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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbluff View Post
    As for vestiges, please try and keep them 1 level. There's no real reason not to have it just scale with level. Eggy's a nice guy, and I'd bet he let some new Binders/Occultists bind him.
    I was torn between wanting to make him a 1st level vestige because he's so generally pleasant and forthcoming with information, and wanting to give him more powerful druid-esque abilities that would fit awkwardly into a scaling with level vestige. I guess that the 3rd level version could be made a first level vestige with "minimum 1" language added to the animal companion's effective druid level. That makes him pretty powerful at 1st level, but maybe not in the long run, especially as his influence is actually sort of a pain for the party bluffer. Alright, here's a revised, coalesced draft (assuming of course eggynack doesn't have a preference for the 8th level version).

    Spoiler: eggynack
    Eggynack, the Educator

    Level: 1st

    Binding DC: 15

    Legend: Eggynack was once a human druid, a great loremaster who sought to learn all that the world had to offer him and to spread those teachings to all who would hear them. He traveled across sky and through sea, to the highest mountain peaks and to the deepest places of the world, treating with all manner of creatures from dragons, to the aberrant creatures that others fled from, to humanoids both wild and civilized. Druids revered him, for his knowledge of both magic and of the world's creatures was deep, and he shared it freely. It is said that the natural world in all its facets flourished while he walked upon it. Yet some balked at his teachings. Creatures of power, the Dragons in the sky and the Aboleths in the depths, and many of similar pride in between begrudged the idea that a mere human should have such knowledge and power. Kings began to fear that their civilizations would crumble as the cultures of the wilderness grew in power. So it was that, in time, eggynack's enemies gathered in force to challenge him. And though the wind howled, storms raged, and many fell before the great druid's might, he was slain and his power broken. In their anger, the druids of the world cursed those who had spurned his lore, and swore that none but their own should ever benefit from eggynack's wisdom again. Such was their wroth that even the gods were denied the druid's secrets and eggynack became a vestige. To this day, some say that the effects of the druids' curse linger, and that this is the reason non-druids may not learn the secret druidic tongue.

    Manifestation: Creatures of all types, mostly animal, but here and there an aberration, dragon, humanoid, magical beast, or any other sort of being, seem to converge on a point within the seal then coalesce into the form of a robed human man with a serene face. Wind and storms howl about him, but though he speaks in a calm, almost pedagogical voice, eggynack is clearly audible.

    Sign: Your face appears serene and peaceful, and you speak calmly, with words like nifty and neat creeping into your lexicon even if they wouldn't ordinarily be there.

    Influence: You must contest any ignorance that you encounter. When someone speaks a falsehood which you deem to be ignorance rather than deceit (that is, if Sense Motive checks do not suggest that the person is Bluffing), eggynack requires that you inform them of their error if you know the truth.

    Granted Abilities:
    Eggynack's Lore: You may make knowledge and spellcraft checks untrained. You gain a +4 bonus on checks to identify a creature or spell and an additional +4 bonus on any Knowledge (Nature) check.
    Eggynack's Speech: You can speak druidic (but not teach it to others), and you are permanently under the effect of speak with animals, as the spell.
    Wild Empathy: You may use Wild Empathy as a druid of your effective binder level.
    Animal Companion: Once per day as a full-round action, you may summon an animal companion as the druid ability of the same name. Your effective druid level is equal to one half your effective binder level (minimum 1). If you have an animal companion from another class, your effective druid levels stack. You Animal Companion will follow you for as long as you have eggynack bound, but disappears when your pact ends.

    And here's another one for you while I'm at it.

    Spoiler: Snowbluff
    Snowbluff, Perfection of the Flaw

    Vestige Level: 4th

    Binding DC: 20

    Legend: Tales tell of an ancient god called Rudisplork, now lost to the ages. Some claim that Snowbluff was simply a champion of Rudisplork, while others say that he was in fact an aspect of the deity. In either case, he was a renowned swordsman in his day, a master of the iaijutsu sword technique who cut down enemies beyond counting and did so in style, but Binder lore suggests that the latter tale is the true one. Scholars of pact magic say that Snowbluff became enamored of the flaws and imperfections of the mortal races, and grew tired of deific perfection. Though he still served the will of Rudisplork faithfully, the avatar seemed to became less akin to his deity and more akin to the mortal heroes with whom he traveled. Despite Snowbluff's skill, every warrior can fall, and one day, fall he did when he went to fight an iaijutsu duel which he might have won according to the established rules, but which turned out to be a mere pretense to draw him into an ambush, where he was slain. An aspect seemingly cut off from his godly origin, Snowbluff's essence did not re-merge into Rudisplork, and he might have been expected to fade away entirely, but in truth becoming a paragon of mortal heroism only made Snowbluff more akin to Rudisplork and his divine spark persisted as a vestige.

    Special Requirements: Owing to his prior identity as a champion of Rudisplork, Snowbluff disapproves of summoning Orcus, the Demon Prince of Undeath. He will not answer the call to a Binder already bound to Tenebrous.*

    Manifestation: A flurry of slashes seems to cut reality itself above the seal and Snowbluff steps through from the rifts. While speaking to you he repeatedly makes swift motions to draw and sheathe his sword.

    Sign: Your eyes seem larger and more expressive (this does not enhance or inhibit your ability to use skills such as Bluff or Diplomacy). Your hair grows long and sticks out at improbable angles.

    Influence: You desire extravagance and spectacle. You are given to showing off and must accept single combat challenges.**

    Granted Abilities: Snowbluff grants the ability to use his flashy sword techniques, and both exploits and encourages imperfection.
    Snowbluff's Skill: You gain a +8 bonus on iaijutsu focus checks and on sense motive checks to determine an enemy's number of ranks in iaijutsu focus.
    Snowbluff's Technique: You gain the benefit of the Martial Study feat, choosing which maneuver you gain when you make your pact with Snowbluff. The maneuver gained is not expended as normal, but once you have used the maneuver, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.
    Snowbluff's Style: You may draw a weapon as a free action, and once per round, may sheathe a weapon as a free action without provoking attacks of opportunity.
    Exploit Imperfection: Once per round, when making a melee or ranged attack, you may treat your target as flat-footed unless they succeed at a fortitude, reflex, or will save (your choice).
    Encourage Imperfection: Whenever an ally within 30 feet of you misses an attack or fails a save due to rolling a natural 1, that ally gains a +10 sacred bonus (or profane if you are evil) on their next d20 roll.

    *It'd probably be a good idea to add a similar line to Tenebrous' special requirements, so that you can't just bind Snowbluff first and need ignore special requirements. They forgot to do so for Arete, so his special requirement is basically meaningless.
    **I don't think you're particularly show-offish, just that you seem to like flashy, style-points kind of things, and this seemed like a way to incorporate that into an influence that actually does something.
    ***Fixed maybe.
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