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    Psybomb's vestige-

    Spoiler: Psybomb
    Psybomb, the Empowerer
    Psybomb's origins are even more shrouded than those of other vestiges, but in spite of this, his name is often found in connection with numerous legends. Some believe he was a helpful fey who mentored and trained great heroes; others that he was a shiftless glory-hound glomming on to the achievements of others. The few who delve deep enough discover just how wrong the latter are, for every legend that mentions this companion of heroes also mentions his heroic death guarding his friends. So many such legends exist that there is much debate amongst occult scholars as to whether the Empowerer is the vestige of a single being, or the amalgamated essence of hundreds of selfless souls.

    Spirit Level: 5th
    Constellation: Hero
    Binding DC: 23
    Totems: You gain a totem bonus on the spirit's binding check if you meet some or all of these conditions.
    -You know at least one feat that adds a bonus to damage rolls with ranged or melee attacks
    -You are skilled in coordinating with others, knowing at least one teamwork feat
    -An ally has succeeded on an attack or skill check within the last 24 hours which they would have otherwise failed without your assistance
    Ceremony: You perform a kata, emulating the techniques of an ally with a weapon borrowed from their arsenal.
    Manifestation: The weapon begins to guide your movements, imparting some small portion of the muscle memoy of its owner

    Granted Powers:
    Major Granted Abilities: As a standard action, you may allow one ally you can see to calculate the effects of a single non-spellcasting class feature they possess as though they had a number of additional levels in the corresponding class equal to your Charisma modifier for 1 round. For example, a pactmaker with a +6 Charisma modifier could allow an allied Fighter to advance to the next instance of his Weapon Training ability, or allow a 12th level Rogue to calculate his Sneak Attack damage for that round as though he were 18th level. If the target of this ability would be boosted beyond 20th level, every temporary effective level past 20th instead grants an untyped bonus to all class skills.
    Capstone Empowerment: The bonus granted to allies for effective levels past 20th now applies to damage rolls and DCs of their spells and class abilities.
    Minor Granted Abilities:
    Instant Refinement: For the duration of this pact, whenever you successfully use the Aid Another action, double the bonus you would normally grant.
    Natural Amplifier: Any time you cast a buffing spell or grant an ally a bonus thanks to a Teamwork feat, any numerical bonus granted by the effect is increased by 2.
    Natural Teammate: Choose one Teamwork feat you qualify for; you gain its benefits and are treated as knowing it for the duration of this pact. Whenever you use the Aid Another action on an ally, they also gains the benefits of this feat for 1+Cha mod rounds.

    Signs and Influence:
    Physical Sign: Whenever an ally gains the benefits of your Natural Teammate or Instant Refinement abilities, your skin tone, facial features, and even height and weight change slightly, copying the features of that ally.
    Personality: You are naturally inclined to guide and assist others, helpful nearly to a fault.
    Favored Ally: Those who seek to constantly test themselves in battle and men and women who train in difficult or impossible to master professions.
    Favored Enemy: Anyone you witness using an ability against an allied or friendly creature (other than themselves) that applies a penalty to their attacks, damage, or skill checks.
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