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    "What depths will I sink to for revenge? Depths? I am at the bottom of the world, I cannot sink any farther..."

    Crag Giants are 25' tall with long, thick black hair and skin ranging from grey to brown.

    ∑ +28 Strength, +12 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -4 Intelligence (minimum 3).
    ∑ Size Class: Huge size. -2 penalty to Armor Class, -2 penalty on attack rolls, -8 penalty on Hide checks, +8 bonus on grapple checks, lifting and carrying limits quadruple those of Medium characters. Space is 15', Reach is 15'.
    ∑ Giant, giving them Low Light Vision
    ∑ Base land speed 40 ft.
    ∑ Rock Throwing (Ex): The range increment is 140 feet for a Crag Giantís thrown rocks.
    ∑ +12 Natural Armor Bonus.
    ∑ Racial Hit Dice: A Crag Giant begins with sixteen levels of Giant, which provide 16d8 Hit Dice, a base attack bonus of +12, and base saving throw bonuses of Fort +10, Ref +5, and Will +5. A Crag Giants Giant levels give it skill points equal to 19 ◊ (2 + Int modifier, minimum 1) and 6 Feats. Its class skills are Climb, Craft, Listen, Spot and Survival.
    ∑ Crag Giants have a Primary Slam attack doing 1d6 plus Strength Bonus. They get 2 Slam attacks with a Full Attack.
    ∑ Automatic Languages: Giant. Bonus Languages: Common, Elven.
    ∑ Level Adjustment: +6
    ∑ Favored Class: Barbarian or Cleric (usual Domains are Rolling Thunder or Sky Blitz, see here.

    Adulthood: 110
    Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer: +4d6
    Bard, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger: +6d6
    Cleric, Druid, Monk, Wizard: +10d6

    Middle Age: 175
    Old: 263
    Venerable: 350
    Maximum Age: +4d% years

    Base Height: Male: 20 ft Female: 18 ft.
    Height Modifier: +2d4 ft.
    Base Weight: Male: 6000 lbs. Female: 4500 lbs.
    Weight Modifier: x100 lbs.

    Given their prohibition from leaving their homes, it is unlikely the PC's will be playing a Crag Giant. But assuming they find a way, they make good beatsticks as usual.
    Adventuring Race: What few Crag Giants adventure do so almost exclusively to find a means of revenge against the Mind Lords.
    Character Development: The majority of Crag Giants are mere barbarians, but many have a very strong connection to the Plane of Elemental Air, and thus become potent Clerics.
    Character Names:

    No one understands. The other races least of all. One day you will find a way back, a way to make the Mind Lords pay. You would burn the world if necessary...
    Personality: Crag Giants tend to fall into one of several categories: madmen, raging berserks, or lonely figures crippled by despair. Their race is dying and they see no way to stop it or obtain revenge on those responsible.
    Behaviors: Many Crag Giants are overwhelmed by depression and anger over being forced from their homeland, and it has not gotten any better over the past millennia. They are better off left alone.
    Language: Crag Giants speak their own variant of Giant, and most speak an archaic version of Common as well. They have no written alphabet.

    The Crag Giants are a primitive, tribal society. Their reputation for savagery is sometimes undeserved, as they are not so bad as the Beastheads for example. Although they may fall to such a level if their downfall persists and a way is not found to reverse the decline of their species.
    Alignment : Crag Giants are universally Chaotic. While the bulk of them are also Good, Neutral and Evil are certainly far from unknown among them.
    Lands : Crag Giants are restricted to the Jungles of the Lonely Butte.
    Settlements : They would like to return to their homelands in the Thunder Mountains, if they could find a way around the Mind Lords.
    Beliefs : Crag Giant Clerics almost universally align themselves with the Elemental Plane of Air.
    Relations: Crag Giants can be violent, and unless approached properly, and carefully, it usually ends in death.

    ∑ A madman has been proselytizing about destroying the Mind Lords, and he seems to be gaining a following. You have been tasked with defusing things before he ends up being the death of your people.
    ∑ Rumor has reached the ears of your people of a way to seek revenge on the Mind Lords. Much has been invested in screening you from possible Divinations to go out and see if these rumors are true.
    ∑ Any of your people venturing down to the Sea do not return. You have been asked to find out why.

    Crag Giant Racial Substitution Levels

    Level 1: Replace the Druid's Animal Companion with a Small Air Elemental instead.

    Level 1: Instead of being able to spontaneously cast Cure or Inflict spells, you may now spontaneously cast spells with the Electricity descriptor.

    Level 1: Replace Rage with Thundering Rage
    Thundering Rage (Su): This is identical to normal Rage, except that the Barbarian does not get a Bonus to Strength and Constitution. Instead he gains Electricity Resistance equal to his Constitution Modifier, and his melee and thrown weapon attacks do an additional +1d6 Electricity damage. This stacks if the weapon also does bonus Electricity damage.
    Level 11: Replace Greater Rage with Greater Thundering Rage
    Greater Thundering Rage (Su): Electricity Resistance increases to (Con Modifier plus 5). Electrical damage of your attacks increases to +3d6.
    Level 20: Replace Mighty Rage with Mighty Thundering Rage
    Mighty Thundering Rage (Su): You are now immune to Electricity damage while Raging. Electrical damage of your attacks increases to +4d6 (with an additional +1d6 upon a successfully confirmed Critical).
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