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    Guide to Blood Angels
    Sons of Sanguinius, Protectors of Mankind

    Special Rules
    Furious Charge: While not strictly a Blood Angels' special rule, all Blood Angel Infantry and Walker models have this rule. Consider it as the rule Blood Angels get by way of Chapter Tactics. The fact that pretty much every unit in the book has this rule is one of the things that makes Blood Angels one of the few armies in the game that can Assault and not be terrible at it.

    And They Shall Know No Fear: Again, not a Blood Angels' rule per se, but, always Regrouping and then acting normally for the turn is always strong and will never not be. If you've never not played a Space Marine army, you barely know that this rule even exists. Like Objective Secured. You only notice the rule when you don't have it.

    Combat Squads: With very few Missions requiring Kill Points, getting double the amount of units per FOC slot is nothing short of quite good. If, you're ever in a position where playing multiple small units of Marines would end badly for you (i.e; AP3 Blast/Templates, Kill Point Missions, etc.), you can just keep your units of ten. For this reason - and this reason alone - it's really hard to justify why you would ever have units of 6-9 models that have this rule.

    Warlord Traits
    1. Rampage. Not strong.
    2. +1 Initiative. Since you don't really have access to Eternal Warrior, you shouldn't really be taking Unwieldy weapons (because there's a Relic...), this is quite strong.
    3. Master-Craft a weapon. Yawn.
    4. Adamantium Will is decent.
    5. Jump Units, Fliers and Skimmers in your Primary Detachment can re-roll Reserves and those same units only Scatter 1D6".
    6. Fearless aura that effects Imperial units (per the BRB). Strong.

    This table isn't great. Not because there are more 'bad' results than 'good' results, but the table is bad because it's inconsistent. Four Traits are 'Personal', and then there are another two Traits that only become strong if you've actually planned for them, which you can't plan for, because RNG.

    Sanguinary Discipline
    Primaris: Warp Speed (Biomancy) that you can cast on other Characters, except +D3, instead of +3.
    1. Doesn't work on Fearless units.
    2. Target unit gains Rage. Not bad.
    3. Psyker's unit gains a 5++. Useless for Terminators.
    4. Very strong. But it's a Witchfire and needs WC2 to cast. So, it's a wash.
    5. Beam Lance. Decent.
    6. Levitation (Telekinesis) that needs WC2. Whatever.

    Again, not a bad table, just really inconsistent.

    Relics of Baal
    Crown Angelic; Fear is irrelevant.
    Veritas Vitae; Bonus Warlord Traits are strong. Always take.
    Valour's Edge; At-Initiative AP2, yes please.
    Fury of Baal; 25 Points for a Pistol is way too much.
    Angel's Wing Jump Pack that lets you re-roll Scatter, and re-roll Mishaps. When firing Interceptor, models can only shoot your unit with Snap Shots. Unfortunately, Coteaz doesn't fire Interceptor, he does his own thing. But if you're in a meta with a lot of Tau, Angel's Wing is too good not to take.

    Captain: Nothing too special here. Ignore Relic Blades, take the AP2 Relic for less points. While Furious Charge makes the Relic Blade S7, it's still not AP2. Always bring a Storm Shield, always bring Artificer Armour. With Valour's Edge and a Storm Shield, don't be afraid to pay 5 Points for an Auspex, never leave your Melta Bombs at home. If you want you can bring a Bike or Angel's Wing.

    Librarian: Can't roll on Telepathy, so automatically sucks. Gallian's Staff is decent, but don't try and re-roll all of your 1s, just some, or just enough to avoid a double-1 Perils if you're casting Daemonology. Roll on Divination, take the Primaris, Charge, if you have to.

    Captain Tycho: Captain Tycho is under-costed at 130 Points. He is paying 0 Points for the following; His Warlord Trait is Rampage, he carried Hatred (Orks), which is kind of okay since Blood Angels are an Assault army, and he has a Master-Crafted Combi-Melta that fires Kraken Bolts. The only thing really, really, really terrible about him is that he has no special close combat weapons. He's basically carrying a Chainsword. Still, for his points, he's okay. Don't take him in anything bigger than 750 Points.

    Tycho the Lost: Pays an extra 15 Points to be a Death Company Marine. Still doesn't bring a combat weapon, and can only join Death Company units which means that his Fearless is just going to waste. If you're playing 750 Points, and have also brought a DC, Tycho the Lost is a decent Warlord. He's points-efficient, sure. But if you can pay more points for a better Warlord, you should pay the points.

    Librarian Dreadnought: Carries a S10, AP2 Force Weapon. If you can't cause Instant Death one way, cause it the other way. Unfortunately, a Power Fist is a Specialist Weapon, and the L-Dreadnought only has two base attacks, which means he'll need to cast Quickening if he wants to actually achieve anything. Unfortunately, a Dreadnought doesn't come equipped with Grenades, so Quickening may not be as effective as it otherwise should be. However, with FA13, a Librarian Dread is immune to Krak Grenades, so, it's not a total loss. Depending on your meta, take a Heavy Flamer or Meltagun, throw him in a Drop Pod and roll. Not great. But passable. Unless your meta is already dealing with Imperial Knights. If your meta is already dealing with Imperial Knights, your Librarian Dread is going to get laughed off the board.

    Mephiston: Mephiston is an ML3 Psyker with S/T5, WS6 and 4(5) attacks. He comes equipped with a Psychic Hood and his Warlord Trait gives him Adamantium Will. If you're planning on making a Blood Angels Death Star, be sure to put Mephiston in it because ML3+Hood+Will is going to shut down stupid crap like Psychic Shrieks and Hallucinations. One of Mephiston's Power slots is taken by his unique Power that gives him S10, which isn't that good since his sword is still AP3. Still, it's something. If you can Force and S10 in the same Phase, you may be able to take on a Transcendent C'Tan for a turn. Then the TC'T will get its Stomp attacks and Mephiston will die. Still, Mephiston can take off a bunch of Wounds before he dies. If it bleeds you can kill it.

    The Sanguinor: At 200 Points, he's way too expensive. He's not an Independent Character, so your opponent can always target him, he has Eternal Warrior, and that helps. But, for real, without the ability to be an IC, you're almost always better off paying less points for Mephiston, or a Captain with the extra Warlord Trait and AP2 Relics. Sangunior does a lot of things, but none of them are really worth talking about when the negatives already outweigh them.

    Astorath: Astorath passes on Zealot and Adamantium Will to any unit he joins, and that's decent. In addition, if Astorath joins Death Company, all Death Company models can re-roll To Hit and Wound when they Charge. That's pretty cool. But, there is no language that says that Astorath can only join Death Company units, so, it's entirely possible that he'll be seen in more than a few Imperial-centric Death Stars just because he passes on Zealot. He's not great, but he's not too expensive, either. A very 'middle of the pack' model. Not bad, not great. Usable.

    Sanguinary Priest: A Blood Angels unit joined by a Priest gains +1WS. Doesn't stack with multiple Priests. In addition, any unit he joins gains FNP. Which is super strong on an Independent Character who happens to be Battle Brothers with a lot of armies, can take a Jump Pack or Bike to insert himself into even more units. So, yeah. For 60 Points he's a steal, in any Imperial-centric army, his IC-ness also lets him Look Out! on a 2+, which other Apothecary-style models don't get.

    Brother Corbulo: How come the basic Sanguinary Priest model looks so much cooler than the Unique Character? If Corbulo is your Warlord, he has I6, which isn't great considering that his special sword doesn't even have an AP value. As always, he gives FNP to any squad he joins, separately, he has an aura which gives Blood Angel models +1WS and I, which doesn't stack with other Blood Chalices. Also, no matter who your Warlord is, Corbulo gives your army one re-roll per game; Seize, Reserves, To Hit, Wound or Saving Throw, or re-roll a Scatter. Unfortunately, Corbulo costs double the points of a regular Priest. So, yeah. Take him or don't. How important, really, is that re-roll? The bonus to Initiative aura that he brings is also really strong if you actually are trying to make use out of Blood Angels and their ability to actually Assault without sucking.

    Techmarine: 50 Points, 2+ Armour Save, one Wound. You know the drill. The only reason to take a Techmarine is if you plan on fixing a Super-Heavy, or making one of your Terrain pieces in your Deployment Zone have a better Cover Save. Decent. But if you're looking for a 'secondary HQ', a Sanguinary Priest is probably going to be the better pick. If you actually are taking a Techmarine over a Sanguinary Priest, you need to think about your life choices, and start playing Codex Marines instead.

    Chaplain: Power Maul, 4++, passes on Zealot, for 90 Points. While Astorath is similar, Astorath can't take Angel's Wing or Valour's Edge, so that's something to think about. But Astorath does have Adamantium Will when he's your Warlord. Chaplains are useful sometimes. But, in the Blood Angels book, Librarians can take Divination, and the Primaris for that table also gives out Hatred but slightly not. Because Zealot also hands out Fearless, which matters.

    Tactical Squad: There are lots of colours of Space Marine that like to use Tactical Squads, Blood Angels are not one of those colours. Your 'Chapter Tactics' is Furious Charge, and if you shoot Rapid Fire Boltguns, you can't Charge, so whether you Charge or Shoot, one of your things is going to waste, and that's lame. A 5-man squad in a Drop Pod or Rhino with a Heavy Flamer is decent. Generally speaking, you want to be able to Charge after you shoot, so only pick Special weapons that allow you to do that.

    Scout Squad: Pick up Shotguns or Combat Blades, then Charge. Spotting the pattern? If you need a squad that can stay in your DZ and Score on your home Objectives, grab some Sniper Rifles - they're cheaper than a Tactical Squad. The only real issue with Scouts is that you can't get Drop Pods in your Troops' slots with Scouts, and that's really strong, however if you're trying to spam Drop Pods, you might be interested in another colour of Space Marines that isn't red.

    Command Squad: You're no Codex Marines, your Command Squad loadout has pretty much already been decided for you. You automatically get a Company Champion thrown in the squad which Codex Marines definitely wouldn't want, and you have an Apothecary thrown in. Weirdly enough, compared to Codex Marines; The Company Champion and Apothecary are totally free. Whatever, you're locked into a Champion with a Power Sword, and you have Furious Charge. There are only false choices to be made here. Melta Bombs & Storm Shields and at least one model needs to be bringing a Power Fist or Power Axe. Just be wary of models with 2+ Armour, since the Champion must Issue and Accept Challenges and is locked into an AP3 Sword which isn't great.

    Death Company Squad: Fearless, FNP, Rage and Relentless, at 20 points per model these guys are very strong. They come with two base attacks, plus Rage, meaning they already have a bunch of attacks, and, with their Relentless added in, giving them Boltguns instead of the more thematic combat weapons is actually a really good idea. Since the DC Squad can't take Melta Bombs, make sure to take a Power Fist or Thunder Hammer, one per five models is efficient, the same amount of Inferno Pistols is generally pretty helpful as well. Ultimately, a DC Squad is a steal.
    Abuse their ludicrous amount of stock rules and run them in Kill Team games.

    Lemartes: Taking an entire Elite slot to one model, he can only join DC Squads, and grants them Zealot, or more accurately, DC Squads are already Fearless, so Lemartes grants them Hatred. If you're really hurting for a Character to be in your DC Squad (to pick up Challenges), you're better off paying the 35 Points to upgrade Lemartes to Astorath, giving the squad a Character with an AP2 weapon which Lemartes doesn't have, and Astorath lets the DC Squad re-roll To Wound as well, if you've built your list (in?)correctly, Astorath brings Adamantium Will as well.
    Lemartes would be great if he didn't hog a slot to himself, but he does, and the Blood Angels book have a lot of good Elites that they're rather be bringing. Lemartes, on his own, is a whole 'nother 5 DC Marines, and that's just not worth it.

    Sanguinary Guard: For 10 Points more than a DC Marine, Sanguinary Guard lose all special rules - except Fearless, the best one! - and instead gain Artificer Armour and Encarmine weapons. The stock box comes with three Swords and two Axes, and that's roughly correct, if you want - and you should want - upgrade one of those Axes to a Power Fist and you should be able to handle most threats, bring a pair of Inferno Pistols just for insurance.

    Be aware that for +2 points over a Sanguinary Guard, a DC Marine can be given a Power Weapon. DC Squads come with a boatload more rules and are very strong. Generally speaking, the only thing you need to consider with 'DC vs. SG' is whether or not you think FNP is better than a 2+ Save. Check your meta. Sanguinary Guard don't get Saves vs. Plasma Guns, DC don't get saves vs. Krak Missiles. But, with Power Weapons, DC Marines can have 5 attacks when they Charge, which is so much better than Sanguinary Guard. It's a mess. There really isn't a right answer - unless you face Imperial Knights.

    Dreadnought: AV12 Walkers are bad.

    Death Company Dreadnought: Blood Talons are 10 points to give your Dread, Shred. Not a bad investment (though two sets of Melta Bombs on random Sergeants is probably better). Make sure to bring Heavy Flamers. Magna-Grapples aren't bad, but you do lose your Smoke Launchers. AV12 Walker is still bad, but being immune to Crew Stunned and Shaken makes up for it.

    Furioso Dreadnought: Blood Talons are slightly better because of the AV13 meaning your Furioso actually wants to be in combat. This type of Dreadnought is FA13 being immune to Krak Grenades so is probably worth it. In broad strokes, a DC Dread is more resistant to Shooting, a Furioso is more resistant in Combat, which sounds weird when you think about it. Still, AV13. It's a thing. Remember, so are Imperial Knights. Those are AV13 and way more scary.

    Terminator Squad: Furious Charge on a unit with Power Fists is pretty sad, but you can always pick up an extra Ranged weapon. Heavy Flamers in Drop Pods aren't bad. Assault Cannons and Cyclone Missile Launchers are usually pretty good. Take a few Chainfists. They're Terminators, they do what they do. Why pick them over Sanguinary Guard? Because Terminators have Invulnerable Saves, which is yet another step over FNP. But, Blood Angels have access to Independent Characters who grant FNP to squads. So, yeah. But, then again, that same FNP-giver can be put into any squad, by taking Death Company, you save points, which you can spend on a Librarian (or Mephiston), who can hopefully roll the 5++ Power giving your Death Co. FNP and an Invulnerable save. Long story short, there's a lot of competition in the Elites slot under this Codex.

    Terminator Assault Squad: Lightning Claws with Furious Charge are very strong. However, since Terminators don't have Grenades (Grey Knight ones do ), you're probably better off going for the Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields giving your squad an even better Invulnerable save. Throw in a Priest to give them FNP and watch them steamroll through anything that isn't a Gargantuan - only GKTs can do that. Only thing 'wrong' with Terminators is that they don't have Jump Packs and can't Sweeping Advance, which Blood Angels really want to be doing all the time - as any Assault army does.

    Vanguard Veteran Squad: The only - only - benefit that this squad has over anything else is that they can have Jump Packs and Storm Shields. So they can Sweeping Advance and not die. Death Company Marines only cost a single point extra. Death Company have more attacks and FNP. Vanguard can take Melta Bombs and Storm Shields. Did I mention that there was competition in the Elites slot? You've got like, three squads all doing the same thing, but slightly different, and you have Terminators, which are also similar, and different. If you're not a fan of black and gold Marines, and want proper, red Marines, if you really, really, want to use Vanguard, consider having two units and taking one of the Formations (see below).

    Sternguard Veteran Squad: Drop Pods in your Elite slot. Take a bunch of Combi-Weapons of your choice (usually -Melta) and Alpha Strike something big and scary on Turn 1. If you're running into Gargantuans, you may need Combi-Gravs instead. Yeah. Not a lot to say here. Cheaper than their Codex Marine counterparts which doesn't make any sense, but, there it is. But, then again, Blood Angels' Sternguard don't have access to Pedro Kantor. So, whatever. First-turn Melta or Grav drops are always welcome in any Space Marine army. Be aware that Blood Angel Tactical Squads can pick up Heavy Flamers, and Objective Secured units with ObSec Transports are better than units that don't have ObSec, especially when the ObSec units are also cheaper.

    Fast Attack
    Rhino*: Carries ten non-Bulky models, can fix itself. It's a Rhino, that pays ten extra points for Fast that you'll probably never use. Unless it's the last turn and your Rhino is a Dedicated Transport for a Troops unit.

    Razorback*: Carries six non-Bulky models, has a weapon on top. It's a Razorback, that pays ten extra points for Fast that you'll probably never use. Unless it's the last turn and your Razorback is a Dedicated Transport for a Troops unit.

    Drop Pod*: Carries ten models or a Dreadnought. Tactical Squads will want to abuse their Drop Pods' ability to get them anywhere on the board in one turn and Score wherever they want. Drop Pods are also good for making sure that your Death Company doesn't get shot up, and Deep Striking from a Drop Pod means you'll rarely Mishap. Alternatively, since a Drop Pod is Fast Attack, you can put Terminators in it, too.

    *Also used as Dedicated Transports

    Land Speeder Squadron: Well, it's not like you have Stormtalons that completely outshine Land Speeders in every way. So, there's certainly something to be said out Land Speeders, especially if you're running a lot of Fast Vehicles in your Troops slots, and you can back up your Fast Rhinos with Fast Land Speeders with Multi-Meltas. As mentioned, there's no Stormtalons in this book, so if you really want Land Speeders, you can totally do that without deliberately not picking better units (because there isn't any).

    Assault Squad: Meh. Have you seen your Elite options? But, it's always worth looking at the cheapest Melta Drop unit in the book; 5-man squads with dual Meltaguns in a free Drop Pod, which is something your Codex Marine counterparts can't do. Blood Angel Assault Squads get to use 'Tactical' weapons that aren't just Flamers. If you're not interested in using an Assault Squad for Assaulting (what a silly idea!), you can also grab a pair of cheap Plasma Guns, again, in your cheap-as-free Drop Pod. Only thing Assault Squads can't do is bring Grav-weapons. Blood Angels also have Pistol versions of Flamers and Meltaguns if you want to keep your attacks up. So, in most ways, Blood Angel Assault Squads are still head-and-shoulders above their Codex Marine counterparts.

    Bike Squad: If you're running (Jump/) Infantry heavy, Bikes serve the same purpose that Land Speeders would - fast moving Melta weapons - except without sticking out like a sore thumb because Bikes have a T value instead of AV. Remember to bring a Sanguinary Priest to give them FNP, because Bikes with FNP are really strong. But, that's not saying much, because any squad that isn't Death Company is markedly improved by adding a Priest.

    Attack Bike Squad: Nah.

    Scout Bike Squad: Starts the game on the board. Has access to Locator Beacons. If you're looking for no Scatter Deep Strikes, Scout Bikes, having Infiltrate and Scout is the most reliable way of doing that and putting your Turn 1 Drop Pods where they need to be, kind of.

    Heavy Support
    Stormraven Gunship: Yep. Assault Vehicle, immune to Melta, lots of guns. One of the better Fliers in the game, mostly because of how well it really, really complements the army it comes from. While a Stormraven can move as fast as it wants and the passengers can still Disembark, it says nothing about Zooming. So, while you can move really, really fast, you still need to drop into Hover Mode if you want your passengers to get out. Always take the Twin-Linked Multi-Melta. Skyfire Melta weapons are really strong, especially Twin-Linked. A Stormraven is also the third place in the entire book where you can get Locator Beacons.
    If you're really interested in abusing a Stormraven's Locator Beacon, bring a Skyshield Landing Pad and start the game on the board. However, since you'll be in your own DZ, the Locator Beacon probably isn't that helpful, but you also don't need to roll Reserves on Turn 2, your Stormraven is on the board ready to go. The other super important thing to note about the Locator Beacon is how it interacts with Skies of Fury, in that it totally works, ignoring the downside of getting out when you've moved more than 6" because your passengers wont Scatter.
    It's always worth buying at least one Stormraven. In 7th Ed., you need one Flier, but at 200 points a pop, you don't need two. It's also worth pointing out that an entire bunch of Blood Angel Formations need at least Stormraven, so if you plan on using BA Formations, its always handy to have a Stormraven around to keep your options open.

    Devastator Squad: Missile Launchers are the only worthwhile option. You never need more than seven models in the unit, paying the extra points for extra bodies just to enable Combat Squads isn't worth it. You should largely ignore Devastators. You're Blood Angels. That's not what you do.

    Baal Predator: Fast Predator with a Twin-Linked Assault Cannon, or AP3 Template weapon. If your Troops slots are filled with Razorbacks, this is a decent option for your Heavies (though remember to bring a Stormraven), if only for an AP3 Template that Razorbacks can't bring. Sponsons are a pain, because when moving at Cruising Speed, even a Fast Vehicle can only shoot two weapons and Heavy Flamers, being Template weapons, can't fire Snap Shots. It's a little aggravating, really.

    Predator: Coming in at 40 points less than the Baal, the regular Predator is the long-range variant (and by 'variant', I mean the original). The most annoying part about the Predator is how much less expensive it is than the Baal, almost making the above Tank obsolete, if you want to make the normal Predator, Fast, you can do that too. Basically, a Baal Predator has an AP3 Template, the regular Predator doesn't.

    Vindicator: S10, AP2 Ordance. It's a mighty fine Tank, especially when you make it Fast which mitigates its terrible range.

    Whirlwind: Unfortunately, Heavy Flamers come on Blood Angel Troop squads in Drop Pods which can be anywhere on the board. The only good thing about the Whirlwind is that it's cheap. That's it.

    Land Raider / Crusader / Redeemer: Lascannons, Boltguns or AP3 Templates. Tailor your Land Raider choice to your meta. Lascannons aren't totally terrible vs. Imperial Knights. The Crusader has higher Transport Capacity for more Terminators, or Hell, a Furious Charging Tactical Squad isn't even the worst idea in the world. Redeemers have the AP3 Templates that come so highly recommended. Whatever you want. It's an AV14 box.

    Lords of War
    Commander Dante: 2+/4++ which is fairly standard. But to be in the super-cool Chapter Master club is that he also has Eternal Warrior, which is a huge boost to any model you want to make your Warlord. He has five, I6, AP2 attacks which also makes him a superb beatstick as well as being really hard to kill on the return. His fixed Warlord Trait allows certain models in his Detachment only to re-roll Reserves, again, in his Detachment only, models that Deep Strike only Scatter 1D6 less. The only problem with this Warlord Trait is how much Blood Angels benefit from having several Detachments, so make sure you jam as much as possible into Dante's Detachment just to maximise it.

    Gabriel Seth: He carries a huge Chainsword. S8, AP4, Rending. It's not AP2, but it is S8. So if you manage to pull of a Rend, he'll tear T4 characters in half. Seth also has Rage as standard, and Rampage as his Warlord Trait (), and on a '6' To Hit, generates extra hits like a Necron Tesla weapon. The bottom line is, he has the potential for a lot of attacks. The only issue with Seth is that he doesn't have Jump Pack. Meaning he needs to ride in a Land Raider or Stormraven (Assault Vehicle) to get anywhere, and needs a unit - on foot - for his entourage. Blood Angels typically don't do 'foot' units, but, you're not Blood Angels, are you? You're Flesh Tearers. Terminators or foot-DC are fine units. Ultimately, Seth is only 155 Points, but whatever points you save on him, you should probably spend on his accompanying unit so he can get where he needs to be.

    Lords of War not being mandatory HQs doesn't actually hurt Blood Angels all that much. Bring more Sanguinary Priests.

    Blood Angels Battle Company: Formation. A Battle Company. In addition, you need a Death Company and a pair of Dreadnoughts to give it that Blood Angels flair. Re-roll your Blood Angels Warlord Trait, and all Troops units from this Formation have Objective Secured which is really cool, and then you get +1 Initiative when you Charge, in addition to your base Furious Charge this is actually really strong. The thing that makes this Formation actually playable, is that this Formation (unlike similar ones found elsewhere) doesn't even need full, 10-man squads.

    Baal Strike Force: Detachment. 1-4 Elites. Everything else per CAD. Re-roll your Blood Angels Warlord Trait, and +1 Initiative when units from this Detachment Charge. Is an extra Elite slot worth losing Objective Secured? Not really.

    Angel's Wrath Intervention Force: White Dwarf. Formation. Vanguard and 2 Assault Squads. The Vanguard Veterans function as a Locator Beacon for the two Assault Squads when the whole Formation Deep Strikes. When squads land, each enemy unit within 6" takes some S4 Hits, which is kind of okay because you know you wont Scatter. Unfortunately, if the Vanguard initially Scatters badly, the whole Formation turns to crap. It's not great.

    Angel's Fury Spearhead Force: White Dwarf. Formation. 3x10-man Tactical Squads and 3 Stormravens. If a Blood Angels model Deep Strikes within 12" of at least two of the Tactical Squads (Embarked in a Transport counts), then the Deep Striking model wont Scatter and can Charge on the turn it Deep Strikes. Largely considered a trap by a lot of people, because you need to have 3 Stormravens and 30 Tactical Marines, which is over 1000 Points tied up in Reserves, at least the Formation can show up in Turn 1 because it can show up on Turn 1, with re-rolls. The other bonus of this Formation is that the Tactical Squads have Objective Secured.
    If you're trying to spam no-Scatter Deep Strikes, your best bet is to flood your opponents' DZ with Drop Pods and Locator Beacons, with Scout Bikes in the mid-field. That's much cheaper and more reliable than 1000+ Points in Reserve - in addition to even more points you have invested into the squads that are Deep Striking. If just a few dice in Turn 1 go awry, you lose.
    This Formation isn't bad, just entirely misunderstood and entirely over-rated as a result, since it doesn't really work in games under 2000 Points because of how much you need to invest in models that don't start the game in Reserve.

    Flesh Tearers Blood Rain Strike Force: White Dwarf. Formation. Death Co., Vanguard, Assault Squad, Dread and Stormraven. The 'one of everything' Formation. Models that Charge out of the Stormraven gain Rage, units from this Formation that Deep Strike gain Counter-Attack and Fearless until the start of the next turn. Remember that 'Flesh Tearers' doesn't actually mean anything, they're all Blood Angels. But, as a self-contained Formation, you can paint them however you want and it will always make sense, because as a Formation, you can't 'muddy' it with other units anyway.

    Strike Force Deathstorm (Shield of Baal: Deathstorm)
    Captain Karlean: HQ. Carries a Master-Crafted Thunder Hammer, Counter-Attack, and his Warlord Trait gives him +1 to Seize, and while he's alive (doesn't need to be on the board) you can re-roll failed Reserve rolls. Doesn't specify Blood Angels' Reserves, doesn't specify units from his Detachment only. If Karlean is your Warlord, re-roll all of your Reserves. In larger games, +1 to Seize and re-rolling Reserves is still really helpful (as Dante only specifies his Detachment, while Karlean enables all your Formations, too), but, in larger games, we're likely to see other models vie for the Warlord slot (like Dante or Mephiston), which means his trait wont do anything. Meaning you're paying a bunch of points for Counter-Attack and not much else.
    With Corbulo, re-roll To Seize on a 5+.

    Squad Alphaeus: Elites. A Terminator Squad with Preferred Enemy (Tyranids). Nothing special. If Tyranids are common in your meta, it might be worth looking at, but probably not. It's only Preferred Enemy, and 'Tactical' Terminators still aren't that great.

    Raphen's Death Company: Troops. Deathstorm is almost worth buying just for this unit (and Cassor, below). These Death Company are Troops, and that means Objective Secured. If you can put up with Raphen's squad's awkward wargear choices, you pay 0 Points for a Character with a Thunder Hammer, which is another thing that regular Death Company can't take.

    Cassor the Damned: Troops (really). Cassor is a DC Dread with Blood Talons and a Magna-Grapple. He only pays five extra points to move to the Troops slot. Cassor is also a Character meaning he can Issue Challenges, so, you can pick out the Marine Power Fist, and AP3 his face off. Or, the Marine Sergeant could refuse the Challenge and the Marine squad needs to rely on Krak Grenades. He's pretty good.

    Strike Force Deathstorm: Formation. All of the above units in the same Detachment gain Fearless or Counter-Attack, and once per game, all models in this Formation can re-roll To Wound during an Assault Phase. The Formation is pretty rubbish, and Karlean is probably better used in an Archangel Formation (below), and Raphen and Cassor are far better used in a CAD where they gain Objective Secured.

    Archangels Detachments (Shield of Baal: Exterminatus)
    It's not clear if models from these Detachments can can still take Relics of Baal from the main Codex, and it's not even stated that the following are One Per Army, meaning you can actually take more than one...Although that's totally against how all Relics up until this point work, so...If you try and argue the point, you don't actually deserve to win it; RAW is actually really dumb and contrary in Exterminatus' case.

    Units chosen from the Archangel Detachments may have the following;
    Banner of the Archangel Host: Instead of carrying a Company Standard, a Terminator Assault Squad can take this. It's a Company Standard, that also gives the unit Preferred Enemy. If you're a Blood Angels player and aren't spamming Fearless Sanguinary Guard or Death Company, then sure, the Company Standard is useful, then for the cost of an additional Power Fist, you give your entire Assault Terminator unit Preferred Enemy. Gives Assault Terminators a reason to be taken, but you'll have to run an Archangel Detachment, so, yeah. Don't have Exterminatus? Then you probably don't need Assault Terminators. Although, pairs really, really well with Gabriel Seth. Gabriel Seth loves turning 1s into 6s. 6s To Hit cause more Hits, 6s To Wound causes Rending.

    Archangel's Edge: For 5 Points, upgrade your Terminator Sergeant's Power Sword to the Edge. Gain an ability to Instant Death vs. Monstrous Creatures. Unfortunately, like other things similar to this, it's not Rending, so a '6' doesn't automatically Wound. Fortunately, Blood Angels have Furious Charge, so maybe you'll be S5. But, if you're fighting a Wraithknight, you know your Sergeant is backed by an entire unit of Power Fists, right? Whatever. It's five points.

    Executioner's Hood: Immunity to Shadow in the Warp. As if that mattered.

    Warlord Traits
    Archangel Warlords may roll on the following;
    1. Fearless is good
    2. Counter-Attack is okay.
    3. Re-roll To Hit in Challenges. Meh.
    4. Objective Secured. YEEESSS.
    5. Be a Company Standard. Lame.
    6. Preferred Enemy is okay.

    Archangel Detachments don't have Objective Secured, so, when you consider it, it's just really good, but not game breakingly so. Rolling Objective Secured gives you extra options that your Archangels don't have. Extra options is always good.

    Archangels Strike Force: Detachment. 1-2 HQ, 2-14 Elites. That's it. No Lords of War or Forts. All your HQs must be in Terminator Armour (Captain Karlean* is allowed), and then you get Sternguard, Terminators, Vanguard and 0<6 Furiosos. You can re-roll Reserves for models with the Deep Strike special, however, these models don't actually have to arrive via Deep Strike (RAW is Law). So, Jump Infantry and Terminators who have the Deep Strike rule, can still walk onto the board, if they so wish. But, I mean, if you are Deep Striking, you only Scatter 1D6. Your Warlord can re-roll on the Archangel Traits.
    *Models from this Detachment re-roll Reserves, and Karlean's Warlord Trait is fixed meaning you don't get to re-roll on the superb Archangel table.

    Archangels Orbital Intervention Force: Formation. 3 Terminator Squads (any combination), must Deep Strike. Can Shoot and Run on the same turn they arrive. Yawn. The only thing that makes this playable is that you don't need max-sized squads to use it. Still, at least 600 Points locked in Reserves that don't come 'til Turn 2.

    Archangels Sanguine Wing: Formation. 2x10-man Vanguard Squads (must have Jump Packs), and one 10-man Sternguard squad embarked in a Stormraven. Vanguard may take Power Weapons for free, Sternguard may take Combi-Weapons for free. This Formation is good. Note that nothing from this Formation can come on 'til at least Turn 2, and you've got a minimum investment of 800 Points, on the plus side, you get around 400 points worth of wargear for free, and that's not nothing.

    Archangels Demi-Company: Formation. Terminator Captain (or Karlean*) or Chaplain, 2 Furiosos and 5 squads from the Archangel force which do not need to be max size. I'm not entirely sure why you'd want this Formation, when the Archangels Strike Force Detachment does exactly the same thing, but doesn't force you into taking specific units, but, the trade is you gain Stubborn. Being forced to buy models you may not want isn't worth the trade.
    *Models from this Detachment re-roll Reserves, and Karlean's Warlord Trait is fixed meaning you don't get to re-roll on the superb Archangel table. It's a shame that the 1st Captain is so utterly useless in his own Company, but, maybe that's because the 1st Company already knows what they're doing and doesn't need him around. Karlean gives out 1st Company bonuses to the not-1st Company who actually need his experience? I don't know. Forge your own Narrative.

    The Archangels: Formation. If you're maxing out the Detachment with 14 Elites slots, don't. Bring this Formation and for 0 extra points you do everything that the Detachment does, but you also get to make Reserve rolls from your first turn, and gain Stubborn. I mean, it's going to cost a butt-load of points, but, if you want to and/or can, then...Do it, maybe? This Formation is too impractical to be of any real use to anyone save Collectors.

    Blooded Demi-Company: Half a Battle Company, and you don't even need max squad sizes. Gain +1 to your Initiative when you Charge. Since there's practically no useful bonus from this Formation, you're far better off taking a Baal Strike Force from the main Codex, and taking anything you want. The only reason that this seems to exist is to make sense of Dante's Avenging Host.
    RAW: May not count as an Archangel Detachment.

    Strike Force Mortalis: Loads of Death Company models, and a Stormraven (there will always be Stormravens). Models in this Detachment have pseudo-Rampage and Crusader. That's it.

    Dante's Avenging Host: A Blooded Demi-Company, with Dante, Mephiston and a few Stormravens tacked on. All models from this Formation re-roll Reserves and Scatter 1D6", which they would do anyway if Dante is your Warlord, but if for whatever reason he's not... Also, Troops units from this Formation have Objective Secured. If you've got ~2500 points to spare, there's no real reason you couldn't use this Formation. But, who has ~2500 Point games?

    Flesh Tearers Detachments (Shield of Baal: Exterminatus)
    Again, it's unclear if Flesh Tearer Detachments can still take Relics of Baal, and Flesh Tearer Relics at the same time.

    Bones of Baelsor: Dreadnought (any type). Extra armour. Certain Tyranid weapons can only ever cause Glancing Hits.
    Slayer's Wrath: HQ models only. Poisoned Boltgun.
    Shield of Cretacia: HQ models only. Non-Terminator only. Attacks against the model lose the Poisoned special rule if they have it.

    Nothing super-special here, and mostly Tyranid-specific. Lame.

    Warlord Traits
    Flesh Tearer Warlord can roll on the following;
    1. Hatred isn't bad.
    2. Rampage is.
    3. The unit gains Hammer of Wrath, decent.
    4. Crusader is lame
    5. The unit gains Rage. Awesome.
    6. FNP

    Nowhere near as good as the Archangel table. Just go with regular Blood Angel Traits, or Strategic. Strategic is always good.

    Flesh Tearers Strike Force: Detachment. 1-6 Fast. Everything else per CAD. If you roll 10 or more for Charge distance, gain Rage. Orks can suck it. But you lose Objective Secured. Well, if you want to spam Assault Squads, and are for some reason have limited Detachments, Flesh Tearers give you a bunch of Fast slots. Or, perhaps better, you can take a ton of Bike squads under the Blood Angel 'dex and give them FNP using Priests. Unlike the Blood Angels, the Flesh Tearers are not a Codex Chapter, and they'll field more Assault Squads if they want to.

    FT Vanguard Strike Force: Formation. 3 Tacticals, Assault, Vanguard, Furioso. +1I when Charging, ignore penalties for disordered Charges. Neat.
    Lysos Relief Force: Formation. Gabriel and friends. A 'Collector's Unit' that you should only ever have if you plan on playing the Narrative for Exterminatus totally straight.
    Defenders of the Cathedrum: Ditto. At least this Formation has Counter-Attack.

    Strike Force Razorwind: Formation. LRF and DotC (above). Gabriel Seth has a Fearless aura.

    Blood Angels don't need Allies. Any points that could be spent on Allies is points that isn't being spent on secondary Detachments with more Sanguinary Priests. There are only two options for Blood Angel Allies;
    A Battle Brother Psyker model that has access to Telepathy and/or a Jump Pack. Sentinels of Terra have the most efficient Librarians, and then spend minimum points on Scouts with Boltguns, who can re-roll To Hit thanks to Imperial Fist Chapter Tactics.
    Imperial Knights. Because Knights.

    Blood Angels as the Allied Detachment for other Imperial armies, again, comes down to the Sanguinary Priest. They're Independent Characters that hands out FNP. Space Marine Centurions and Space Wolf Thunderwolves will lol themselves on your opponents' tears.
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