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That's amazing! You really sound like an awesome person to go that far to help someone else
Thanks! But it's just part of the aid work. We tried to find her so fast since:
a) Her condition is potentially life threatening.
b) It can be easily be solved, if she is just contacted quickly.

It looked like we could do a lot of good here, and fairly simply (I had no idea tracking her down would be so complicated when we started). The incidents with the russians duo and Mr. Pretty's gang were a mix up really. It's not like we anticipated them, yet "bravely strode in the face of danger!" Quite the contrary, we tried to minimize drawing attention, and do stuff as low key as possible (Albeit... um... not doing it so well. ) The part about the guy getting his two armed guys in was... well, I can't quite curse enough here, but he was diddly silly stupid!

A lot of the aid work comes out very frustrating, depressing. It's quite hard to try and help matters, fix stuff, a lot of times you're just faced with the reality of an uncaring world... So when we had the chance to go and succeed in something with good chances of success, I guess that may have driven us more than usual. It's quite nice to do some good sometime.

At least no summoned spirits in this run. I hate the buggers!