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    cool Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Main Characters:
    (My no-longer-Nexus Characters.)
    1. Caesar Flynn (Maximillian Laurentius) - Turned in Ancient Rome, creator of a Daeva Bloodline
    2. Luna/Mirai (Farah) - Adventure-loving alcoholic ninja lady
    3. Nisha/Kasumi (Hadiza) - And her broken bird of a sister.
    4. Yvette Ambrose - Two-faced evil anarchist with big plans.
    5. Hei the chutun-touched dragon (formerly Dao Feng).
    6. Dr. Kat 'Jinkei' Hawkins - Arctic foxgirl and occasional elf, with a destiny to create a race.

    1. Ruth - Asher's mother. Healer, lightformer. Literal-minded.
    2. Asher - Cute winged nephilim boy, earthformer.
    3. Holly Dawson
    4. Zhyv Drutagati
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