I have a small list from my campaign. Some of them may be inspired by ToB.

Master's Hammer
When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

This +1 Light Hammer looks like a beautiful, dwarven made, smith's hammer.
The Master's Hammer counts as a Masterwork tool for all metalworking. When used as a weapon it deals damage as one size category larger (1d6 for medium creatures). The Master's Hammer heats up each round it is used, and deals fire damage accordingly. The hammer may be "preheated" by striking an anvil, shield, ally or similar.

Price: 5500 gp.

Round Fire damage
1 1
2 1d2
3 1d4
4+ 1d6

The Thorned Glaive
This +1 Glaive feels slightly alive and subtly writhing to the touch.

When gripped, thorns suddenly protrude from the wielders hands. These thorns can be used to attack adjacent creatures, functioning as +1 spiked gauntlets of the wielders size.
By taking 1 Wisdom damage the glaive deals 1d6 extra damage for two rounds.
Druids are always considered to be proficient with this weapon.

The glaive is fitted with a wand chamber containing:______________________.

Price: 6000

Belt of punishing
This broad metal belt boosts your courage and power, allowing you to chop enemies down without fear of their counterattacks.
Wearing this belt subtracts 4 from your Armor Bonus, to a minimum of 0. Additionally you deal an extra 1d6 points of damage with all melee attacks.

Price: ?? (unique reward)

Bodyguards shield
This +1 heavy steel shield is battered and burned.
Once per encounter, as an immediate action, you can make yourself the target of any attack originally directed against a creature within 10 ft. As part of this action you move adjacent to the original target. You must declare this action before the attack is resolved.
Price 4,000 gp.