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    673-698: Desert shenanigans
    699-709: Team Evil
    710-734: Empire of Blood (part 1)
    735-774: Empire of Blood (part 2)
    775-822: Arena
    823-833: Team Evil
    834-863: Girard's pyramid (outside/top floor)
    864-898: Girard's pyramid (inside)
    899-936: Advanced Escaping
    937-946: Epilogue
    Not a bad guess, but off in a few places. As one of the lucky few who has the book, here are the actual chapters, many of which contain puns in their titles:

    673 - 698 Round 1: Save Room for Desert
    699 - 709 Round 2: Face the Nation
    710 - 741 Round 3: Farther, Sun, and Slaughter
    742 - 774 Round 4: Blood Will Out
    775 - 822 Round 5: Prize Fight
    823 - 833 Round 6: All the Wrong Places
    834 - 866 Round 7: Pyramid Scheme
    867 - 891 Round 8: Life After Death
    892 - 936 Round 9: Obligatory Climactic Battle
    937 - 946 Round 10: Into the Sunset

    There are a total of 11 pages of bonus comics integrated into the story. The bonus comics, like in the books before "Don't Split the Party," are scattered here-and-there to fill in a few things and add some humor. There are no new "mini-story-arcs."

    The special feature "Quoth the Familiar" is 5 pages.
    There's a very old but never-before-seen OotS comic where Durkon "Turns Undead" which is 1 page.
    There a story recap (much like in the other books) done by OotS characters which is 3 pages.
    A single-line page featuring Celia at the very end of the book. (Similar to what we've seen in older books)
    A 1-page preface by "Durkon Thundershield"
    A 1-page forward by John Rogers.
    A 1-page intro by Rich Burlew, plus 11 other pages of author commentary (Chapter 9 got 2 pages.)

    Anything else folks want to know? Someone else can do the characters-by-page-count thing.
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