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    Night, at the Inn

    Fix looks upon the chairs with concern, the way a human might look on a litter of bedraggled and hungry kittens. She looks to Harry, then back to the chairs, trying not to let her emotions show. Easier done than said, since her face isn't half as expressive as a human's. "I've heard what most spellcasters charge for their magic, and I can tell you plainly that it is a sham. Spells and infusions are a limited resource, to be sure, but it will cost me little to do this for you; why, then, should I expect a great reward? I will accept whatever you would pay a mundane craftsman and no more."

    She then sets to her work, inspecting each of the old chairs as if it were of consequence, giving them all careful attention. She mutters quietly to herself as she does, nudging fittings and frowning at signs of abuse. Her perusal over, she lays her hand on the first chair. Fix closes her eyes, feeling for a moment the place inside her where she draws her magic. It is a literal place, not a figurative one; a matrix in the center of her chest near where a human heart would be. Veins of energy flow from the matrix, supplying her with vitality. The power of her infusions was different from that life-energy, but it came from the same ultimate source: the ambient magic of Eberron, which usually went unharnessed. She felt the power flow from her heart to her arm, then her hand, and finally into the simple wooden chair. The infusion was one of order and patterns, the first once she had learned and her favorite to use. True to her name, the crushed supports under the chair snap back into place, restoring it to perfect health.

    The second chair she infuses is fixed imperfectly; it had been a long day, and she is unable to properly restore the rusted bolts and fittings. It would be easier to repair in the future, however, and she left it be. The third chair drinks her last infusion greedily, but she manages to return it to working order. After that she spends some time working with her hands on the fourth chair, and it is time well spent; it takes an hour or two, but she manages to return it to working order as well.

    She spends another couple hours on the final chair, but it is simply too damaged for to to repair without the proper tools. She turns instead to the six potions the group had recovered from the old house. She measures their acidity, viscosity, and texture carefully, recalling all the various magical liquids she has worked with in the past. Fix currently lacks the magical power to brew potions, and the lack of personal experience limits her ability to identify them. She is able to discern the identify of the blue potions with some confidence, but the red and white ones remain a mystery.

    Finally, she settles down with the spellbooks for a good night of reading. The markings beneath her eyes glow a soft, clear blue as she reads, and she makes slow but steady progress through both books, identifying a decent number of the spells contained within. She make a few mental notes, and when she has done all she can she takes out one of the mundane books, the one on necromancy. Fix has kept the fire at a reasonable size all night, and she reads quietly by its warming light as her companions sleep away the stresses of the day.

    Spoiler: OOC (and a lot of it)
    Gosh, I completely forgot about the scrollmaking reagents we found, and the potions we found. It was due to player error, but I'm happy to let the accident become a character thing. Fix is cold and tired and wants to help a nice human more than spend the night painstakingly crafting a magic item. It's her art, and she loves it, but no sentient being can work constantly without a little relaxation.

    She'll use her three infusions right as/before everyone goes to sleep, to avoid penalties the next day. As per the rolls in the OOC, she'll repair three chairs 8, 3, and 6 damage. She then makes a successful Craft check to repair another one, and indeed succeeds by a full 11 points. Go Fix. She doesn't have much luck with the last chair, but she has potions to look at.

    There are six potions; four blue, one red, one white. It's a DC 25 to identify a potion, with no retry allowed. Whichever potions she can't identify she'll give to the other Spellcraft-y people in the party to look at tomorrow.
    Blue 1: (1d20+12)[25]
    Blue 2: (1d20+12)[24]
    Blue 3: (1d20+12)[26]
    Blue 4: (1d20+12)[29]
    Red: (1d20+12)[18]
    White: (1d20+12)[13]

    She is also going to make an attempt at deciphering both spellbooks. Since I don't know how many spells each book contains, I'll request you roll her checks. Her modifier is a +12, or +14 if this counts as scrollwork. The DC is 20 + spell level, and it takes a full round action. This can be retried any number of times, but only once per day.

    I'm a sleepy angel. I'll do the daytime bit in another post.
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