Considering major system revisions tend to be convoluted and headache inducing, it's not hard to see why.

I mean, I've tried to make technology using classes that have powers on par with casters, yet without having to use "spells" that sort of thing is actually quite hard and it becomes much more understandable why people never try to invent new sub systems all by themselves.

One major flaw about the crafting system as is is the need to make magical items better in every way... including the speed in which creating the base item in the first place works.

I mean, seriously. PF didn't even try to solve it and we're stuck doing algebra and multiplication to figure out how many silver peices an item is worth to create using thirds and then having to beat the DC... just to have "progress" on a weekly basis. It's a wonder that blacksmiths even have shops stocked full of equipment. I don't even think tempering swords or armor takes as long as D&D makes it out to be.

Anyways, the main advantage lower level characters have over high level ones is numbers. What they can't do in quality, they can do in quantity. Or barring that, in scale.

Maybe as part of the revision, we should distill the measure of how much people can work as "manpower"?