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Thread: [PF/Eberron] Eyes of the Lich Queen OOC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusk Eclipse View Post
    I haven't played it myself but it seems pretty fun, so sure go ahead with a Witch (be sure to check the archetypes too, white haired witch is hilarious IMO).
    As far as races go, Eberron has a motto "if it exist in D&D it has a place in Eberron", so if anything strikes you fancy I say go ahead. I'd personally suggest Changeling (descendants of humanoid/Doppleganger pairings), since they are a 3.5 race there is no official conversion, but this one is pretty good.
    Alright, I'll start building a Witch then!

    About Changeling... I'm not sure. They are kind of fun, but maybe not the right one for this character idea that's coming to me. Hmm..

    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeIncluded View Post
    Why, what's wrong with them?

    And aren't witches shamanistic or something?
    Something like that. Basically, I'd like to play an arcane caster and try something new.

    That Shifter however, might work. Will have to look into it.
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