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    Spoiler: Keledrath *3
    Keledrath, Knower of Rudisplork
    Vestige level: 2nd
    Binding DC: 16
    Special: You must be wearing at least light armour to bind Keledrath. If you take it off, you lose all effects of binding him.
    Legend: Keledrath is, in this stage of his development, some poor person who stumbled across the power of Orcus while trying to draw his sword. He now knows Rudisplork.
    Manifestation: Your skin glow a strange shade of cyan. Wings, if you have them, glow purple.
    Sign: Your skin and, if you have them, wings retain their new colours but without glowing.
    Influence: You act as though constantly busy. You must decline any offer to play games on any day of rest (such as a Sabbath day).

    Granted Abilities:

    Know Rudisplork: You know how to Rudisplork with great efficiency. Whenever you use any ability whose power is increased by another ability you, or someone else, has, you gain +5 on your next knowledge check. For example, if you utter Temporal Twist on a rogue, who uses his extra attack to make a sneak attack, you gain a +5 bonus on the next knowledge check you make. This effect stacks up to +15.

    You gain no benefit for rudisplorking if the two abilities are designed to be used together. For example, metamagic is designed to be applied to spells, so you usually don't get a bonus for casting a metamagic spell. However, Fell Drain Spell isn't designed to be added to Locate City, so if you use Fell Drain spell on Locate City and successfully inflict a negative level, you count as having rudisplorked.

    Song of the Dwarves: If you're not a dwarf, you can move at your normal speed in heavy armour the same way as a dwarf. If you are a dwarf, your base speed can be increased by ten feet. To do this requires you to sing loudly about a dwarf, but there is no requirement that you to sing well, so no perform roll is needed.

    Forge of Battle: You gain some of the benefits of being a construct. If a construct would be immune to an effect, you gain +4 on any saving throw you must make against it.

    Keledrath Unleashed: The Great Rudisplorkian
    Vestige Level: 4th
    Binding DC: 22
    Special: You must be wearing at least medium armour to bind Keledrath Unleashed. If you take it off, you lose all effects of binding him.
    Legend: Keledrath learned of the power of rudisplork through using it extensively. He now uses it even more extensively, having realised its power.
    Manifestation: As Keledrath, but you actually gain wings if you didn't have them.
    Influence: As Keledrath.
    Sign: As Keledrath, but you actually gain wings if you didn't have them. These wings only allow you to fly at the speed of 40 feet, with poor maneuverability.

    Granted Abilities

    Great Rudisplork: When you rudisplork (see Know Rudisplork) you increase the effects of your rudisplorkery by one half - sneak attacks do more damage, metamagic's effects are doubled, durations are increased by one half, and so forth.

    Jade Appreciator: Any armour you wear turns to Jade for as long as you are binding Keledrath Unleashed. Due to the many types of near-but-not-quite-identical Jade, the armour retains its special qualities. Because you love Jade so much, it's more comfortable to move around in. Your armour offers no armour check penalty, and you can move at full speed in it. If you're a dwarf, you love Jade even more, and it inspires you to move as fast as a human.

    Forge of War: You are treated as a construct while binding Keledrath Unleashed.

    Keledrath Transcendent, Lord of Rudisplork
    Vestige Level: 6th
    Binding DC: 28
    Special: You must be wearing heavy armour to bind Keledrath Unleashed. If you take it off, you lose all effects of binding him.
    Legend: All fall before the rudisplorkery of Keledrath Transcendent.
    Manifestation: As Keledrath Unleashed
    Sign: As Keledrath Unleashed, but the wings allow you to fly at the speed of 60 feet, with average maneuverability.
    Influence: As Keledrath.

    Granted Abilities

    Rudisplork of the Ages: When you rudisplork (See Know Rudisplork) the effects are doubled!

    Engine of Nalin: You become one with your armour. The armour becomes Jade (See Jade Appreciator), and you become a construct which incorporates your armour. Due to the immense awesomeness of your armour, you count as being one size category larger when it would benefit you, though you don't actually take up any more space. You gain four Awesome Points, which each give you a +1 bonus (which stacks with other bonuses from awesome points) to strength. You can expend an Awesome Point to get a +8 bonus on any strength-based check, attack roll, damage roll, or combat maneuver (trip, bull rush, grapple, etc.)

    Potential Horse: You form a contract with the Old Spice Man. You gain a potential horse, which acts like any other horse except that because it's a potential horse, it can't actually be killed, and shrugs off negative effects like an Iron Heart Surge on steroids. The potential horse is combat trained, and its attacks all count as being made with heavy flails (the horse is treated as proficient in heavy flails).

    It holds particular disdain for Kinetic Horses.
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