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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    Hey there folks! I'm sorry for the latest bombardment of "help me design this" mini threads, and that I haven't updated them much. I've been working all the time I had to actually design stuff, as beside the main map I've changed most of what Drezen is about.

    We played yesterday! And it was a hell of a session! I will get to that soon, but first of all a few things that happened in between sessions, very briefly:

    Between sessions 12 & 13
    1) 8th level! I've went through my notes, and somethign bugged me- through my calculations the party was supposed to be 8th level, not just short of it (adding things up). Xp got aa bit messy when we had the 5th player, but I saw that by calculations the party was supposed to be a bit ahead of 8th level when conquering Drezen, supposing they got most of the things done (Which they did. We added the cemetery and dark vault to it). This was on purpose, since I had my general ideas for Drezen a long time ago, and entering it meant getting some the "level up" mechanical benefits quite complicated. Plus, it was a befitting enough place to level up.

    So I talked with the players, aand we agreed to be 1,000 Xp fter 8th level, or 52,000 XP per player.

    Main level up changes:
    - Julian got 4th level spells. Some new spells are black tentacles, deep slumber.
    - Sena got his 8th level domain powers- Holy lance (Make a weapon holy a few rounds a day), Aura of heroism (Gives heroism to allies a few rounds a day). Also- a second attack.
    - Andera: Due to his archetype he is a skirmisher (Can sneak attack if he moves at least 10 feet). Also took the "bleed" rogue trick (Can cause bleed damage of 4 hp/round).
    - Mad dog: Not many changes that I'm aware of, didn't send me the sheet before we played.

    2) Talking to Julian and Sena's player they've been wondering how to improve the roleplay within the group. We decided to try and get the players to open up, and add a bit more conflict possibly to Julian. This turned out interestingly at the start of the session.

    3) I've been working myself off to complete the changes to Drezen. In order not to drag you up along with all the details, I'll summarize the main concepts here:
    - Drezen is a trap, putting a time pressure on the party so they can't rest.
    - Staunton Vhane haunts the place, and "accompanies" the characters on their journey, adding complications.
    - Most low CR encounters have been scrapped and their XP used to bolster fewer, but tougher encounters. Most using the stats of the book, but some different.
    - The sword of Valor is not at the end, but actually a complex riddle, which the party must solve in order to get to where Staunton resides. There are no dungeon steps to below.
    - The Shadow demon possesses Commander John, and will pose a very different fight experience for the party. It also comes before Staunton's Vhane's spirit, which is drastically changed. (I fear both encounters may well be a TPK )

    Ok, enough said, time to write about the session!
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