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This meets the Blasphemy seal of approval.

Although, I do have to critique the mechanics a little, being, well, me. Crisis of Faith seems to be based on both an opposed Cha check and saves, but doesn't say when those saves are made or why, or whether it takes an action to cause another Crisis of Faith. Also seems like a pretty dramatic Sign/Influence, but that may be par for 8th level Vestiges.
The meaning of "deity-based divine magic" could also possibly use some clarification. Its intent is pretty clear, but as written it's a little wonky. After all, Ur-Priest casting is itself deity-based in a certain sense, and a lot of non-Cleric divine casters are in a sort of grey area in that regard depending on setting and character backstory.

While I'm at it, I'll have a go at another vestige.

Amphetryon, The Gourmet Lord

Vestige Level: 6th
Binding DC: 23

Legend: Amphetryon was in his day a great dwarven king. His skill in battle was legendary, and his appetite even more so. After many victories in war, he reigned his mountain kingdom for many long years of peace and prosperity. But over the course of his reign, the king's tastes became more and more eccentric, and he began to demand increasingly exotic ingredients in what his royal chef's served him, until, ultimately, Amphetryon descended into madness. This sickness of the mind culminated when a wandering ascetic begging food died upon reaching his castle gates. Servants went outside to remove and bury the body, but Amphetryon bade that it should be brought to the kitchens and cooked into a meal. His chefs balked at the idea, and begged the king to reconsider, even if for no other reason than that the ascetic's flesh was stringy and unappetizing. Amphetryon cursed the chefs and attempted to drive them to do his bidding at sword point. Perhaps the years of peace and feasting had dulled the king's reactions, or perhaps it was mere luck, but Amphetryon was slain by a kitchen cleaver in the ensuing chaos before he could taste the new dish. So consuming was the king's appetite for unusual experiences that he escaped both the fury of the upper planes at his transgression, and the pull of the lower planes, becoming a vestige.

Manifestation: A table with a platter upon it appears upon the seal. A dwarf in regal attire walks up to the table and begins to eat while he speaks to you.

Sign: You grow a beard. When you eat, food inevitably gets stuck in it.

Influence: You must try any exotic dish offered to you which you cannot clearly determine to be poisonous.

Granted Abilities: Amphetryon grants you the power to curse enemies and the benefits of his ravenous appetite.

Amphetryon's Curse: As a free action, you may use the Hexblade's Curse ability, using your effective binder level in place of a hexblade level. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Amphetryon's Hunger: You gain a bite attack which deals 1d8 damage (if you are medium).

Improved Grab: When you hit an opponent with your bite attack you may start a grapple as a free action without provoking attacks of opportunity.

Swallow Whole: If you start your turn with a creature of up to one size category larger than you held in your mouth, you can swallow the creature whole with a successful grapple check (see the swallow whole special attack). There is no limit to the number of creatures that you can hold in your stomach using swallow whole.

Savor the Flavor: When you successfully swallow a creature whole, you may gain the use of one of its extraordinary abilities for one minute. You can only gain one ability in this way at a time.

Explanation: I tried something based around your time as chairman of Iron Chef and the infamous choosing of Initiate of Pistis Sophia as a SI as a rough basis for a legend. I also added some Dwarf Hexblade flavor on account of your avatar.