Love to come up with a glyph or icon here, but this comp doesn't have much in the way of graphics programs. Still:

Tarlek Flamehai- Celebrant of the Form.

This reclusive entities true nature is long lost in the mist of legend and outrageous lies; but all accounts agree he was and is a true and generous patron of the visual arts, especially those depicting the humanoid form in all its beauty, dignity and terror. His gallery of collected works and art acquisitions is whispered to remain intact to this day in an obscure demiplane, its collective wonder matched only by its beauty, and its beauty only by its wonder.


DC: 16

Manifestation: Tarlek Flamehai manifests in the form of a constantly shifting humanoid shape. Species, gender, and apparel are constantly in flux, but any and all incarnations are generally pretty fetching.

Sign: Your arms and limbs become tattooed with tasteful and generally appropriately-clad depictions of humanoids of various shapes and species.

Influence: Under the Influence of Tarlek Flamehai, you speak quickly and enthusiastically, often shortening or cutting off the names of those that you address.

Granted Abilities:

-Your form, voice and poise becomes especially striking to those around you, granting a +2 Competence bonus to all Charisma based checks.

-You gain the benefits of the Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialisation, and if need be Weapon Proficiency with one Martial or Exotic Weapon of your choice. You maybe select a different weapon every time you bind this visage.

-You may use Disguise Self as a Spell-Like Ability. You may change the nature of your disguise every 5 rounds. The Sign of Tarlek (see above) is visible when applicable in any guise, but may be covered with clothing.

-Through the power of the vestige within you, you receive a +2 enhancement bonus to any one stat. You may change the effected stat every time you bind Tarlek.

Spoiler: Explanation
Tarlek spends a lot of time of the "Dungeons and Dreamboats" thread, so I wanted powers based on appearance and variety. The shifting stat bonus is meant to represent taking on the strengths of different races.

It would be nice to have the stat bonus match up with your Disguise (if any) but that's a little limiting.

And sorry if this is a little boring. Not great with Binder lore.