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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    Group talk- dynamics, drama vs. action, roleplay and more

    The 15th session started with a talk in the group, concerning roleplaying conversations, actions, characters agendas and game expectations. There was nothing here that dealt straight with the adventure, and a lot of party background (other campaigns) were brought here. I'm including this here, since this partly affected the mood of the game, and since there are some good points made here. Also, if you have read other logs of mine, this can also hold some perspective.

    Buuuuuuuttttt.... I understand if you're not interested, so it's all in a spoiler, so feel free to skip ahead to the next postif you want to get to the actual gaming.

    Spoiler: Action Vs. Drama group discussion
    • I started this by noting that Andera's and Mad dog's player are more focused on moving the plot and getting to the action, while Julian and Sena's players were more interested in conversations and drama.
    • Julian's player mentioned the "It began with a crash!" campaign (Which he DMed) and said how much fun the roleplay there was, mostly inside of the group, and wondered why it's not the same here. Apparently he read the log again preparing for this talk, and he thinks a big deal of it came with the campaign's inherent conflict with magic users being banned, and us (At least myself who played Lynn and Andera's player who played Glimji) built our characters in light of that, and spurned interparty conflict from the get go. Here, in the "Wrath of the Righteous", the party was very cohesive and united from the start, with no inner conflict to begin with...
    • Andera's player rebutted that he doesn't always like the conflicts, as they sometime get out of hand, or unpleasant. He then moved to that he'd rather we follow things tied to the main plot, as this is a written module, with not that much room to improvise outside. He quite disliked things done "just for flavor" who don't advance the plot, and don't involve the other players (Liלק Sena's little speech with Sarenrae and the binding of spirits)- to him, it means that he just sits and wשtches someone plays his own little drama, while he came here to play. Mad dog's Player interjected and said that while he doesn't participate much, he likes listening to cool stuff others do. It's harder for him to roleplay spontaneously, but he likes watching others do so.
    • Julian's player thought it was cool for some people to "take a moment" every no and then. He mentioned gain the campaign he DMed, When Lynn met alone to meet her brother, which most in the party liked. But Andera's player's beef was with it happening too much, for too long periods ("5-10 minutes is ok, but 15-30 minutes on one speech?" (He was talking about some of the stuff Sena's player did at times)
    • Sena's player t this countered. "I keep trying doing stuff with Andera, so does the DM, but you don't follow any hook!" He mentioned how in nearly all past campaigns (Including some who don't have logs) their interactions livlied the group, and how much he loved that. But Andera's player mentioned again that he found some of these interactions hard to deal with, and not always his cup of tea. Julian's player interceded here, mentioning contrary to past campaigns, the character of Sentef feels very HEAVY in theme. You cannot really have lighthearted interactions with it. Everything is big, major, influential. He mentioned that when Sena tried to cause some conflict with Andrew "becoming a tyrant" that he didn't know how to deal with it, and were it not a PC played by a friend, they might have come to blows.
    • This has spurned a whole discussion about limits. Sena's player has "pushed" some of us in his game, as he believed that good conflict can spurn great roleply, but at some times this has led to moments of impossible dilemma for the player on the other side. When he killed an innocent while with Lynn, or Ipiks constantly pushing on Danves.or when he pushed Andrew, Or when in pirate campaign (Not logged), his familiar killed captives in secret while they were trying to figure out what to do with them and so... Sena countered that this WERE possible dilemmas, which could have created great moments. He said he shoots everywhere, and see what develops, but he feels he is making most of the initiative.
    • I stated that we're not all that good player as he is... Andera's player said he didn't like the conflicts all that much, Some of it was good, some annoying. The rest of us seemed to like them, up to a certain limit, when they possibly made us make decisions we didn't want to try in the game. I suggested more open communication about the limits people have, and what avenues they'd like to explore.
    • Julian' player raised as an example the secret police organization he wants to build in Drezen, which on emails Andera's player fervently objected to. They try to deal with it, but come to an impasse. I suggest the "Yes, and..." mindset of improvisational acting and gaming. They seem to consider it.
    • Having made enough points to work with, we decided to go on with the game

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