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    Does your patron HAVE to be entirely insensate if you kill them? I love then idea of turning Orcus into a little devil on your shoulder, if only for roleplay purposes.

    On a more mechanical note, I'm guessing taking out a loan becomes impossible upon your patron's demise? Also, is there a cap to how much Soulgild you can spend at a time? For that matter, is there a limit to how much you can just hold on to? Since it's nebulous demonic power, is there anything else you can do with it, like trading it to other servants of your patron? Is it held in... like... an ephemeral coin purse? If a character were so inclined, could they conjure a Soulgild coin and go all "coin-flipping gangster"?

    One last thing... probably: Why did you choose Yami? He seems an odd choice. Or is there a story arc that I missed out on?
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