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Thread: Leadership- when, where, and how?

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    Yeah, I know, I think I saw it (but didn't read the entire thing, sorry). But we've already got Vancian casting, psionics, Incarnum, ToB, *deep breath* Warlocks, Binders, Truenamers, Shadow Magic, and probabaly a few more I've forgotten. How many different ways does one system really need to accomplish the same thing?

    When/if I wanted to make a technology-based class it would probably be mostly refluffing of an existing system for flavor. Especially since simply fixing/adapting several of the existing systems which don't work well are major projects all on their own.
    Which went against the project goal, which was to be a technology system that was not a refluffing of something that already existed. It's mostly that I just felt that it was kinda silly that every every sort of system I have seen was basically either a reskined wizard, magus (pathfinder), or initiator, and I've only really seen it attempted once outside of that.

    I actually really like that idea; designate one of your medium-level followers to be head craftsmen and have them coordinate the efforts of your hordes of lowbie-recruits. You might have to be satisfied with some basic guidelines and examples and let DMs work out more of it on a case-by-case basis, but it's totally the sort of thing I would allow.
    So, I had this idea.

    Combining instead of defining a class and level for a crafter, we could define their rough capabilities of what they are able to create, put into simple numbers say +3 to crafting. They'd obviously have a character sheet and statistics... but their real power comes from "behind the scenes" using a different playbook, if you will.

    Conversely, if we want someone killed or an other errand done, we can define roughly their purpose and how good they are.

    I call these "contacts" a list of individuals (or organizations) with their rought capabilities at your beck and call. Either you bought them, or as part of "leadership" are loyal to you.

    And for up to a number equal you (a part of me wants to say BAB, but I realize that's not smart) you can put as many contacts that you have together to work things out for you on a single task or multiple tasks. of a defined type.

    Think of them like.... worker units in mot strategy games, but with some complexity and not all workers are equally efficient at the same task.

    If we want to reduce complexity, maybe we can say that a character maybe can take up to 10 followers which are less hard population units and more like "groups of people" able to work on something.

    So a given character might take 3 Miners, 3 Smiths, 4 Engineers and have them use their talents to construct a siege golem (Labor teams of each, that is)

    Or maybe 3 Priests, 6 Warriors, and 1 team of researchers to help combat a plague of undeath.

    In short, roughly defining what your followers are actually capable of doing in order to use those numbers in a meaningful way. We do not need to define the abilities of a medium level follower, though said follower might be a "contact" in of himself.
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