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Thread: Leadership- when, where, and how?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Almarck View Post
    No, no, I mean, tried to make a class that has a distinct subsystem from magic. I kinda failed, mostly because I made it well, too overly complicated, yet too overly focused. I mean, I wrote up like 20 different ways to flash forge grenades and guns of various sources....
    Yeah, I know, I think I saw it (but didn't read the entire thing, sorry). But we've already got Vancian casting, psionics, Incarnum, ToB, *deep breath* Warlocks, Binders, Truenamers, Shadow Magic, and probabaly a few more I've forgotten. How many different ways does one system really need to accomplish the same thing?

    When/if I wanted to make a technology-based class it would probably be mostly refluffing of an existing system for flavor. Especially since simply fixing/adapting several of the existing systems which don't work well are major projects all on their own.

    To be fair, I think this problem stems from the result of having to make items scale. Allowing PCs to buy items instead of RP everything is because most items, specifically, essential ones for the level, but easily obsoleted items.
    I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say here. I already mentioned I don't like magic-mart style item acquisition. With better classes and decent planning, I'd think it would be less necessary to have a Christmas-tree item list and replacing everything every other level anyway just to stay relevant.

    It's still very disproportionate that the mundane crafting system is so cumbersome and requires multiple steps even for preexisting items even requiring multiple checks on occassion, while casters can just go look up an item and just have the crafting cost and requirements handed out to them as as single check.
    Yeah, the biggest part of my idea for a new system would be assigning a crafting-value/labor-cost to each and every item.
    You could work out a simple formula to determine it from gold-value as a bandaid fix, but that relies on gold-values being fairly determined, which isn't always the case.

    Maybe we should make leadership have this as an extention of this. I mean, sure, maybe nonmagical people can't individually craft a holy sword each, but what if they gathered all of their belief together to make a single one?
    I actually really like that idea; designate one of your medium-level followers to be head craftsmen and have them coordinate the efforts of your hordes of lowbie-recruits. You might have to be satisfied with some basic guidelines and examples and let DMs work out more of it on a case-by-case basis, but it's totally the sort of thing I would allow.
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