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    AAIESI, Queen of Eurus Underground and Ell, Will of the Swarm

    Alias: None
    Gender: N/A
    Species: Ascended Swarm Hive Broodmother
    Age: ???
    Alignment: Green, Lawful Evil
    Profession: Mad Scientist
    Power Rating: Superhuman.
    Description: Her upper body is almost human. Except for the carapace, which covers a lot. And the way her abdomen opens vertically into a maw with long prehensile teeth that lace around her chest when closed. And when you get to the head, with its twitching tusks, narrow sunken face, eyes faintly growing green, top of the head stretching back like a lobster or a trilobite, with tendrils constantly in drifting motion hanging down from every slinking segment. Looking the other way, that trim waist sweeps out to a cluster of segmented legs with purple webbing stretched between them and a bulbous insectoid abdomen dominated by the tubing that becomes her tail and ends in those three pincers. Her fingers are long and have too many joints. From the back of the shoulders add on two lashing winglike claws that arch over her back. Cover the whole body in chitinous plating and little cuttlefish tentacles. Don't look too closely at the extra arms (or are those chilicera?) below the mouth
    Personality: Playful and smug. The triumph of their Perfection is inevitable. Still, it's interesting to see how other things think. Aaiesi is young and often cliched.
    Equipment: While Aaiesi is fond of quoting great old queens: "Tools stay the same. We improve.", since assimilating the first Weaver, she is often found wearing a crisp white apron.
    Sleepless: Grows fatigued, but does not need any set period of rest
    Ageless: Lives forever, unless killed.
    Regeneration: Heals from any injury in time, often incredibly quickly.
    Hive-mind: Vulnerable to various tailored psychic attacks that would not affect close-minded beings. Use your imagination.
    Intelligence: Fully sapient, with a personality and everything!
    Hive-bound: Slow and clumsy outside a field of creep or muk.

    Demonic Hardiness: immune to the deleterious effects of vacuum, starvation, most poisons and diseases.
    Gating: Can travel through Cuthun to reach other places.
    Antithesis: Burnt by silver, mithril, dragon-bone. These inhibit her regeneration.
    Infectious: Exposure to muk can transform beings into Cuthunians, taking anywhere from seconds to weeks

    Mastermind: Provides a high level of control.
    Mobile hatchery: Contains the generalized patterns to create larvae herself.

    Reconstruction: Application of a psi-charged red fluid heals and restores living things.
    Various bio-manipulating abilities used to manage a hive, spreading creep and speeding the growth of larvae.
    Backstory: She was pretty young when the demons arrived. Not long out of her egg, still wriggling around the hatchery. Better than the other larvae. Bigger, smarter, bitier. They were going to grow up into workers, and she was going to grow up into a queen. That happened, all according to the will of the...who was in charge back then? That was a better time, when she could always feel the comforting eye of their leader on them. And then, well, the demons happened.
    For a long time, they were alone, which is one of the worst things for them. They came back together in fragments. Parts of the hive were following a human, parts were led by a worm out of the void, parts had nobody to listen to so they just took the smartest one of them and set a crown on his head. She was going to do better than that.

    Psicast to the stars for help, instructions, but no one answered. If there was anyone out there, they weren't listening. So she's just going to have to carry out the great work herself.
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