won't be able to use it if you do open lists. It is also a dead easy way to say goodbye to first blood.

Thallax Cohort; An option only available should you take an Enginseer Auxilia with a Cortex Controller. Better than ogryn levels of toughness, capable of providing a huge anti-infiltrator bubble as well as better chances against cover, with a med-high damage gun, they can rip into light tanks abusing cover. Their AP though leaves much to be desired sadly which means the cover reducing isn't as good as it should have been, as is the rate of fire, but they do get access to special weapons which can increase their Rate of Fire or AP.

Castellax Class Battle-Automata Maniple; Distraction Carnifex. T7, 4 wounds, 3+ Save Monstrous Creatures with MEQ slaughtering ranged equipment and concussive cc attacks. There's no rules for the Atomantic Shielding - and with their being two variants in previous books, could be either the ranged 5++/cc 6++, or cc 5++/ranged 6++. Keeping them cheap gives you a T7 3+ Save wound for every 22ish pts. You can upgrade to AT ranged weapons, or CC Anti-terminator vehicles, depending on what you need, but I think keeping them cheap as chips.

Lords of War
Baneblade, Stormlord, Shadowsword, Stormsword, Stormblade; You've seen all those before. More expensive than the normal kind as a result of the Explorator Adaption you never even wanted. Shadowsword is still the best of these as a result of Strength D.

Stormhammer; YEAH BABY. 10 HP, equipped with a dual battlecannon and a huge S9 AP2 Shred 7" Blast main gun, 7 multilasers and a lascannon. It's a little bit more expensive than a Baneblade, and its main gun template is smaller and shorter range (not that that range ever really comes into play), but it goes for the same targets. If you're playing a Baneblade, then have consideration at dropping a few upgrades here and there so you can field a Stormhammer.

Notable Wargear
Paragon Blades; These are possibly the best melee weapons in the game - At Initiative AP2 is highly sought after. The +1 Str is icing on the cake, and the Instant Death on a 6 is enough to give many things a pause. Only available to Lord Marshals, which is an okay melee chassis, but with access to a 2+/3++, Eternal Warrior, WS5*, and FNP, you have a fairly good combat character. It's not an Astartes Praetor using it, obviously, but it's the best you can do, and a decent combat unit can do well to cut through enemy MEQ and TEQ infantry.

Metaphasis Reader; Solar Auxilia only Relic - 12" Interceptor bubble. It's okay, but self defeating - the availability of this often puts people off from taking deep strikers. More in depth previously.

Apex Digital Weapon; Solar Auxilia only Relic - +1 Attack and a One Shot heavy weapon. Either option you choose it for wastes one object of the object, and if going for a combat build, the bog standard Digital Lasers (assuming that's what the Digital Weapon's referring to - Yay Editing) is around a Rhino cheaper in costs.

30K Graviton Weapons; Any Space Marine players using Grav Weapons, look away now. These are guns whose main benefit is AT as a result of a haywire blast. They also put a blast template down which causes difficult and dangerous terrain the next turn. But there's no strength value - unlike 40k grav weapons, it's take-a-strength-test or suffer a wound. Limited to AP4 means that despite putting down a pie plate, you're looking at doing very little comparative infantry damage - even Solar Auxilia brush off half of their wounds - even a Whirlwind is better, because of none LoS fire and S5 meaning around 20% extra kills. Of course, you don't get access to said Whirlwind, but it's worth using as a point of reference. It's a shame - I like them, but Haywire Pie Plates on Rapier platforms can cause a fair bit of damage and during our games, the hull points lost through dangerous terrain have wracked up - killing a land raider in a single phase as a result of 2 plates. I like these, and persevere with them... and while the Concussive hit is pretty cool when following up with assaulters, Solar Auxilia suffer unless using things like Castellax.

Quad Mortars; Where Graviton Cannons suffer versus infantry, Quad Mortars do the opposite - a Pinning Barrage weapon which causes additional penalties, but the option to switch to direct fire for 5th edition psybolt autocannons rerolling failed armour pens, meaning it can just rip through light vehicles and transports with ease.

Solar Auxilia Lasrifles; Already gone over these briefly - long range lasguns, with access to going heavy 2 36", and an upgrade for a shorter ranged s6 shots gives the unit a wide variety of targets (admittedly, very light AV targets) makes Solar Auxilia Lasrifle sections for more versatile than their initial appearance of 20 men with lasguns looks like.

Grenade Launchers; small versatility Missile Launcher-lites, the important thing is that they're even more so in this list - they also get haywire shots.

Armoured Ceramite; Melta immunity is a lovely little thing, and one of the era defining things for 30K lists. However - this, like the Interceptor relic, is a bit of a self defeating option - at more than half a rhino for the upgrade, taking a mech heavy list with this upgrade quickly turns you into a bit of a liability, and that by taking it a lot will see people phasing out the melta for haywire or armour bane options, which legion lists have quite easy access to, even if the model cost is expensive, there's nothing stopping friendly games using count-as.

Auxiliary Drive; Another of the immortal tank upgrades, which gives you the ability to repair immobilised results on a 4+. Gets expensive, and obviously useless if you don't need it to move.

Flare Shield; The final major upgrade in the tank defense suite, it reduces incoming damage from the front by a decent amount. Less powerful on something like a Leman Russ than a Land Raider Spartan, it is still useful.

All of those last 3 upgrades increase its toughness and reliability by vast amounts - but ramp up its cost quickly. Despite the situational notion of some upgrades, giving it to your most important vehicle or 3 will make them absorb such a ton of firepower that should be better spent elsewhere.

Grav Wave Generator; Another Lord Marshal upgrade only, this is a defensive upgrade, which stops Hammer of Wrath attacks and reduces enemy charge distances against it by -d3. If you can't find a use for that on a combat lord, you're not trying hard enough.

Nuncio Vox; These are ace with Barrage units. Sit them out of line of sight, and then use your free Nuncio voxes on Lasrifle Sections or Command Sections to provide Line of Sight for them - hence you get direct fire which is brilliant for accuracy.

Shroud Bombs; Defensive Grenades which force a Ld test to be assaulted - combined with Grav Wave generators help stop enemy units assaulting your Veletaris Storm Sections. Although you get BS2 overwatch with their volkite guns, I personally think the strength works well with power axe and combat veletaris so that you can counter charge, and get a further 10 WS5* Power Axe attacks.

Explorator Adaption; I "hate" this upgrade. An extremely annoying over expensive points tax that doesn't do what FW think it does.[/b]

And so that's that for Solar Auxilia so far. There are some obvious things which can work - Sons of Horus (and maybe Alpha Legion) benefiting from the boosted reserve rolls without relying on an expensive and largely wasted Land Raider Proteus w/ Explorator Array simply for the reserves roll manipulation - the end result is still the same - 195pts for the minimum allied Legate Commander, Lasrifle Section and Aegis Defence Line.