Taghmata Omnissiah Army List
Git Rekt M9 420 githighandsmokeweederryday; Noosphere Commentator M.3

Special Rules
Warlord Traits
1. One MC unit/AV12+ Vehicle Squadron in detach gains IWND. This is good. You want this. Remember Age of Darkness = no reroll from Ideal Mission Commander per RAW.
2. Perfected Targeting; Make single HW in unit within 6" TL in exchange for heavy. Nope. Even for a shooty one, nope.
3. Predictive Augury; 5 and 6 to hit on Overwatch for unit joined; can be good depending on unit. Mostly, nope.
4. Death of Flesh; All units gain PE(Infantry) when they are within 3" of objective. Works well vs Marines but would suffer against theoretical bike heavy White Scars or other MC heavy TaghOm lists.
5. Dread Rites; Fear, Immune to Fear and Adamantium Will. Nope.
6. Battlefield Analysis; choose terrain piece in enemy depzone, reduce cover save granted by it by 1. Unlike Solar Auxilia, can affect purchase fortifications (because the Solar Auxilia are honourable chaps and don't target things that enemies have paid for). Can work well, but with cover reducing items in the list, not a necessity.

You want 1 or maybe 3. That's it.

Cybernetica Cortex; Fearless+Adamantium Will, forces Poison/Fleshbane rerolls but takes more damage from haywire on a 6, and follows set Move/Run/Shoot/Assault limitations if outside of Cortex Controller range (12"). Mostly a penalty, but can fire 3 weapons in Shooting phase, which is nice when gunlining.

Paragon of Metal; iRobot, basically. Call him Sonny. Trades Programmed Behaviour for IWND and Rampage, but never scores, and doesn't respond well to Cybertheurgy. Only one Paragon of metal upgrade may be chosen in the list.


Nanyte Blaster; Golden on pretty much anything. Fleshbane AP2 Self Replicating Large Blast. Provided it doesn't have an Invuln or cover, you can pretty much chainkill an entire 20 man blob. Probably will be nerfed. Still, costs more than a Rhino.

Warp Shunt Field; 3++ vs Shooting only? Pass.

Phase Walker; Move your most expensive character out of support range of anything? Seem like a good idea to you? And no, it doesn't score, as it's not playing ObSec in 30K.

Combat Augment Array; If you want to get into combat, this is useful. Not exactly as useful as putting it on a Moritat (I see you too like to live dangerously. Because getting punched in the face repeatedly by annoyed players will happen), or even a Praetor+Paragon Blade kind of useful, but ensuring that what you want to kill, you kill (i.e Meltabombs into that annoying Spartan) can be useful. This is likely to be nerfed to the more logical 1 single 6 in a turn, in which case don't even look back in disgust. She's a changed woman. It happens, and you just grow apart. Don't be bitter. Don't send her drunk texts at 3am in the morning. Just get it out of your life when that happens.

Cloaking Array; don't bother. It stops you from doing fun stuff and doesn't affect your unit.

Void Shield Harness; Less useful than against Legions - they at least are T4. As a Magos Prime you can be T6, IWND, Reroll Blast/Template Wounds with a 2+/3++ etc, so higher Strength weapons will be headed your way, not to mention more MC damaging weapons. Still, it's an AV12 wall to waste shots on first, so it's not a complete dunce.

Contagium Mechanica; AdMech only - the anti-vehicle version of the Nanyte Blaster, effectively. Shoots a jumping virus which causes a Haywire hit, which continues each and every turn, and infects all nearby vehicles. Good if facing lots of vehicle swarms or squadrons. Can also deal with the pesky things like Spartans or Fire Raptors.

Cortica Primus; As written does nothing. Only Magos Dominus can use Cybertheurgy, but only IC's can take Relics. Guess what isn't an IC. That aside, playing it as it should be IMHO, it becomes a must take if you're going to make use out of Cybertheurgy. It's an absolute steel to make Theurgy actually viable.

Magos Dominus are Theurgists - and involves an old school style Psychic Test. Make an Ld Test in shooting phase, choose model in 12", apply modifier based on powers difficulty, lasts for a player turn, and on a double 6, there's a mishap which worse case scenario turns it into a renegade unit which shoots/assaults nearest unit, but both sides may shoot it. If the Cortica Primus did what it was supposed to, this would be a viable option.

Celerity (+1 to Ld) = +2 Initiative
Eternity (+0 to Ld) = IWND
Fury (-1) = +d3 attacks
Destruction (-2) = Shoot Twice, can't shoot following turn
Dread Castigation (-2) = Add +d6 to Leaderships, highest wins, if enemy loses suffers invuln only wound for each lost point.
Immolation (-3) = Self Destruct the your model.

HQ - Special Characters

Archmagos Inar Satarael; Built for range, and tough as old boots - T6, 4 Wounds, 5+ FNP. No Invuln, but S6+ shooting attacks on a 4+, shot is negated, on a 6, hit is inflicted on firing unit (no effect v Template/Blast). If killed, on a 3+ he teleports away and no Victory points. As Archimandrite, gives all vehicles IWND and +1 to reserves. He has a 40k graviton weapon, which lets him take down other MC's, and with S5+Power Axe isn't exactly a slouch in combat. He's okay. Not must take. Extermination; Book 3

Caleb Decima; buff machine. Can heal vehicles with Battlesmith, and can grant Sunder+Tank Hunters+1 to damage versus Buildings damage to another heavy/ordnance weapon within 6", 1/game 2d6 Haywire shot. That alone makes him worth it (but the gets hot may kill him). Also allows access to a Mechanicum Land Raider. Betrayal; Book 1

Archmagos Draykavac; badguy techpriest dude. Paragon Blade, but only 3 attacks on the charge with it aren't fantastic - however, he does get 2 S6 AP2 Shred Armourbane attacks to help with the damage. Autogrants No 3 warlord trait (it's one of the good ones). Main benefit is to grant +1 charge and sweeping advance to Walkers/MC/SHWalkers - so if taking him, take a Knight (the Castigator being IMHO the best). Has a wierd Liquifractor attack which does better the lower you roll. Conquest; Book 4


Magos Prime; Roughly MEQ statline, battlesmith, stubborn, Volkite Pistol, Power Weapon and a 4++ for free. Notable upgrades include Augury Scanner, Cyber Familiar, Rad Grenades, Corposant Stave (S+1 AP4 Concussive Haywire melee weapon), Machinator Array (Think Servo Harness with +1 T), Graviton Imploder (uses 40K Graviton rules), Abeyant (floating command throne, IWND among other things) and Cyber-occularis (purchased upgrade for a stand alone unit, Jetpack infantry to get around quickly, and reduces enemy cover by -1 within 12" plus grants models from the detachment within 3" the Interceptor rule, because Interceptor Krios Tanks are lovely jubbly. In addition, can take one 5 Orders of High Techno-Arcana, which is essentially the school of the Mechanicum they grew up in.
- Malagra - PE (Characters) and Monster Hunter with additional Attacks and WS
- Myrmidax - Turns you into a Myrmidon Character. Lets you fire additional weapons, Relentless, Precision Shots on a 5+, and can take two "servo arm" weapons - including meltaguns or graviton guns
- Ordinator - Tank Hunters, Wrecker, 1/game d3 off table basilisk shots
- Lachrimallus - Adsecularis guys, FNP 5+, lets you bring on destroyed Adsec units by putting them into ongoing reserves as if they were a new unit for free. Must take one Adesc unit.
- Macrotek - Reroll failed Battlesmith, +1 Fortification slot

1 Prime can upgrade to an Archmagos Prime for a Rhino Cost - which gives access to a new Order (Archimandrite; IWND to Mechanicum Vehicles, +1 to reserve rolls), cheap Paragon blade and if Warlord can take a Djinn Skein (functions as a Nuncio Vox and a Cognis Signum).

Can be built to be very deadly;
Archmagos Prime (Malagra), Cyber Familiar, Rad Grenades, Paragon Blade, Chainfist, Machinator Array, Graviton Gun, Abeyant = 275pts
5 WS5 S5 AP2 Murderous Strike Attacks with PE (Character) and Monster Hunter on the charge, or 5 WS5 S8 AP2 Armourbane with PE (Character) and Monster Hunter charge, +2 S5 AP2 Shred Armourbane attacks from the Array - not forgetting Rad Grenades that's wounding on 2's against pretty much everything. T6, 4 Wounds, IWND, 2+/3++ with resistance to blast/template weapons. For shooting it has a Haywire Graviton Gun, a Flamer, and an Inferno Pistol, and if necessary, can fix things on vehicles on a 3+.

Magos Dominus; Not as powerful or well tooled, but has Cybertheurgy. Not an IC though, so can't benefit from the relic. Not sure if Intentional. Necessary in low points games or if you can put it in a building/out of sight. 2 T4 3+ wounds don't last long. An Abeyant+Machinator Array can upgrade it to 3 T5 Wounds with IWND, but by that stage you're sitting at 115pts which is fairly decent.


Tech-priest Auxilia; They're not as good as Solar Auxilia as they don't have access to cheap Haywire - only the Adepts can take Graviton guns, and you can have a max of 2 Adepts - 100pts for 2 Graviton shots isn't really worthwhile and without Rhino's to fire from the hatch at T3 1 wound they aren't that resilient. Still there are 4 T5 servitors to tank shots for you. In this list they are more force multipliers. They do get access to Techno-Arcana however - either making them Enginseers for Battlesmith and +1 for each Servitor, Lacyraemarta for FNP and adding +1 to nearby Adsec FNP rolls, and Reductor for Tank Hunter and Wrecker with option to upgrade to Conv. Beamer/Graviton Imploder.

Mymidon Secutors; Each costs same as a Rhino, but needs to choose two weapons. Relentlesss, can fire both at same target, has Night Fighting, 2 T5 3+/5++ wounds and a Power Axe. Provides better access to Graviton Guns for Haywire (65pts for 2). Alternatively, Volkite, Fleshbane Flamer, short ranged Assault 3 bolters, or a lower owered AP3 salvo Plasma which doesn't get hot. Because Haywire is awesome, I'd be tempted to just stack a unit with Graviton Guns - with BS5 they go where you want - 6 Haywire blasts is 210pts.


Adsecularis Covenant; FNP 6+ S4 BS2 Guardsmen with S4 18" Ranged weapons - you can change that for giving up most of your range for Shred or Heavy Chainblades, or can upgrade the ranged weapons to Assault 2. Between 10-20 in size. Can become Fearless, but loses Overwatch/Sweeping Advance, or suffer SNP for Hatred and FNP 5+. At 80pts for 20 Assault 2 S4 shots, even at BS2 for troops, they're not bad. Carapace Armour upgrade too. With a nearby unit of Lacyr-Tech Priests these are pretty resilient objective takers.

Thallax Cohorts; Tough Ogryn-stat BS4 Jet pack infantry equipped with S7 Rending ranged weapons. Can take upgrades such as Skyfire (but become Heavy Support) when Stationary, Tank Hunters, or can Deep Strike via Teleportation+gain Void Hardened. They reduce enemy cover saves, and can upgrade 1/3 weapons to varying degrees of effectiveness. They will never really be excessively powerful infantry killers, but taking a Plasma Fusil can give you 3 S6 AP3 shots with a -2 to cover. They are primarily a light armour or MC killer, and taking them as is IMHO is the best way to run them. If you're in need of the AA, then the short range of Lightning Guns is a bit of a major limitation. Can take a Triaros Armoured Conveyers as a DT, but there's nothing that I can see which allows them to actually be transported by it (being Jetpack Infantry), but I might be blind or missing a rule hidden somewhere.

Note, if running as Ordo Reductor (a very limited allies only army list), and Caleb Decima is the HQ (only HQ allowed), then you get access to a Thallax Cohort which gets Skyfire if you don't move, but is still a troops, or a Rage+CC only Rending Augment, and may choose to take a Mechanicum Land Raider as a DT - but no mention of it actually being able to carry them. Betrayal; Book I.

Castellax Class Battle-Automata; Cheap T7 3+/5++ versus shooting/6++ in CC 4 Wound Monstrous Creatures as troops, with the proviso that they may not be the compulsory troops. A unit of 1-5 is allowed, and they can take Frag Grenades (I3 though, and has Concussive attacks), and can become shooting heavy with BS5 and -1 to enemy cover saves AND Night Fighting because Night Lords don't suck enough already. With Rage, they have 4 S6 AP2 Attacks on the charge, or can upgrade to Power Blades for +1 Attack and Rending to rip through vehicles, but you shouldn't really need that. Can change its S6 Heavy Bolter for a free Multimelta or upgrade to a 2 Shot S7 AP2 Lance. If you wish, you can allow a single Castellax in the Detachment (in a unit of 1) to become a Paragon of Metal. If it's destroyed it explodes and deals a large bubble (D6+1") a S4 AP- hit. In short, if you want to be "thatguy", run as many of these as possible. At a Marine shy of the century in cost, they are distraction carnifex in Mechanicum form - 425pts for a 20 T7 3+/5++ wound wall, that score, and have a 70pt unit tax in the form of Adsec Covenants.I like these

Dedicated Transport

Triaros Armoured Conveyer; AV14 Front, 4HP with a Flare Shield, TL'd S6 Heavy Bolter and a pair of Volkite Chargers which can independently fire to help slaughter infantry, and whose main AT role is to steamroll forward a ram enemy tanks with count-as AV15 and a Haywire hit. If you've not taken an Archimandrite Archmagos, then you can get Blessed Autosimulacra for IWND-lite (and it has the ability to ignore Immobilized on a 4+) and 2 cheap HK Missiles for light AT tasks, and the ability to transport up to 20 models. Not only is it an awesome model, but it's only a Rhino more than the century. One of the best, I think, and the idea of running a Trireme style assault list based on ramming enemy vehicles before popping out is really cool IMHO.

Mechanicum Land Raider; An Ordo Reductor (Allies only) only DT, comes with Blessed Autosimulacra, with a Hull HB and 2x Lascannon sponsons (not TL'd). It is a cheaper Land Raider however. It is capable of doing some damage in melee as well - dealing D6 S5 AP4 Rending hits to those enemy units within 1" of the hull or those it rams/is rammed by. Not major damage, but every little helps. It is a "design your own" Land Raider with a ton of options; including turning it into a Prometheus with Quad Heavy Bolters and an Explorator Augury Web (Scout and Reserves Manipulation), Redeemer with Flamestorm Cannons, or give it the TL Lascannons+TL Heavy Bolter (takes it to just shy of what a normal LR costs, but it doesn't have assault special rule). I think giving it a Graviton Cannon and if I have a main detachment making use of Reserves, then giving it an Explorator Augury Web gives the best results - a pretty much guaranteed haywire hit and any other movement causes a Dangerous Terrain test and 2 Lascannons to strip HP from vehicles. As a DT, this is only available for Ordo Reductor Thallax, but is otherwise available as a HS option.

Fast Attack

Crusade Support Wing; 1 Flyer; either a Primaris-Lightning, Storm Eagle Assault Gunship, or Avenger Strike Fighter. The Primaris break down can be found in the Solar Auxilia Fast Attack breakdown, and the Storm Eagle in the Legion. The Storm Eagle is alright at killing infantry, but you don't really need to find ways to kill infantry in this list, so the Primaris is probably better. The Avenger is fine straight out of the box, equipped with a MEQ killing main gun, and 2x Lascannons with BS3 and Strafing run, plus Tank Hunter if you need it. It has 2 hardpoints with options ranging from a pair of missile launchers to a pair of autocannon, to two Ordnance HK Missiles to 6x Bombs. To keep the cost down, I'd choose only 1 if I really had to, but a Tank Hunting pair of Hellstrike Missiles can strip hull points - 2d6 choose the highest with a reroll, plus 2x Lascannons for 185pts. Betrayal; Book 1, Massacre; Book 2, LACAL

Tarantula Sentry Gun Battery; These aren't really worth it. If using the latest rules for them, they are either in the LACAL or in the Solar Auxilia list. Provides mediocre AA if really needed, but a Primaris or Avenger is probably better. Provides cheap access to Lascannons though which in a list which has to pay quite a bit for AT, but don't expect wonders from these. Massacre; Book 2 or most recent LACAL/Crusade; Book 4

Ursarax Cohort; Jump Infantry Ogryns Paired Lightning Claws (upgrade to Power Claws) with Frags and FNP 5+. An excellent assault unit, but I think Castellax are better due to their better save versus range and AP2 base. They also have a limited target Instant Death causing attack in place of their normal attack routine. Has a short ranged Volkite pistol in its chest.

Vorax Class Battle-Automata Maniple; Fleet Scouting T6 3 wound Monstrous Creatures. 1-5 in a unit. Have a pair of Rotor Cannon and a Lightning Gun (can upgrade to a Fleshbane Flamer), and a Powerblade (S6 AP2 Rending). Not sure if it's an error but only has one mentioned so no +1 attack, which means that with rage, normal Castellax are better options IMHO. For 20pts more, you get +2 attacks on the charge. They are useful however if your troops are filled with AdSec/Thallax.

Heavy Support

Thanatar; Everybody loves these guys. Apart from your opponent. These are immensely heavy Monstrous Creatures - T8, 4 wounds, 2+/5++ v Shooting. Its main shooting strength is the F-you Marines Hellex Plasma Mortar - a 12-48 range S8 AP2 Barrage which forces successful cover saves to be rerolled. If anything needs to be given Paragon of Metal, it's this dude. Costs just shy of a Land Raider. With S8 as well, if it gets to assault, it can rip through vehicles.

[b]Krios Battle Tank Squadron[b]; hull mounted Large Blast Rending Shred S7 AP3 gun on an AV13/12/10/3HP chassis, with a free flare shield and is fast with IWND-lite to keep it up and running. Up to 3 in a squadron. See what I mean about MEQ players hating you? One of the best AT guns in the game is the Pulsar Fusil - an upgrade which is a S9 AP2 Ordnance 4 gun. 3 of these costs you 375-450pts, and a worthy spend.

Myrmidon Destructors; Similar to destructors, but instead of a pair of special weapons, has a single heavy weapon in its place. Depending on what you choose are kind of expensive, but remember that they're on a Relentless chassis. They have Preferred Enemy everything because the destroyer virus is already setting in - but with BS5 and a Volkite Culverin option as the cheapest, you can quickly blend enemy light infantry. The other options are okay, but Conversion Beamer needs too much distance to work effectively. I'd choose between the Irradiation engine (AP3 Fleshbane Torrent), or the Graviton Imploder (Salvo 2/4 AP2 using the 40K Graviton rules) to smash enemy MC's like Word Bearer Daemons or other Mechanicum lists.

Mechanicum Land Raider; See DT entry.

Icarian Thallax Cohort; see troops. Upgrade which grants Skyfire if you don't move.

Lords of War

Warhound Scout Tank; See Knight Titans list.

Reaver Battle Tank; See Knight Titans list

Minotaur Artillery Tank; 2 Basilisks strapped together, but with a rear facing gun and AV14 on its backside. 7" TL'd S9 AP3 blast is nothing spectacular for a superheavy. It's also open topped, so an extremely fragile tank. Don't use unless you think that a pair of earthshaker guns sat side by side look good.

Falchion Super Heavy Tank; This is ace, but it's more expensive than a Shadowsword. Although very resilient with 12HP, at 50pts more for a TL'd shot that's not really going to come into use. Still, if facing other Shadowswords those additional hull points mathematically average out at another 2 turns game time versus D weapons in an overly simplistic calculation.

Mechanicum Knights; See the Mechanicum Knights list. If playing these, though, might as well stump up the extra points to get another Knight and benefit from the Knight list as allies (requires 2 Knights).