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With regard to Faith-Shaking Pillar of Dread Coronation (cool name by the way), I am... intensely bothered by Mythos that grant spell-casting. That's the partially the point of Mythos: creating characters that are powerful enough to shake the world WITHOUT spell-casting. I'm not saying that's wrong, it's just something that I find weird that 3 of the options grant spell-casting while the last one doesn't. Why did you leave the last one out?
For each of the seperate variations of the Coronation, they were each tied to a specific Fiend. Originally, it was the Tenar'ri, the Baatezu, the Yugoloths, and the Demodands. Devils had Arch Devils, Demons had Demon Lords, and Daemons had the Four Horsemen (In Pathfinder, at least). The Demodands had nothing of the sort. So, looking through evil outsiders from other sources, I found the pathfinder Kyton, and there prayer like addiction to their scarring and maiming themselves, destroying their body to strengthen their body. Each of the first three seemed tied to a specific style of spellcasting, from intelligent BFC to insane Blaster Mage, but with the Kyton, they lent themselves more towards a physical side of things, a way to go about using the Mythos. If you had another way to go about a similar style of mythos, this is probably the mythos I am most open to tweaking.