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    I'm also learning how to do avatars!
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    Winter Wolf Slayer, Used By me, Tarvus Boba Fett, Used by Mjollnir075
    Quote Originally Posted by Cowardly Griffo View Post
    See, I want to think
    that the Dwarf King
    actually carries the
    national constitution
    into battle strapped to
    his arm as a shield...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlignmentDebate View Post
    Beholders are product identity because they're eye-conic.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dire_Stirge View Post
    "Help us, Shade Hunter! The legions of Baron Evillicious are descending upon us, but our siege equipment has been sabotaged!"
    "Look at that! I had a fully equipped carpenter in my pocket all along!"

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    Libris Mortis isn't as bad latin as people say.

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