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    Default Re: Use More Homebrew! - McDT2's Miscellaneous "Masterpieces"

    These feats were designed to be used with Frozen_Feet's Synergy feats system, as well as my Interesting Weapons project. Both are very complex and fiddly pieces of homebrew, and not recommended for more casual games.

    Spoiler: Shield feats

    Shield Focus [General] [Fighter] [Tenacity]
    Prerequisite: Shield Proficiency.
    Benefit: Choose 1 type of shield. When using that type of shield, you gain the ability to use its basic weapon trick, as though you had Weapon Focus with it. Furthermore, you may add that shield’s AC bonus to your touch AC. If you have five [Tenacity] feats, you may add it to your flat footed AC as well, though you still lose it when flanked.
    For each 5 [fighter] feats, you may take Shield Focus with another type of shield.
    When wielding a shield and fighting defensively (or using Combat Expertise), you may forgo all shield bash attempts you might have made. If you do, you may attempt to parry an enemy attack, making an opposed attack roll plus your shield’s AC bonus; the attack is negated if your roll is higher than the result of their original attack roll. This may be attempted 1/round plus once per three [Tenacity] feats you possess.
    Special: If you have Weapon Focus in the chosen shield(s), you may act as though you had the Weapon Specialization for the purpose of using the advanced trick(s).

    Shield Specialization [General] [Fighter] [Tenacity]
    Prerequisite: Shield Focus
    Benefit: You gain the ability to use the advanced Weapon Trick for the shields you have Shield Focus with, as though you had Weapon Specialization. Furthermore, you may perform a shield bash after succesfully parrying with a shield. If you have 5 [fighter] feats, this shield bash does double damage.
    If you have 4 [tenacity] feats, your shield gains a number of extra hit points equal to your Con Mod x your number of [Tenacity] feats. At 8 [Tenacity] feats, your shield's hardness is doubled. These effects only apply while you wield the shield; they have no effect when wiedled by others unless they also possess this feat.

    Shield Charge [General] [Fighter] [Brawn]
    Prerequisites: Shield Focus, Improved Shield Bash, Improved Bull Rush.
    Benefit: If you perform a shield bash at the end of a charge and hit, you can make a bull rush attempt. If it is successful, the creature is knocked prone in addition to being moved. If the movement would cause them to hit a wall or other obstacle, they take 1d6 damage for each 5 feet more they would have moved.
    If you have 5 [brawn] feats, any shield bashes at the end of a charge do double damage. For each 10 [fighter] feats, you do another +1d6 damage per 5 feet of extra movement when they are bullrushed into a wall.

    Spoiler: yay nested spoilers
    A game using the Feat Synergy system but not my Interesting Weapons could conceivably use these feats. Shield focus would lose the ability gained at 5 [Tenacity], and you would simply ignore all references to Weapon Tricks.

    Spoiler: Combat Style Feats
    These are feats which represent special weapon techniques, often augmenting the Weapon Tricks, or with abilities too powerful for a Weapon Trick. Some represent a technique for fighting with a singular weapon, some with a pair of the same weapon, and some with certain pairings of distinct weapons. Likewise, some require very specific weapons (ex. katana), some more generic (ex. any sword).

    Some feats listed here aren't tied to any kind of weapon at all, and instead focus on usage of magic in a way that is beyond [Metamagic] feats.

    Iaijutsu Focus [Fighter] [Guile] [Finesse]
    Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (Katana), Improved Initiative
    Benefit: When using the basic weapon trick of the katana (i.e. draw sword as free action, next attack gains +1d6 damage), you may make a special roll called a Focus roll. This roll is a d20+your fighter level (samurai levels count as full fighter levels for this roll)+your Wisdom Modifier+your number of [Guile] feats. If the result is a 10 or higher, you deal +1d6 damage (in addition to the 1d6 from the basic trick, plus all normal damage). For each 5 points by which your result exceeds 10, you deal an extra +1d6 damage (so 15-19 gets +2d6, 20-24 gets +3d6, etc.).

    This feat counts as Weapon Specialization for the purposes of unlocking the katana's Advanced Trick. Furthermore, 1/encounter when using the advanced trick, you can instead cause the triggering attack to automatically miss, regardless of the damage you deal, as long as your attack hit. You may use this ability once more time per encounter for each five [Finesse] feats you possess.

    Lastly, you gain a +1 to all Perception and Sense Motive rolls for every 2 [Fighter] feats you possess.

    Barrage of Missiles [Fighter] [Finesse]
    Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (any ranged or thrown weapon), Rapid Shot, Manyshot
    Benefits: As a full attack action, you may shoot a large number of arrows (or throw weapons), dealing damage to each creature with a 5 foot radius burst, chosen within the maximum range of your weapon. All affected creatures must make a Reflex Save (DC=10+1/2 your level+your Dex Mod+your [finesse]; range penalties also apply to this DC), or take damage equal to 1 projectile, plus your number of [Finesse] feats; successful saves result in half damage. You may add 1 extra projectile's damage for each five [Fighter] feats you possess.

    For each four [Fighter] feats, you may increase the radius of the burst by 5 feet. If you are ever caught in the burst, you take no damage, but allies still do.

    Special: Using this feat consume an amount of ammunition equal to the number of affected squares. Furthermore, only weapons you can reload as a free action may be used in this manner; as such the allowed weapons include, but is not limited to: bows, thrown weapons (with Quick Draw), hand/light crossbows (with Rapid Reload), repeating crossbows, or slings (with the basic trick).

    If firearm rules are used, any guns can be used, as long as it meets the above criteria. In addition, using this feat requires a d20 to be rolled for misfire chance, which is increased by 4 for this roll.

    Phalanx Fighting [Fighter]
    Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (any polearm), Shield Focus (any except buckler)
    Benefit: You may use any two-handed polearm one handed as long as you hold a shield other than a buckler in the other hand. You're still considered to be wielding it two-handed for the purposes of damage rolls, Power Attack, and similar. Whenever you take the full defense action with a polearm in one hand and a shield in the other, you can still make attacks of opportunity, and you're automatically considered to be readied and set against charges, if your weapon is capable of being used as such.

    You and any number of characters with this feat may lock shields together into a shield wall. The wall must form a straight line, unbroken by empty spaces. Each character gains a +1 bonus to their Shield bonus, to a maximum of their number of [Fighter] feats. If a member of the wall is killed, the wall splits into two unless another character with this feat (who was not part of this wall, but may have been part of another) moves forward to take the space as a free action, as though they had readied an action.
    Note For the purposes of this feat, polearms include: shortspears, longspears, quarterstaves, glaives, halberds, and ranseurs.

    Crack The Earth [Fighter] [Brawn]
    Prerequisites Weapon Focus (Any bludgeoning weapon), Weapon Specialization, Power Attack
    Benefit You may, as a standard action, smash your weapon into the ground in front of you. This creates a tremor that is a 15 foot cone. Any creatures in the area take damage equal to your Strength modifier and must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 your BAB + your Strength + the number of [Brawn] feats you possess) or be knocked prone. Furthermore, that area becomes difficult terrain permanently (or until repaired by magical or mundane means).

    The area of effect increases by 5 feet for every 4 [Fighter] feats you possess.

    Magical Duelist [Supernatural]
    Prerequisites Combat Casting, Improved Counterspell, Spell Penetration
    Benefits You excel in fighting fellow mages in one-on-one encounters. As a swift action, you may choose to focus yourself on fighting a single enemy. This focus last until the end of the encounter, until they are killed, or you choose to end this focus as a free action. While focused on an enemy, you may counter any spell they cast as an immediate action. You get a +5 bonus to CL checks to overcome their SR, and a +5 bonus to Concentration checks forced by that opponent.

    Your extreme focus leaves you open to others, however. You cannot cast defensively, and you are considered flat-footed against any other opponent. Further, you take a -2 penalty on saves against spells cast by someone other than the target of your focus.

    Alternatively, 1/encounter per 5 [Supernatural] feats, you may, as an immediate action, sacrifice a spell slot as though counter-spelling and attempt to clash magically with another who is attempting to cast a spell. This clash often manifests as beams of energy between you and them, although it may appear as walls of light, crackling aether storms, or some other effect. You and the opposing caster must make opposed caster level checks; if either side beats the other by 5 or more, the loser takes the original effect plus 1d6 damage per level of the caster who used this feat. This damage is pure energy, and not affected by resistances or DR (it is however, subject to SR; use same roll as spell if applicable). Bonuses to overcome spell resistance apply to this caster level check.

    If neither caster beats the others' check by 5 or more, then the clash continues on the next round and both casters lose their actions until the clash is resolved. They may surrender the clash as a free action, taking the effect as though they had lost the clash. A caster with this feat may specifically attempt to hold back the spell instead of reflecting it at the attacker; in this case they get a +5 to the CL check but the clash only ends if the original caster wins or surrenders (in the latter case, they suffer no damage or other effect from the spell).

    Disrupt Ki [Guile] [Tactical]
    Prerequisites Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist
    Benefits Your mastery of pressure points gives you access to the following tactics:
    • Suppress Supernatural- By expending a use of Stunning Fist, you can cut off a foe's ability to use (Sp), (Su), and spellcasting abilities. This ability works on an unarmed strike, and has the same DC as Stunning Fist. If they fail, they cannot use SLAs, supernatural abilities, or cast spells for a number of rounds equal to one-half your [Guile] feats. If they succeed, they instead recieve a penalty to caster level and any relevant checks equal to your character level, and a penalty to save DC's equal to 1/4 your [guile] feats.
    • Disable Limb- By expending a use of Stunning Fist, you can attempt to cut off an opponent's use of one of their limbs. This ability works on an unarmed strike, and has the same DC as Stunning Fist. If they fail the save, they lose the use of one limb of your choice. The loss of an arm (or equivalent striking limb) gives a -4 penalty to attack rolls, and makes them unable to use that arm, making them unable to wield weapons two-handed, use any weapon in that hand, or use any shield on that arm. Loss of both arms inflicts -8 to attack and prevents use of any weapons (although unarmed strikes are still possible via legs or head). Loss of a leg inflicts -4 to AC and halves movement. Loss of both legs renders them prone and flat-footed. All these effects last for a number of rounds equal to one-half your [Guile] feats.
    • Healing Touch- By expending a use of Stunning Fist, you can heal others of pain and many conditions. This tactic takes 10 minutes to use, and removes 1d6 nonlethal damage per level. It also grants them a new save against any poison, disease, or other condition afflicting them, at a bonus equal to your number of [Guile] feats. It also automatically removes certain conditions: fatigue, exhaustion, paralysis, blindness, and deafness.

    Retiarius Style [Fighter] [Finesse]
    Prerequisites Weapon Focus (Any polearm, net), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Net), Two-Weapon Fighting
    Benefit You specialize in fighting with a net in one hand and a polearm in the other (generally a short spear or trident). You can use a net as a one handed weapon, which counts as a light weapon for the purposes of two weapon fighting. When fighting with a net in one hand and a polearm in the other, after entangling an opponent with your net you may take a 5 foot step towards that enemy and make a full attack with your polearm. If you had successfully knocked them prone with the net's basic trick, the first attack you make against that turn automatically threatens a critical hit (in addition to the +4 to hit a prone opponent).

    Your net gets a +1 to the escape/burst DCs and to the Concentration checks needed to cast while entangle for each 3 [Fighter] feats you possess.

    You gain a +1 Dodge bonus to AC for each 4 [Finesse] feats you possess.

    Spoiler: Thoughts

    Iaiutsu Focus, obviously, is an attempt to replace the skill of the same name. It is Wisdom based because the Samurai fix I use also is, and it grants Perception/Sense Motive bonuses because it aids in dueling. If using 3.5, replace Perception with Spot.

    Barrage of Missiles was an attempt at giving archers some earlier access to the ability to rip apart hordes of weak monsters (later levels allowing for Rapid Shot/Manyshot as well as splitting arrows for that purpose.) Haven't had much chance to playtest that one, but is seems fine. The inclusion of firearms in this feat is more so others don't need to adjudicate that circumstance, as I don't use them myself.

    Phalanx Fighting may be a little bit strong, but I felt it was a fighting style which needed the support.

    I didn't put much thought/effort into Crack the Earth, honestly, but I thought it was a cool idea.

    Magical Duelist was an attempt to make counterspelling (and in general, Mage vs Mage duels) a much more enticing prospect, without stepping on the toes of countermagic/antimage classes which so often gain the ability to make Immediate action counterspells. This feat comes with both penalties and bonuses, and enough other abilities to still be desirable by such countermage classes.

    Disrupt Ki is a blatant attempt at making chi-blockers from A:tlA and LoK. Besides that, however, it grants monks some much needed power against casters and fighter-types alike, and lets them cure many conditions even before the cleric can.

    Retiarius Style exists basically for the sole purpose of gladiator fights, mimicking the classic roman Retiarius fighters. Nothing specifically bars you from using two-handed polearms with it, by the way, if you somehow find a way to wield one in one hand (or grow a third arm, either way).

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