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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtnoma View Post
    "Understand that as of the present you are all untested and your true natures deemed uncertain and in need of proving through righteous duty. With that in mind I welcome you to the Ordo Hereticus, you may address me as Interrogator Claudel. Your first mission will consist of insertion into Hive Sibellus, the primary hive of Scintilla, to link up with and reinforce a senior acolyte cell operating near the western mid-hive. Upon arrival you will be briefed by the leader of the Acolyte cell, one Alexi Markovha, who will brief you on your primary mission objectives. Any questions?"
    Eli straightens up fractionally, and looks in where he imagines the Interrogator Claudel's eyes should be. Yes Interrogator. Um... He stumbles verbally, then half mutters I guess I should treat this like an Arbites briefing until I learn how they do it.

    Speaking clearly again: I do apologize if any of my questions violate your protocol or norms, but I suppose the best I can do is use my old training till I'm taught differently. To confirm, Acolyte Markovha will have full operational control over us? Who, if anyone, has the authority to countermand them? Can you provide us a brief outline of the mission, or will all mission details be done later?

    Finally, are we expected to require any additional gear? I've certainly found in my time with the riot squads that things like combat webbing, rope and rappel harnesses, and other various sundries can come in just as useful as boltgun if used properly.

    Spoiler: OOC
    I think that covers most of what I want to know, barring follow up questions. Happy enough to move on once everyone else has their questions answered.

    EDIT: Dupersidi posted while I was righting mine, so ignore the question about the gear if Claudel's answer to Lucius would essentially answer mine. If it's more specific to Lucius personally, then Eli will go ahead with the question.
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