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    I had one party that very loved their Bag of Infinite Muffins, which is exactly what it says on the tin. It always contains exactly one fresh muffin, no matter how many muffins you pull out. The muffins come in every normal flavor, but have a bias towards banana nut.

    Other fun items, pulled at semi-random from my Big List:
    • splendiferous garments of many-colored silk, visible only to people with sufficiently high INT or WIS scores.
    • wand of identify, cursed to turn any item it's used on permanently hot pink
    • garments that always fit, no matter who wears them, but which have no other magical properties
    • Decanter of Endless Slaughter -- as Decanter of Endless Water, but blood instead of water
    • garments that automatically mend themselves but have no other magical properties
    • magical weapons or armor with extra augment crystal slots beyond the usual "one augment crystal per item" limit
    • wonderfully attractive many-colored garments that turn invisible out of shame if worn by anyone with insufficient CHA score
    • Horn of Chickens -- a large spiral goat's horn: if you blow into the horn (as a standard action) a chicken appears
    • scroll of Planar Ally, keyed to a specific deity -- user must UMD it to cast it to a different deity
    • Amulet of Anti-Gravity -- As soon as you put it on it (and only it) immediately falls upward off your neck
    • Pimp Hat of Disguise -- ostentatiously floppy purple hat which acts as a Hat of Disguise except it doesn't affect itself
    • Approximately bed-sized altar to the goddess of fertility and celebration. If carnal acts are willingly performed on the altar, everyone involved gains a permanent +1 morale bonus to all charisma-based checks. If at least 10gp worth of fine alcoholic beverages are poured on the altar, it immediately sprouts a heroes' feast.
    • A loose stone (search DC23), when pushed, reveals a small obsidian altar to the god of secrets. Sealed to the altar is a book of thousands of secrets, most of which are useless to the reader. However, at the end of the secrets are blank lines. If a characer writes a secret (known only to them and up to 100 other people) into the book, the secret is permanently removed from their mind and replaced with a useful secret (treat as a Commune spell). A character can use the book as many times as they wish, losing a secret and gaining a new one each time.
    • Circle on a pedestal -- Putting any object on the pedestal renders an individual permanently unable to eat food but able to eat objects of that kind as if it were food. If there is already food on the pedestal, taking it makes an individual permanently not require food or drink. Works once per person.
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