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    Class: Warrior



    I consider fixing the Fighter - in a manner that will be effective and attractive throughout 20 levels - to be the hardest 3.5 homebrew task.
    In my view, a viable Fighter fix needs to uphold all of the following criteria:
    - Build Versatility: the ability to be any kind of martial archetype.
    - Perpetual Viability: the ability to be effective with any kind of combat style he chooses to adopt.
    - Alternative strategies: the ability to be effective with several combat styles.
    - Efficiency: Not waste feats on the obvious.
    - Survivability: being less susceptible to a wide array of influences.
    - On-The-Fly Versatility: the ability to pick the right tools of warfare according to the need of the moment.
    - Combat Tactics I: The ability to analyze and control the battlefield better than other characters that are not as martially inclined.
    - Combat Tactics II: Combat decisions other than “I attack it”.
    - Recovery: the ability to reduce conditions or even thwart them when strategically feasible.
    - Battlefield Mobility: the ability to move about the battlefield better than most others.
    - Action Economy: the ability to take more combat actions than most others.
    - Grit: the ability to suffer less from conditions than other, without resorting to immunities.
    - Battlefield Clarity: the ability to recognize falsehood and focus on the real target.
    - WBL Independence: the ability to be viable on your own, because magical gear helps everybody.
    - Minding His Own Business: not stepping on the toes of others.
    - Being suitable for 3.5 newbies and veterans alike.

    As far as I've encountered, this is the only Fighter fix that upholds all of the above.

    Hit Die: d10

    Table: Warrior
    Saves Special
    Level BAB F R W Class Abilities Combat Edge Weapons Expertise
    Warcraft, Basic Training, Combat Aptitude
    3 Weapons
    Bonus Feat, Physical Prowess (1 , +1)
    Warcraft, Combat Focus (Maintain / Expend)
    Bonus Feat, Combat Adaptation (1)
    Warcraft, Ever Vigilant (Maintain)
    4 Weapons
    Bonus Feat, Physical Prowess (2 , +2)
    Warcraft, Second Wind (Expend)
    Bonus Feat, Combat Adaptation (2)
    Warcraft, Tide of Battle (Expend)
    5 Weapons
    Bonus Feat, Physical Prowess (3 , +3)
    Warcraft, Veteran's Grit (Maintain)
    Bonus Feat, Combat Adaptation (3)
    Warcraft, Action without Thought (Maintain / Expend)
    6 Weapons
    Bonus Feat, Physical Prowess (4 , +4)
    Warcraft, Battleshaper (Expend)
    Bonus Feat, Combat Adaptation (4)
    Warcraft, Find the Mark (Expend)
    7 Weapons
    Bonus Feat, Physical Prowess (5 , +5)
    Warcraft, Combat Supremacy (Maintain)
    Bonus Feat, Combat Adaptation (5)

    Class Features

    Class skills: Balance, Climb, Craft, Diplomacy, Handle Animals, Heal, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (dungeoneering / geography / history / local / nobility and royalty), Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Ride, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival and Swim.
    Skill points per level: 4 + Int-mod

    Weapon and armor proficiency: Warriors are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields). Also, for each 3 Warrior levels, a warrior gains a bonus proficiency with an exotic weapon of his choice.

    Alternative Equipment Packages:
    - Tank: A warrior may trade one Weapon Expertise (see below) for gaining heavy armor and tower shield proficiency, and Toughness as bonus feat.
    - Unfettered: A warrior may trade medium armor, shield and buckler proficiency for any single combat feat he could normally take at 1st level, plus having Escape Artist, Sleight of Hand, Tumble and Use Rope as class skills.

    Warcraft (Ex)

    Throughout his career, a warrior's training grants him access to many combat advantages that other characters cannot grasp.
    At every odd level, the warrior chooses one warcraft to which he qualifies (see the table below).
    These abilities are taken from the more martially inclined official classes as shown in the table below.
    In addition to the core abilities, there are many new warcrafts that have no parallel official class feature.

    Source Class Associated Feature
    Minimum Level + Other Requirements
    Notes & Extras
    Rage 1 See below
    Uncanny Dodge 3
    Imp. Uncanny Dodge 5
    Tireless Rage 7, Rage
    Steely Resolve (+ Furious Counterstrike) 1 Matches the Crusader's according to class level
    Zealous Surge 3 Works once between rests (because it's not beneficial enough to warrant rest)
    Mettle 5
    Bulwark of defense 3
    Shield Ally 7
    Improved Shield Ally 11, Shield Ally
    Evasion 9
    Acrobatic Charge 7
    Other Warcrafts
    Engage 1 See below
    Pack Mule 1 See below
    Combat Threat 3 See below
    Dazzling Intimidation 3 See below
    Evaluate Combat Gear 3, Craft (Weaponsmithing, Armorsmithing, Bowmaking) 4 ranks each See below
    Gut Feeling 3, Sense Motive 6 See below
    Discern Battle 5, Track See below
    Maneuvers Expertise 5 See below
    Fearless Rage 5, Rage The warrior is immune to fear while raging
    Assess the Enemy 7 See below
    Ironhide Rage 7, Rage During rage, you gain DR 2/-. This value increases by +2 for each 3 levels past 7th
    Lunging Strike 7 See below
    Skillful Attack 7 See below
    Combat Threat Excellence 11, Combat Threat See below
    Gut Confidence 11, Sense Motive 9 See below
    Maneuvers Mastery 11, Maneuvers Expertise See below
    Resilient Rage 11, Ironhide Rage Your rage derived DR now also counts as energy resistance vs. all energy types
    Skillful Onslaught 13, Skillful Attack See below
    Improved Mettle 15, Mettle Same as Improved Evasion, but applied to effects that provoke Fort/Will saves
    Deathless Frenzy 17, Tireless Rage See below
    Combat Threat Supremacy 19, Combat Threat Excellence See below
    Improved Evasion 19, Evasion
    Warlord Warcrafts
    Tactical Leader 1 See below
    Battlefield Commander 3 See below
    Compelling Oratory 5, Battlefield Commander See below
    Renewed Effort 7, Compelling Oratory See below
    Rallying Cry (swift oratory) 7, Compelling Oratory See below
    Demoralizing Presence 11, Rallying Cry (swift oratory), Intimidate 12 ranks See below
    Rallying Cry (negate conditions) 11, Rallying Cry (swift oratory) See below
    Daunting Presence 13, Demoralizing Presence See below
    Rallying Cry (immunity to conditions) 13, Rallying Cry (negate conditions) See below
    Supreme Commander 15, Tactical Leader, Rallying Cry (negate conditions) See below

    Warcrafts that Emulate Core Features

    Rage mechanics are as given by RAW. The number of daily uses equals [1 + 1/3 Warrior level].
    Rage now comes with 2 extra changes:
    1. During rage, a character's movement is increased by 10'. This affects all of the character's movement modes.
    2. Rage means Brawn over Skill. Rage cancels out all Combat Edge benefits to the warrior's weapons of choice (via Weapons Expertise). Instead, for each time that Combat Edge benefits increase above +1, Rage-based Str increase is elevated by another +2 (meaning base Str increase of +2, plus twice Combat Edge modifier).

    Other Warcrafts

    Assess the Enemy
    Requirements: Knowledge (arcana, dungeoneering, local, nature, religion, the planes) 4 ranks each, Knowledge Devotion
    You have battled against a multitude of foes, and learned to identify them quickly. Your level stands as the number of ranks in any of the above Knowledge skill for the purpose of identifying creatures to gain tactical advantage and in planning for a large battle (Heroes of Battle).

    Combat Threat
    Whenever a creature within the warrior's threatened area "ignores" the warrior during its combat turn (doesn't target him with an attack, combat maneuver, special ability or a spell), that creature provokes an AoO from the warrior.
    If a warrior's opponent breaks contact (i.e. exits the warrior's reach) w/o acting against him, the opponent also provokes an AoO.

    Combat Threat Excellence
    Whenever a creature within the warrior's threatened area directs any offensive action vs. an opponent other than the warrior, that creature provokes an AoO from the warrior and loses its Dex-bonus to AC for that AoO.

    Combat Threat Supremacy
    The warrior can slay his foes with awe-inspiring ease. Whenever the warrior makes an AoO, it is treated as if against a helpless foe (Coup de Grace).

    Dazzling Intimidation
    While wielding a weapon you have selected for Weapons Expertise, you add your Weapons Expertise bonus to all Intimidate checks.

    Deathless Frenzy
    The warrior's adrenaline keeps him going when others would fall.
    So long as the warrior is raging, he cannot be dazed, disabled, paralyzed, staggered, stunned, unconscious or killed by HP loss.
    Once the rage ends, the warrior is subjected to any of these effects that he was subjected to while raging.

    Discern Battle
    The warrior may study a site where creatures did battle and learn about what took place there with amazing accuracy and uncanny insight. This ability requires 10 minutes and may be used on one corpse or 10' radius area at a time. Using this ability on a corpse is similar to the Speak with Dead spell except that the effect can only provide answers to questions related to the fighting that took place immediately before the creature's death (the ability fails if the warrior tries to use it on a creature that did not die from violence). Using this ability on an area is similar to the Stone Tell spell except that the effect cannot reveal information about anything covered or concealed in the area and only reveals information about the most recent violence done in the area.

    Choose an enemy in your threat range. You assume a position to hinder them.
    As long as you attack your chosen enemy at least once in a given combat round, that enemy takes a penalty on attack rolls equal to your Combat Edge score when attacking anyone else but you.

    Evaluate Combat Gear
    Your Warrior class level counts as Appraise ranks for the purpose of estimating the market value of any combat equipment (weapons, armors and ammunition) - including magical gear.
    Once per item, regard 1/2 your Warrior level as caster level for the purpose of benefiting from Identify spell. This, however, is not applicable for all magical enhancements, but only for enhancements that are directly associated with combat. So, if for instance a warrior with this ability would gain a flaming spear that can make you fly 3 times a day, he'd only have a chance of revealing the flaming capability.

    Gut Feeling
    This warcraft functions as detailed for step one of Trusting his Gut.
    Special: This warcraft may be taken for the second time, making it function as detailed for step two of Trusting his Gut.

    Lunging Strike
    The warrior has adopted wide stances that allow him to extend his reach with all weapons (including unarmed strike) by 5’.

    Maneuvers Expertise
    Once per round, the warrior can substitute any normal attack with one of the following combat maneuvers that normally requires a standard action to execute:
    - Aid Another (only within his threat area)
    - Bull Rush
    - Escape Grapple
    In addition, the warrior may execute the following maneuvers as an attack action, even if not possessing the appropriate "Improved <MANEUVER NAME>" feat.
    - Disarm
    - Feint
    - Sunder
    - Trip
    The warrior uses the attack bonus he would normally use for this Maneuver.
    Note that one cannot Bull-Rush more than 5’ as an attack action.

    Maneuvers Mastery
    The warrior can now substitute any attack (including AoOs) with a combat maneuver that normally requires a standard action to execute (see Maneuvers Expertise).
    Special: Grappling cannot be initiated via an AoO.

    Pack Mule
    You have become used to long journeys with a heavy pack and the use of a wide variety of weaponry and equipment.
    This grants you 3 equipment associated benefits.
    1. You suffer no penalties for carrying medium load.
    2. You add your Con-mod to your Str-score when determining your loads. This ability does not affect your "lift over head", "lift off ground", or "push/drag" weight (note that this increase is in effect only to the point where heavy load is still below the value of "lift over head").
    3. You may retrieve stored items without provoking AoOs.

    Skillful Attack
    The warrior may use any of the following skills once per round, as part of a single melee attack: Bluff, Handle Animal, Intimidate and Jump.
    He may use any of the following skills once per round as part of a single ranged attack: Balance, Listen, Ride and Spot.

    Skillful Onslaught
    The warrior can now make multiple uses of Skillful Attack in a single round and is only limited by the number of his attacks per round (including any and all additional attacks).

    Warlord Warcrafts

    Tactical Leader
    The warrior excels at teamwork.
    The warrior gains teamwork benefits (HoB, p.115), which he can train others within 2-days training periods instead of 1-week periods.
    The number of teamwork benefits the warrior gains equals 3 + the total number of Warlord Warcrafts the warrior has taken (including this one).
    Furthermore, the warrior always succeeds at Aid Another attempts.

    Battlefield Commander
    The warrior is a genius at providing quick combat tips.
    As a move action, the warrior can choose between several Warrior benefits and grant the chosen benefit to a single ally until the beginning of his next turn.
    In all cases, the ally must be within [60' + 10' per 2 Warrior levels] and must be able to see and hear the warrior.
    In all cases, the ally counts as a warrior with as many levels as his BAB, capped by the warrior's class level.

    - The warrior can grant an ally all his Combat Edge bonuses to a single weapon or shield.
    For this benefit to take effect, the ally must be:
    1. Wielding a weapon/shield that the warrior has Weapons Expertise with.
    2. Proficient with the weapon he's wielding.

    - The warrior may also grant an ally the use of one of his known feats.
    For this benefit to take effect, the ally must meet all the feat's prerequisites.

    - The warrior may also grant an ally one of his Physical Prowess.

    With practice, a warrior learns how to bestow these benefits more rapidly. Starting 4 levels after Battlefield Commander is first taken, the warrior may grant its benefits as a swift action.

    Compelling Oratory
    Requirements: Battlefield Commander
    You draw confidence from his men and knows how to project that confidence back at them.
    3 + Cha-mod times per day, while you are not in combat, you may give a rousing speech to your allies, inspiring them and convincing them that you will succeed at whatever task you must perform. Each allied creature who can see and/or hear you is cured of Fatigued condition (or has Exhaustion reduced to Fatigued) and gains a number of temporary hit points equal to your Warrior level + your Cha-bonus. These temporary hit points remain until they are expended, or until that ally falls asleep.
    After making a Compelling Oratory, the warrior becomes immune to fear until the effect wears off.

    Renewed Effort
    Requirements: Compelling Oratory
    As a standard action that doesn’t provoke AoOs, you may grant an ally (self not included) a renewed saving throw, augmented by the warrior’s Combat Edge modifier, to thwart an ongoing temporary physical effect or a mental effect. An ally must be able to hear the warrior in order to benefit from Renewed Effort.
    Renewed Effort may only be applied once per effect.

    Rallying Cry (swift oratory)
    Requirements: Compelling Oratory
    Once per round, when the warrior hits a common enemy in combat during his turn, he may give off a loud battle cry that lift his allies' spirit as a free action.
    This is an alternative means of utilizing the benefits of Compelling Oratory.
    Alternatively, the warrior may activate this ability as a move action, without the need to hit an opponent.

    Demoralizing Presence
    Requirements: Battlefield Commander, Rallying Cry (swift oratory), Intimidate 12 ranks.
    Your presence on the battlefield is so potent that his enemies can't help but notice.
    All enemies who enter the warrior's range of Battlefield Commander must make a successful level check as if the warrior has targeted each of them separately with a Demoralize attempt. Creatures of equal or higher CR than the your class level automatically succeed on this particular saving throw.
    A creature that makes its save becomes immune to that warlord’s Demoralizing Presence for the next 24 hours.

    Rallying Cry (negate conditions)
    Requirements: Rallying Cry (swift oratory)
    From this point on, whenever the warrior issues a Rallying Cry, conditions associated with sleep, charm & fear are removed from all allies (self-included, in case the warrior is shaken) within the AoE of Battlefield Commander.

    Daunting Presence
    Requirements: Demoralizing Presence
    Any opponent who has become demoralized due to the warlord's Demoralizing Presence must make a successful Will save vs. DC 10 + 1/2 the warrior's class level + his Cha-bonus. Opponents that fail their save become Fatigued. Opponents who are already Fatigued suffer -2 Str & Dex ability damage.

    Rallying Cry (immunity to conditions)
    Requirements: Rallying Cry (negate conditions)
    All allies also become immune to sleep, charm & fear until the end of the encounter.

    Supreme Commander
    Requirements: Tactical Leader, Rallying Cry (negate conditions)
    The warlord has become an absolute master of the battlefield.
    1. The Warlord's battlefield coverage increases to 100' + 20' per level (via inhuman voice and enhanced eyesight & hearing).
    2. The warrior and his allies gain Indomitable Soul as bonus feat, even if they would not normally qualify for taking it.

    Note: A warrior may, instead of taking a Warcraft, decide to take 1 bonus combat feat and 1 combat associated skill trick (beyond the normal skill-tricks limit), or simply take a general feat. In all cases, he must meet all the prerequisites, alleviated by Combat Aptitude.

    Basic Training
    Warriors begin their career with a basic "suite" of feats that defines their preferred fighting style.
    When attaining 1st Warrior level, choose 3 feats from the list below. You must meet the prerequisites for the chosen feats.
    - Combat Reflexes
    - Double Weapon Fighting
    - Exotic Weapon Proficiency
    - Heavy Armor Proficiency
    - Imp. Bull Rush
    - Imp. Disarm
    - Imp. Feint
    - Imp. Grapple
    - Imp. Overrun
    - Imp. Shield Bash
    - Imp. Sunder
    - Imp. Trip
    - Imp. Unarmed Strike
    - Mounted Archery
    - Mounted Combat
    - Precise Shot
    - Quick Draw
    - Rapid Shot
    - Ride By Attack
    - Superior Unarmed Strike
    - Tower Shield Proficiency
    - Two Weapon Fighting

    Combat Aptitude (Ex)
    For the purposes of qualifying for "Fighter feats" (gained by either class or HD progression), you treat your ability scores as though they were 2 points higher than they actually are at 1st level.
    At level 6 and each 5 class-levels thereafter, this bonus increases by +1 (max +5 at level 16).
    The same alleviation is applied to ranks in prerequisite skills, with the constraint that skills that cannot be used untrained require at least 1 rank.
    Furthermore, once per day, a warrior may spend 5 minutes training with a specific weapon he’s not proficient with and gain proficiency with that specific weapon (doesn't apply to other weapons of the same type). This temporary Weapons Expertise (see below) is lost in 2 cases:
    - More than 1 day per warrior level has passes since the last time the warrior has trained or fought with the weapon.
    - The warrior has completed 5 minutes of training with another weapon for the purpose of gaining temporary proficiency.

    Bonus Feat (Ex)
    Same as the core Fighter.
    A warrior automatically qualifies for any Fighter ACF that requires a feat trade. Furthermore, a warrior is not bound to taking an ACF exactly at the stated level. Once the stated level is gained, the said ACF is available from there on.

    Combat Edge
    Many of the Warrior's abilities provide the indicated values as bonuses to attack, damage, opposed rolls and other aspects (read on).
    Writer's Note:

    This feature comes instead of all Weapon Focus tree feats (except for Weapon Focus itself).
    Since those feats are tagged Fighter-only feats and since I'm aiming for built-in advantage, I consider this a massive improvement, since now feats will not be wasted on stat-improvements that are instead gained automatically.

    Weapons Expertise
    A warrior starts his career with 3 weapons with which he gains combat advantage over others. Any weapon a warrior chooses for Weapons Expertise gains the indicated bonuses in the Combat Edge column to attack rolls, damage scores and opposed checks (trip, sunder, disarm etc). These bonuses are doubled for all cases that are relevant for Ever Vigilant (see below). At the indicated levels, a warrior may select additional weapons that gain this bonus. Melee weapons benefiting from Combat Edge also gain half the modifier as shield AC bonus.
    For the purpose of qualifying for feats, a warrior counts as having Weapon Focus with all weapons that he's chosen for Weapons Expertise.
    Special: Weapons associated with one of a warrior's weapons of choice (belong to the same weapon group a-la UA) gain 1/2 Combat Edge bonuses, rounded down.
    Special: A warrior can - instead of a weapon - choose to specialize in the use of a particular shield size, granting it all the bonuses as per weapons (now Sword & Board can actually count for something). A warrior may decide to wield 2 shields, however, in such case, the modifiers of Combat Edge are counted only for one of the shields. (dual-shield-wielding is too cumbersome to allow double-benefit).
    Special: Weapons Expertise may be traded for gaining proficiency with 2 exotic weapons of the warrior’s choice.

    Physical Prowess (Ex)
    Choose one prowess from the listed below. You gain +1 to all checks detailed for the specified prowess.
    At 6th level and every 4 levels thereafter, you get to choose an additional prowess and the bonus to all possesses you possess scales by a cumulative +1.
    Applied Force: Strength checks to break or burst items, as well as all Sunder checks.
    Honed Defenses: Select one saving throw. You add your Combat Prowess bonus to this saving throw.
    Routine Wariness: All initiative checks.
    Skills of War: All opposed combat associated skill checks (Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spot, Tumble…) and ability-based checks.
    Survival Training: All ability checks and skill checks associated with survival, such as Balance checks made to avoid falling when balancing or moving through rough terrain, avoiding nonlethal damage from a forced march, resisting drowning etc.

    Combat Focus and its derivatives (Ex)

    Combat Focus (Maintain/Expend)
    Starting at 3rd level, a warrior gains enhanced combat readiness and combat-oriented frame of mind.
    Combat Focus activates automatically the instance a warrior is aware of immediate danger.
    Combat Focus lingers for the entire encounter, unless the warrior expends it or loses it due to conditions. Any condition that disables the warrior, totally prevents him from taking willful action or hampers his determination (e.g. fascinated, panicked, paralyzed... etc) also causes him to lose his Combat Focus.
    As long as Combat Focus is active, the warrior gains his Combat Edge bonus to all saves.
    Also, as a swift/immediate action, a warrior can voluntarily end his focus to gain a bonus to a single d20 roll (save, attack roll, ability check, level check, etc) equal to 1/2 his class level. He may choose to do so after learning the result, possibly changing a failed result into a successful one.
    A warrior can enter and leave Combat Focus outside of combat as a free action, for a total of [5 rounds + 1 round / level] within a given 10 minutes period (you can't remain constantly on your toes).
    If Combat Focus is lost due to conditions, it returns at the beginning of the warrior's next combat-turn to come after the last of them has ended. If it is expended voluntarily during the warrior's turn, it is regained automatically at the beginning of the warrior's next turn. If it is expended voluntarily as an immediate action, it is regained automatically once the warrior's next turn has ended.
    As a warrior gains levels, new benefits are gained that are based on this feature. These benefits either derive from Combat Focus' maintained state or by expending it to traverse obstacles that would cripple others or perform tasks that are beyond the capabilities of others.

    Ever Vigilant (Maintain)
    Starting at 5th level, while benefiting from Combat Focus, the warrior gains his Combat Edge score as bonus to the following:
    - Listen & Spot checks
    - Attack rolls when making AoOs and when attacking targets that are flanked, flatfooted or lose their Dex-bonus to AC for any other reason.

    Second Wind (Expend)
    Starting at 7th level, by expending his Combat Focus as a free action, the warrior can heal as many HP as he'd gain with a full night's rest and remove any and all of the following effects: confused, temporarily crippled (hampred movement), dazed, dazzled, exhausted, fatigued, nauseated, shaken, sickened, slowed and stunned. This applies only to damage and conditions sustained during the current encounter. Once the encounter is over, the damage/conditions cannot be negated with this ability.

    Tide of Battle (Expend)
    At 9th level, the warrior learns to flawlessly place himself where he is most needed in combat.
    As an immediate action, he may expend his Combat Focus to take a 5'-step. This is in addition to any other movement he takes during his turn, even another 5'-step.
    As a swift action, he may expend his Combat Focus to take a single move action (except when spending his entire combat-turn running).
    Also, the warrior may act as if he had readied an action, by expending his Combat Focus as an immediate action, subject to the normal rules for readied actions.

    Veteran's Grit (Maintain)

    An 11th level warrior is a hard target to take down and even harder to take out of a situation.
    During Combat Focus, the warrior gains Fast Healing 3.
    Furthermore, As long as the warrior benefits from Combat Focus, even after succumbing to attacks, spell effects or supernatural abilities that cause conditions, the warrior is able to partially or totally shrug them off.
    When he's subjected to one of the following conditions, replace his condition with the condition one cell to the right on the table.

    Condition Becomes... Becomes... Becomes... Becomes
    Cowering Panicked Frightened Shaken None
    Paralyzed Stunned Dazed Dazzled None
    Blown away Knocked Down Checked None
    Fascinated Dazed Dazzled None
    Blinded Dazzled None
    Nauseated Sickened None
    Exhausted Fatigued None
    Slowed Entangled None
    Ability Drained Ability Damaged None
    Note: Veteran's Grit takes effect for existing conditions as well as conditions suffered during Combat Focus, but no condition is affected more than once.
    Special: Veteran's Grit doesn't apply to self-imposed conditions (such as Fatigued condition taken when exiting Rage).

    Action Without Thought (Maintain/Expend)
    While benefiting from Combat Focus, if a 13th level warrior is subject to a Mind-Afflicting effect, the effect is delayed for 1 round. He can choose to expend his Combat Focus as an immediate action to thwart a single mind-afflicting effect altogether. Multiple effects cannot be delayed via Action Without Thought, but while an effect is delayed, the warrior knows of its nature and may choose to succumb to it and focus on a new effect, hoping his gamble was worthwhile and the latter is more severe.

    Battleshaper (Expend)
    A 15th level warriors gain an extra swift or immediate action every combat round (meaning, in a single combat round you can either take 2 immediate actions or 2 swift actions).
    Each round, you have the option of performing one of the following:
    - You can trade an immediate action and your Combat Focus to gain an extra move action.
    - You can trade a swift action and your Combat Focus to gain an extra standard action.

    Find the Mark (expend)
    A 17th level warrior's combat-rich background grants him insight of the best ways to attack in order to find the chink in his target's armor.
    As a swift action, the warrior can expend his Combat Focus to gain his Combat Edge bonus on all attack & damage scores (stacks w/ Weapons Expertise) until the beginning of his next turn. Instead of applying the bonuses to all attacks, a warrior can make but a single attack as a standard action, but resolve it as a touch attack.

    Combat Supremacy (Maintain/Regain)
    A 19th-level warrior, except for actively expending Combat Focus or losing it due to conditions, is in a constant state of Combat Focus.
    In addition, during Combat Focus, the warrior enjoys 3 benefits:
    - As long as the warrior is on his feet (or otherwise when his movement is unhindered), he's never surprised, never flat-footed, and cannot be flanked.
    - The warrior never provokes AoOs for attacking, performing a combat maneuver or moving unhindered. This ability is not in effect when confronting an opponent that exceeds his Warrior level by 4 levels or more (if such thing ever happens).
    - Any attack against the warrior provokes an AoO, unless the attacker is another warrior of level-19 or higher.

    Combat Adaptation (Ex)
    Starting at 4th level, a warrior starts gaining access to combat tricks beyond his training.
    The warrior may spend a swift action to gain access to a combat feat to which he qualifies for 1 round per Con-bonus (minimum 1). To take a feat in such manner, a warrior must have seen it in action at some point in the past.
    The warrior may spend a swift action later on during the encounter to replace a chosen feat with another.
    At 8th level, a warrior may simultaneously benefit from two feats to which he qualifies, but must spend separate swift actions to gain them when the need arises. A warrior may even take a temporary feat that has another temporary feat as prereq.
    For each 4 levels above 8th, a warrior may simultaneously benefit from one additional feat, as noted above.
    The total pool size of such instantly available feats equals [3 + Warrior class level + Int-mod].
    Renewal & Replacement:
    - When leveling, a warrior may replace a single feat in the pool.
    - A warrior may replace a single feat in the pool via 8 hours of training.
    - Whenever a warrior selects a feat from the pool via feat slot, he immediately gains a new feat of his choice to put into the pool.
    - At the beginning of every gamin session, the player may tell the DM he's replacing a single feat in the pool.
    Warcrafts: Whenever the pool size increases, instead of adding a feat, the warrior may replace an existing feat with a warcraft - essentially trading 2 feats for gaining a warcraft.
    Just like feats, warcrafts may also be retrained.
    Harnessing a warcraft requires a standard action and an investment of 2 adaptation points.
    Starting at 12th level, a warrior may spend a full round action to completely re-select all of his Combat Adaptations.

    Warrior ACF: Nature-Attuned Warrior

    Trade-Off: At 4th level, you do not gain a bonus feat or Combat Adaptation, and your Combat Adaptation takes a 4-level delay.
    Requirements: "Unfettered" starting package, Climb 5, Knowledge (nature) 3, Survival 2 (any three terrains), Swim 5, Track
    Benefits: You gain the Druid's Nature Sense & Wild Empathy abilities. Your effective Druid level for these abilities counts as [your Warrior level -3].
    Special: You can take this ACF at later levels divisible by 4, but each such delay lowers your effective Druid level by 4, making it quite pointless.

    Warrior ACF: Reliable Offense

    Some warriors trade combat creativity for a more solid and reliable offense.
    Trade-Off: Combat Adaptation
    Benefits: No matter what the d20 shows on the attack roll, it never drops below 1/2 the character's Warrior level.
    Example: An 11th level warrior rolls 2 on his attack roll. It automatically counts as scoring 5 on the d20 roll.

    Warrior Feats

    Combat Mastery
    Requirements: 5th Warrior level
    Benefit: Your BAB increases by +1.
    Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. For each 5 Warrior levels gained, you may take this feat once.

    Controlled Rage
    Requirements: Rage, Concentration 4
    Benefit: You may perform any Int/Wis/Cha skill-based task that can be completed in a full-round action or less, and retreat while raging is now a viable option.
    Special: If you also possess Mad Foam Rager feat, you may not benefit from it alongside with Controlled Rage simultaneously. When you rage, you must choose which one takes effect.

    Crom’s Hammer
    You call upon the blessings of the god of war to imbue your weapon with whatever metallic property you require.
    Requirements: Combat Edge +2, Craft (weaponsmith) 2, Knowledge (religion) 2, Pierce Magical Protection, worshiper of the god of war.
    Benefits: As a move action that doesn’t provoke AoOs, you make your weapon count as either adamantine, cold iron or silver for the remainder of the encounter. You may repeat the ritual to imbue your weapon with multiple effects.

    Destroyer’s Blessing
    Requirements: Orc or Half-Orc, Rage class feature.
    Benefit: When raging, if your attack reduces an enemy to negative HP or kills it, or if you make a successful Sunder maneuver, you regain 1 round of rage.
    You can only gain this benefit once per round.

    Dispelling Strike
    Requirements: Combat Edge +3, Mage Slayer, Pierce Magical Protection.
    Benefits: As a standard action, you can make s single attack with one of your favorite weapons against a target creature, object or area that's affected by magical effect(s). If your attack hits, you deal damage as normal (when relevant) and the target is affected by Dispel Magic as if by a caster of a level equal to your Warrior level.
    Each time you use this power, you take -1 Con ability burn

    Dust of the Damned
    You have learned an ancient battle ritual that taps into otherworldly forces and allows you to strike true against incorporeal opponents by reciting a long-forgotten war chant as you fight.
    Requirements: Warrior level 6 or BAB +9, Spellcraft 4, Knowledge (religion) 4, Pierce Magical Concealment, Pierce Magical Protection
    Benefits: As a standard action that doesn't provoke AoOs, you may recite the chant you have learned. For the remainder of the encounter, your weapon is enhanced with the Ghost Touch property.
    Each time you use this power, you take -1 Con ability burn

    Incite Rage
    Requirements: Cha 19, Tireless Rage Warcraft, Battlefield Commander warcraft.
    Benefits: When you enter a rage, you can incite rage in any or all allies within 60' (any ally who doesn’t wish to become enraged is unaffected).
    An ally gains +4 to Strength, +4 to Constitution, and a +2 morale bonus on Will saves, but takes a -2 penalty to AC, for as long as you remain raging.
    The rage of affected allies lasts a number of rounds equal to 3 + their Con-mod, regardless of whether they remain within 60' of you.
    This is otherwise identical to normal Rage (including the fatigue at its end).

    Mad Foam Grappler
    Prerequisites: Imp. Grapple, Rage, Mad Foam Rager, Tide of Battle
    Benefits: When raging during a grapple, as long as you're not pinned, you can make multiple attacks vs. an opponent you're grappling.

    Melee-Range Interchange
    You have learned how to exchange melee and range attacks to your heart's content.
    Requirements: Warrior level 6th, Close Combat Shot, Quick Draw, Sleight of Hand 5
    Benefit: This feat grants two unique combat options:
    You may stab with an arrow, dealing its normal damage as a piercing melee attack. You may pierce with an arrow and withdraw it, then fire it on your next attack.
    You may make a range attack and then immediately draw a light or 1-handed weapon (melee or thrown, not a missile device) and attack with it on your next attack.
    Special: If you have Rapid Shot / Rapid Reload feat, you may also use your bow / x-bow to make a ranged attack after a regular melee attack with a light / 1-handed weapon. You do not gain the extra attack from Rapid Shot / Rapid Reload when interchanging between melee and range attacks.

    Numbing Rage
    Requirements: Con 15+, Base Fort save +5, Rage
    Benefit: While you are in rage you are immune to extra damage and penalties stemming from pain (such as movement restrictions from caltrops).
    Non-lethal damage and its effects are postponed until the end of the rage.

    Overwhelming Assault
    You know how to make an overwhelming series of maneuvers while pushing forward.
    Requirements: Warrior level 16th, Imp. Bull Rush, Imp. Disarm, Imp. Sunder, Imp. Trip, Intimidate 9, Maneuvers Expertise
    Execution of this feat requires a standard action and involves a sequence of maneuvers, all of which are made at your highest BAB.
    You start by attempting to sunder your opponent's weapon. You make a Sunder check - if you fail, it means that your opponent's weapon didn't give in, but you may attempt to move it out of the way with a successful Disarm check (if you prize your opponent's weapon, you may skip the Sunder attempt and go straight for disarming it).
    If successful on either attempts, it means that you've managed to remove your opponent's weapon out of the way and you may attempt to Bull Rush your opponent.
    If successful, it means that you've managed to undermine your opponent's footing and you may attempt to Trip it (with a follow-up attack).
    If successful and the follow up attack hits, you undermine your opponent's confidence and can make an Intimidate check to unnerve your opponent.
    Special: If your weapon cannot Trip, you may attack immediately after Bull Rushing, but you don't gain the free Intimidate attempt, unless you have some other means of attacking and intimidating.

    Ready For Everything
    Requirements: Warrior level 12, Combat Reflexes, Expert Tactician, Always Ready
    Benefit: The warrior may ready an action without specifying a trigger condition, allowing him to use it at any point in the round he wishes.
    He could ready a generic action and use it to move his speed, ready a shield, attack an opponent within reach, or perform any other task that requires a standard (or shorter) action.

    Rage Swimmer
    Requirements: Rage Warcraft, Swim 5
    Benefits: When raging you gain a swim speed equal to 1/2 your land speed (and a +8 bonus to swim checks due to having a swim speed).

    Shatter Magical Barriers
    Requirements: Warrior level 17th, Spellcraft 6, Dispelling Strike, Mage Slayer, Pierce Magical Concealment, Pierce Magical Protection
    Benefits: By spending your extra swift action plus a standard action, you may augment your 'Find the Mark' option to obliterate a magical barrier of any sort within reach in a single blow.

    Unorthodox Weapon Usage
    Requirements: Weapons Expertise class feature, Warrior’s Combat Edge +2
    Benefits: Choose a specific weapon with which you have Weapons Expertise.
    One of the following weapon qualities may be added to the weapon:
    - Disarm
    - Set: piercing; 1-handed or larger
    - Thrown: range increment 20’ for piercing, 10’ otherwise, 30’ for thrown weapons that already have 10’ range increment
    - Trip: 1-handed or larger.

    A final touch for the big picture . . .

    Here's the best guide I know of for maximizing what one can do with the core Fighter and feats.
    If it's good enough for the core Fighter, it could probably come in handy for my Warrior as well.
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