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Thread: Leadership- when, where, and how?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Almarck View Post
    A few days ago, I forgot where, but it was on this forum, one thing I noticed was that brought up was in a sense a lack of "downtime things" for noncasters.

    Casters had lots of personal power and magic to do things like conjure elementals or make magical defenses for their bases for instance.

    Meanwhile, what do non-casters do? What do you swordsmen do, aside from making sure their muscles are in tip top shape, while waiting for their wizard buddies to complete their new staff?

    One of the goals I think we should do in a total revision of leadership is to actually give non-casters the option to, if not get more personal power, get major political and military power.
    Yeah, this is a really good point IMO, but how do you keep casters from breaking it if they decide to go that route? One of the simplest things would seem to be to tie your Leadership score into BAB instead of character level, but that might feel clunky and be hard to balance.

    Another way would be to limit the classes that have access to it through prerequisites. Either from roleplaying (which basically equates to getting DM approval) or with something mechanical like "BAB 10 or better".

    Speaking of prerequisites, in the original feat "Has a stronghold, base of operations, guildhouse, or the like" would improve your leadership score, but I feel like that should be a requirement instead. That puts the focus more squarely on "I've got a base, now I need someone to staff it when I'm not here" instead of "I've got an army, what do I do with them?"

    Quote Originally Posted by Almarck View Post
    Tell me, Deep Blue, what should be leadership's tangible effects in your idea?
    As I said, I really like your goal for it's ultimate aim of affecting the world around you on a more slow and long-term basis than you do as an adventurer; ultimately it's more about roleplaying than combat mechanics. If leadership was intended to be used a lot in your daily adventuring life then it should be something else altogether, more like the Marshal class-features we where discussing in Seerow's thread.

    I mentioned in that other thread how I feel that the Cohort and lowbie minions should be split up into two (or more) separate feats. I've got to run a quick errand, but I'll expound more on that point when I get back.
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