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    Default Re: FSN: Unlimited Blade Works anime thread - ZeroRider was so much better

    Quote Originally Posted by cnsvnc View Post
    While they managed to make it look awesome, the dumbest scene ever didn't get any less dumb. And the subtitles screwed up the poem.
    To be fair, that's always been the case; blame Nasu's Engrish as it appeared in the original VN. But yeah, the whole point of the poem is mostly missing in the Engrish version (some parts remain, it can be dug out but you gotta know what you're looking for), though I do admit it does have an awesome flow to it. How does "my blood is of iron and my heart of glass" become "steel is my body and fire is my blood" again? When the glass heart thingy is kinda the whole point?

    To anyone curious, something akin to a proper translation of the Unlimited Blade Works-poem:
    "His body is made of swords;
    his blood of iron and his heart of glass;
    unbeaten in innumerable battles;
    never once retreating;
    never once understood.
    He was always alone;
    drunk with victory on that hill of swords.
    Thus, that life has no meaning;
    that body was certainly made of swords."

    Unsurprisingly, the original is extremely meaningful while the botched translation manages to just sound like a random string of words.
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