Knights are amazing. We all know this. Knight Lists - now you can field an army of knights - and now you can in 30K. Now I'll the first to admit I don't know much about playing Knight lists, as there are only 2 in my entire gaming group, so anyone can feel free to correct me.

Special Rules
Force Organization; Obviously, this is a 30K list, and comes with a new Force Organization specifically for this Questoris List. All it requires is 1 Minimum HQ and 1 Minimum Troop Knight - with +1 HQ, +4 Troop, 3 Elite, 2 Fast Attack and 2 Heavy Support options, Lord of War option, and an optional Allied Detachment which is the same as all other 30K legions. Lords of War options are Legio Titanicus Titans, and as this is still in the Age of Darkness, is limited to the 25% Maximum points limit for the Lord of War.

Allies; When using allies, Questoris Knights are counts as Mechanicum for those purposes. This means that they can ally as Sworn Brothers (the only really useful alliance you need to concern yourself with) with the Emperor's Children, Iron Hands, Sons of Horus, Salamanders, and Raven Guard. As amusing as the idea of Knights walking on tiptoes is, I don't think this was what they had in mind, but still, it's there. If you're playing Raven Guard, enjoy. A bit of a rarity for other alliances, but Mechanicum don't receive penalties for allying with any other force. While Sworn Brothers allows units to be considered part of the same force and gain the same buffs etc, "Fellow Warriors" is the next level down, and allows the forces to play nicely without buffing each other with "aura" or "bubble" type effects, or psychic powers or anything like that.

Household Rank; For those not used to Knights, when fielding Knight lists, there is an "upgrade" which is essentially assigning a Knight to a role in battle. In 30K, it is assigning the Knights to a particular House - which is awesome, as the role is sorted via the FoC, and then how capable that particular Knight is at that particular role is filled by their choice, loadout, and what Household they are a considered a Scion of. This only works with taking the Knight list as the core detachment, or the Age of Darkness allied detachment (considering the rest of the editing in the book, I am inordinately, stupidly happy that they remembered to specify Age of Darkness allied detachments, and not justbog standard Allied Detachments. One thing though - you MUST use that rule, no choice. This replaces Knightly ranks, you'll be happy to hear - the Knight Apparent is now an option for a reduced cost Knight (Rhino cheaper), known as a Scion Aspirant, while the Seneschal is the most expensive HQ upgrade.

Ideal Mission Commander/Objective Secured; Unlike normal 30K battles, you get these two rules, normally limited to Combined Arms and Allied Detachments in the main BRB, but it specifies that you get the benefit of these rules. Although Objective Secured is a pain in the ass unless you're playing Maelstrom of War mission. It also applies to "Eternal Battles" Missons. What on earth are they? Perhaps they mean Eternal War missions. Y'know, I'm getting a bit tired of typing about the editing, but this is hardly a big thing to double check - it's in the BFRB - three guesses what the F stands for.

Warlord Traits; If your HQ Knight is the warlord, it MUST roll on this table, no choosing the standard ones. Taking a Seneschal gets you Ideal Mission Commander for the reroll though.
Hell Rider; +1" Move, and +1 to wound and penetrate on the first turn? GASH, reroll.
Glorious Renown; Fear checks at -2, and 12" reroll bubble? Rerolls are useless if you're running pure Knights, but the Fear checks against Chainfists, Meltabombs and Haywire Grenades would be nice.
Favoured of Mars; Single Master-crafted Weapon. Reroll.
Lord of the Abyss; Monster Hunter and Adamantium Will. Does the opponent have MC's? The answer to that is no, unless they are Word Bearers or Mechanicum. Are the either of these? If the answer is no, reroll.
Puissant Commander; +1 to Seize the Initiative, and enemies suffer -1 to reserves. If playing against enemy Alpha Strikes, they want to go second so that they one less turn of shooting so Seizing is useless. Could be otherwise cornerstone useful, and negating an opponents reserves modifier is always nice - especially as modifiers are rarely straight bonuses, and instead are mostly reroll fails these days, which is kind of give with one hand, take with the other.
Indomitable; IWND. This is your Knight with the best WS and BS, and the best Invuln, and gives away KP's if it dies. You want it to stay alive.

Yeah, the table is utter poosticks. IWND is good, but compared to something like First turn Shrouding, is kind of lacklustre.

Knight Detachments; 1-3 Knights don't exist as a detachment - instead, you can take a Questoris Knight Army list in a crusade Knight Detachment, which requires 2 Minimum Knights - 1 HQ and 1 Troop.

Ocular Augmetics; Night Vision and reroll 1's on shooting attacks rolled on Damage/Destroyer Weapon when in 12". A cheap useful point filler.

Biocorrosive Heavy Stubbers; Poison 4+ Heavy Stubbers. A cheap useless point filler.

HQ - Special Characters
Archmagos Draykavac; Not sure about this guy. Firstly - he's not an IC, and so can get gibbed by lasguns, and bolters etc - which are useless facing knights, and would otherwise just hand free VP's to your opponent. However, he does allow for Force Manipulation, allowing you to take Castellax Battle-Automata as non-compulsory troops (remember you only need 1 knight in that case) and vorax battle-automata as fast attack - both of which are fairly decent units. He is the warlord, which isn't really that much of a loss - T6 with a 2+/4++ keeps him alive - his trait being that all your guys get Preferred Enemy Infantry when in 3" of an objective, which is ace when you're using the Scion Aspirant to hold the objective. His liquifactor is really wierd, with a strange maths based effect involving rolling a 2d6 and subtracting that away from their toughness half/av value and doing that amount number of wounds/pens. Not entirely sure how you deal negative wounds or penetrating hits, though. Being of house Stataraga, Walkers, SH walkers, and MC's in the same detachment get +1 charge range and Sweeping advance rolls. This guy is probably here for storyreasons, but is also the cheapest HQ option (395pts being cheapest for a Knight HQ). Draykavac and a Scion Aspirant is 575pts, leaving you room for either one more Knight (cannot be Aspirant), or 425pts of Battle Automata - oddly enough, the same value as 5 Castellax.

0-1 Seneschal; Only really one worthwhile Trait on the Warlords list - and that's IWND. This is the only way to get Ideal Mission commander in 30k to try and ensure you get that, but also adds +1 WS, BS and to the save of your Ion Shield.

0-1 Lord Scion; The cheap option - just provides the bonus WS and BS for half the cost of the Lord Seneschal upgrade.

Preceptor; +1 to reserves, Knights within 6" have Interceptor, and can Overwatch, despite SH Walkers not normally allowed - with Hellfire templates dealing d6, not d3. Using Reserves? Take it. Using other Knights nearby? Take it. A 6" bubble on a Knight's base is a very big circle indeed, so it's not as cramping as it normally sounds.

0-1 Aucteller; A Knight Assassin - choose an opponent rival unit (Warlord, non flyer Lord of War, SH Walker, Ground Vehicle or Gargantuan Creature). If this particularly Knight kills it, gain additional D3 VP's. If its alive at game end, then your opponent gets a VP. Because giving your opponent a VP for free is brilliant. To aid in the defeat of said opponent, you get to make a single melee attack against the sworn enemy should you be killed in an assault against before you get to attack. Yes. Your main benefit is gotten by dying before you can achieve your task. Wonderful. Avoid, unless you can guarantee you'll be able to kill it. I'm not sold on it, personally, thanks to the RNG - chance of +1 VP in return for giving your opponent a free VP should they avoid death. That's all it needs to do to live.

Legendary Freeblade; This is nothing at the minute. Presumably, later on, when they release actual rules for the Knight Households themselves will you be able to take the Legendary Freeblades. Until then, just imagine there's something cool here.

Scion Martial; Your bog standard Knight. With the exception of gaining Objective Secured when fighting Maelstrom of War and Eternal Battles, whatever the latter are, nothing really new here.

Scion Aspirant; Now the random malus is an intentional purchase malus designed to get you more of the killy knights. To prevent it from being abused, you can take only as many as you have other knight ranks, but with only a single required Troops choice, that's not really a problem, is it? Works best with Knights that aren't relying on BS shooting or CC - the Knight Styrix has a BS shooting attack as does the Castigator (but that is TL'd) and the Lancer (which isn't).

Fast Attack
Scion Dolorous; Reroll failed Charges and sweeping advances, but must charge against worthy melee capable targets such as Knights or Primarchs or Monstrous Creatures. So you get more reliable charges, but not against the targets you want? If running something which is intended to be gutting those targets, such as a Lancer or a Castigator, then sure, knock yourself out. Remember only 2 options here as well.

Scion Uhlan; Scout Knights - Hit and Run and Scout, in return for 1 less front armour, but can only make snap shots at longer than boltgun range. Certain knights only have short ranged weaponry anyway, and the speed of Knights in general should keep them within range.

Heavy Support
Scion Arbalester[/b]; Tank Hunters and a CHOICE for skyfire if it stays still. See, why can't this dude write the rest of the book where you get Skyfire involved? I'd give him a cookie or something, but he doesn't deserve it after Eternal Battles. Skyfire is useless on blast weapons - a Knight Styrix' Heavy 5 S8 weapon or the Castigator's S7 Heavy 8 has fun in a similar role. Remember only 2 Heavy Support Slots in 30k.

Scion Implacable[/b]; Designed to rip down walls, does well with Hekaton siege claws on the Magaera and Styrix, but the knight may reroll on the stomp table and gains 5+ versus grenade and meltabombs in an assault in return for no sweeping advance. Which is a trade off, but considering it is designed in mind with the two mentioned knights and their Initiative of 2, is not such an issue. A Cerastus pattern Knight might get a bit hacked off with that, but why they're going after buildings is anybody's guess.

Lords of War
Book 1 contains rules for "Titan Legions" as involved on Isstvan III, to which it's assumed it's referencing.

Warhound Scout Titan; cheapest Titan at a minimum of twice the points of a Paladin - it comes with a Vulkan Megabolter and a Plasma Blastgun - and can change them to one or the other, or a Double barrelled Turbo Laser or Inferno Gun for free. Bear in mind it holds mention of the old Structure points and has 3 Void Shields. It's much slower than a Knight in combat, but compared to a Reaver is very powerful. To use one of these, you need a 3000pt list.

Reaver Battle Titan; Not even the biggest battle titan, with a to be modelled warlord, but so far, the Reaver is still insanely powerful. With 4 Void Shields, and 6 Structure points, in a game where most damage is not done by blowing it up but by HP damage, this is going to take some seriously concerted firepower. It has 3 main guns - a Missile Launcher that fires 5 S7 Ap3 pie plates, a gatling blaster that fires battle cannon shells faster than an assault cannon and a 3 shot Strength D laser cannon. The latter two can be interchanged, or can upgrade for free to a Volcano Cannon (Shadowsword main gun), Melta Cannon (72" Melta with a 10" blast, with 3d6+S damage for under the hole), or a Titan Close Combat Weapon. The missile launcher can swap to a Scout Titan Weapon or a Vortex missile (1 shot, remove anything under a 10" template, SH take d3 structure points, and d6 wounds on Gargantuan creatures. No save or special rules, just remove). At nearly 1500pts by itself, you're going to need to play 6K games just to field.

Questoris Knight Paladin; Standard Knight pattern, with a Questoris Battlecannon (3 S6 AP3 Large blasts), can swap to a 2 Shot S8 AP3 Large Blast cannon. D-Str melee weapon and a pair of heavy stubbers which net the odd wound. 6 HP, Init 4, 3 Attacks. AV13/12/12.

Questoris Knight Errant; Slightly cheaper than a Paladin, has huge melta (s9 Ap1 melta large blast) and reaper chainsword.

Questoris Knight Magaera; Comes with large blast lightning cannon with shred and ap3. It's tougher as a result of the ion shield having an inbuilt flare shield, and has a weaker version of IWND called Blessed Autosimulacra, but is slower in cc (-2 Init). Can take a Siege Claw to help with shredding fortifications and an ap2 fleshbane flamer because why not.

Questoris Knight Styrix; Based of the Magaera, but comes with a heavy 5 S8 Volkite gun instead of the lightning cannon. Works well as AA when it has Skyfire.

Cerastus Knight-Lancer; Gets an additional attack over the paladin, and a 3d6 run move. It is a CC knight - it cannot protects its backside with the shield, but otherwise works like a standard Ion Shield, but can get a 5+ in CC AND forces enemy SH Walkers and GMC's to take -1 to hit. On the charge it strikes at Init 5 and if it's still outsped, can shoot them before with a concussive S7 ap2 heavy 6 gun, before it uses its Str-D lance to kill them.

Cerastus Knight-Castigator; based off Lancer above, but has a normal shield. Has a Bolt Cannon which shreds MEQ's and can be used to take on flyers in the relevant Rank, but its main draw is its Deflagrate (Volkite SR) Sword which can either make its normal attacks, or sweep attack to auto hit all in base contact at Init 2. With deflagrate, and if the Knight (170mmx110) is in BC with as many models in the front arc as possible (225mm = about 8-9 models on 25mm), that's a potential 16-18 S10 Ap2 wounds. Oh, and it rerolls failed armour pens because. One of the cheapest Knights and can do everyroll IMHO.

Cerastus Knight-Acheron; Built off the Castigator chassis, but has a Destroyer Chainfist which rerolls 1's on Damage chart versus AV, a TL'd Heavy Bolter and a S7 AP3 Hellstorm template.

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Ace. Get this book. Don't get frustated with some of the stupid editing, appreciate the gorgeousness, the epic storylines, and the fantastic campaign system. Arrange friendlies using advanced characters wielding epic relics and sod the campaign if all you're

interested in is the new gubbinz, and blow stuff up a lot with your new Knight Households.