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    Default Re: [Mythos] "Man Creates His God and His Devil in His Own Image"

    "I Will Bring Judgement upon you with My Own Hand!" ~Xenovia, Highschool DxD

    Benevolent Shining Soul Legacy
    Prerequisites: One Mythos, Must be able to trace your lineage to a good aligned outsider, either directly or otherwise

    Benefits: Choose one Mythos-granting class that you have levels in. You may treat the following Mythos as if they belonged to that class. You ignore alignment requirements for gaining [Exalted] feats. Your maximum hit points increase by 1 for every [Exalted] feat you possess.

    If you somehow lose this feat, or no longer qualify for it, you cease to gain the benefits of the granted Mythos until you regain this feat or qualify for it once more.

    Spoiler: Exceptional Mythos

    Traces of the Alabaster Lineage:
    Prerequisites: -

    You gain Sacred Vow (BoED) as a bonus feat. You may only select a basic manifestation of this Mythos if you have encountered a creature whose type matches the one you claim your bloodline is tied too. For each Basic Manifestation of this mythos you possess, you gain resistance to electricity, cold, and acid 5, which stacks with all forms of energy resistance. Lastly, so long as you are acting in your own best interest, you may declare any act you commit as a “Good” act.


    Bloodline of the Deva: You gain any one Exalted feat as a bonus feat. You also gain Immunity to Acid, a Constant Magic Circle against (Alignment) effect, and a Lesser Globe of Invulnerability effect that surrounds you.

    Bloodline of Celestia: You gain Servant of the Heavens (BoED) as a Bonus Feat. You also gain Low-Light Vision, Immunity to Poison, as well as the Aura of Menace Archon feature.

    Bloodline of Arborea: You gain Knight of Stars (BoED) as a Bonus Feat. You also gain Darkvision, immunity to Electricity, and a Constant Tongues effect.

    Bloodline of Elysium: You gain Favored of the Companions (BoED) as a Bonus Feat. You also gain Darkvision, immunity to Petrification, and the Lay on Hands ability as a paladin of your class level.


    My Blood Runs White: You may select an additional Basic Manifestation of this Mythos, even if you have never encountered a creature with the appropriate subtype. Furthermore, the Bonuses granted by Servant of the Heavens, Knight of Stars, and Favored of the Companions becomes equal to half your class level, and can be used once per hour, rather than per day.

    Ancestry Revealing Bodily Adaption:
    Prerequisites: -

    You gain Angel Blood and Angel Flesh (Advanced Race Guide) as Bonus Feats, even if you do not meet the prerequisites. The damage dealt by your blood now grows to affect any creature who's alignment opposes yours in any way as well as Undead, and the damage it deals is equal to your class level + The Number of [Exalted] feats you possess,.

    At 10th level, you gain Angel Wings and Metal Wings (Advanced Race Guide) as Bonus Feats, save that your fly speed is equal to your ground speed, and is never negatively affected by the armor you wear.

    At 13th level, the flight granted by your angel wings improves to perfect maneuverability.

    Solar-Graced Bodily Attunement:
    Prerequisites: -

    Over the course of the next 1d4 days, your metabolism slows dramatically. Each day, you require half as much food, water, and sleep as you had the day before. When this period of time has been completed, your metabolism falls off entirely. You can subsist comfortably on a straight hour of contact with Natural Sunlight. If you spend an additional hour in the sunlight, you gain a +2 Bonus to any two ability scores, which lasts as long as you remain in sunlight and for 10 minutes per class level afterwords.

    At 7th Level, you require only 30 minutes of contact with sunlight, whether Natural or Magical. If you spend an additional hour in the light of the sun, you gain a +4 bonus to two ability scores, and a +2 bonus to two other ability which lasts as long as you remain in the sunlight and for 30 minutes per class level.

    At 13th level, you require 10 minutes of contact with sunlight, of any variety. If you spend an additional hour in the sunlight, you gain a +6 Bonus to any two ability scores, a +4 Bonus to any two other ability scores, and a +2 Bonus to your final two ability scores. These last as long as you are in contact with sunlight, and for 1 hour per class level afterwords.

    Sacrifice-to-Strength Conduit of Light:
    Prerequisites: -

    You gain Stigmata (BoED) as a Bonus Feat. Whenever you utilize your Stigmata feat to heal damage to another creature, you may add any amount of Constitution Damage you are currently suffering from as a Bonus to any of your other ability scores, which lasts until your constitution damage is healed. Each time you, or a creature you have healed using Stigmata within the past hour, kill a creature whose alignment opposes yours on the Good-Evil Axis, you heal one point of ability damage.

    At 6th level, you may heal Ability Drain in the same way, and at 13th level, you heal 2 points of ability damage or drain per creature killed.

    Spoiler: Fantastic Mythos

    A Crown to Quell the Masses:
    Prerequisites: One other Mythos granted by the “Benevolent Shining Soul Legacy” feat

    You gain Nimbus of Light and Holy Radiance (BoED) as Bonus Feats. When you activate Holy Radiance, you shed light out to ten feet per class level you possess, and the damage dealt to undead in multiplied by half your class level. So long as your Nimbus of Light is active, you gain a bonus on all your saving throws equal to your Charisma Modifier.

    Any living creature within one step of your Alignment who has light cast upon you by your Nimbus of Light or Holy Radiance must make a Will save or be Fascinated as long as they remain in the light. Creatures with hit dice equal four less than your own are Charmed instead, and Creatures with 8 less hit dice are Dominated. This ignores any immunity to enchantment effects, and a successful save grants immunity for One Hour.

    Any living creature that does not meet the above guidelines, but has light cast upon you by your Nimbus of Light or Holy Radiance must make a Will save or be Shaken so long as they remain in your light. If the creature has 4 or less Hit Dice than you, they are Frightened instead, and if they have 8 or less, they are Panicked. This ignores any immunity to fear effects, and a successful save grants immunity for One Hour.

    Forgiveness-Instilling Vicious Indoctrination:
    Prerequisites: One other Mythos granted by the “Benevolent Shining Soul Legacy” feat

    You gain Subduing Strike (BoED) as a Bonus Feat. You take no penalties on attack rolls to deal subdual damage in any regard, even with ranged attacks. Any time you beat a living creature with 3 or more intelligence into unconsciousness through the use of subdual damage, their alignment automatically shifts one step closer to your own, prioritizing first on the Good-Evil Axis. If you beat a creature into submission enough that the creatures alignment becomes Identical to yours, they are automatically predisposed to be helpful towards you, offering you aid in any way they can, and will never take arms against you, even under compulsion effects.

    In addition, you gain the ability to wash away your sins by cleansing those false followers from your grace. If at any point, you kill a creature who's alignment has become your own through your beatings, you absorb the essence of their unwarranted good will towards you, and the forgiveness you instilled into them. For 24 hours afterwords, you do not risk losing access to any feats, class features, or other boons that require you act a certain way or follow certain guidelines. This ability stacks, so if you kill a second indoctrinated creature, than the time span grows to an additional 24 hours after the initial duration ends. Through the use of this Mythos, even vile tyrants can hold the Saint template, decadent lords benefiting from a Vow of Poverty, or Paragons of Altruism can find their way among the ranks of the Ur-Priests.

    Spoiler: Legendary Mythos

    Forged-By-Fire Martyrdom Reconstruction:
    Prerequisites: Two other Mythos granted by the “Benevolent Shining Soul Legacy” Feat

    You do not immediately gain the benefits of this Mythos upon obtaining it. Before you can gain the remainder of this Mythos, you must knowingly kill yourself to further for some “noble” means. Whether this is throwing yourself in front of a Ballista bolt to protect a beloved king, or charging headlong into an amassing army to keep them away from your treasure horde. The important thing is that you died of your own volition, knowing that you would possibly end up dead.

    In the minute after your death, your body slowly begins radiating a pure white glow, first out to 20 feet, then doubling every round, until the full minute has elapsed. Any creature within 50 feet of your body at the end of this minute must make a fortitude save or be permanently blinded, as you rise to your feet, reborn in your sacrifice as if you had never fallen at all.

    In your glorious rebirth, you immediately gain 16 points, which you may spread out among your ability scores, though you may add no more than 6 to a single ability score. You may add your highest mental ability score modifier to your armor class and saves against creatures whose alignment is further than one step from your own, and your highest physical ability score modifier as a bonus to attack and damage rolls made against those same creatures. You also gain damage reduction and Spell Resistance equal to your Class Level. This damage reduction is overcome by your opposed alignment on the Good-Evil axis and magic. Neutral characters have this damage reduction overcome by Cold Iron.

    Finally, you gain a number of wings equal to half your class level, rounded down. Each of these wings counts as a secondary natural weapon, dealing 1d6+Strength modifier damage. You gain a +2 sacred bonus per wing to diplomacy checks made towards creatures within one step of your alignment, which is treated as a bonus to intimidate towards all other creatures. These wings also grant 50 foot fly speed, with an additional 5 feet added per wing, with perfect maneuverability. These effects stack with those granted by the “Ancestry Revealing Bodily Attunement” Mythos. You also gain Fly-By Attack (Monster Manual) as Bonus Feats.
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