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    Class: Monk



    We all know that despite its many features, the Monk is probably the second weakest official base class (after the Soulknife).
    I also don’t need to tell you all about the magnitude of Monk fixes out there.

    Using the following distinction of levels of power and what I know of class balance, I tried to spread the Monk’s abilities (feature-wise) to keep up with the pace of the game at all levels.
    I also paid attention not to let personal taste affect this proposed fix and narrowed down things to practicality. For instance, I don’t care for Tongue of the Sun and Moon, but it doesn’t interfere with anything, so I kept it as it is.

    The general aim here is, as usual for me, tier-3.

    I’m presenting here only the changes I found appropriate to the core Monk.
    Whatever’s not specifically (or only partially) addressed here, it is to be taken from the core class as given.

    As a general guideline regarding the Special Column’s content:
    - Features with no changes from the core class are presented in normal text.
    - Features with some changes are bolded.
    - Features with massive changes (Ki Strike) and entirely new features (Ascetic Athleticism, Freedom of Movement...) are bolded, underlined and italicized

    Alignment: No restriction (see Ki-Strike below).

    Ex-Monks: No such thing as Ex-Monk.

    Hit Die: d8

    Table: Monk
    Saves Special
    Level BAB F R W Class Abilities Unarmed Damage AC Bonus Unarmored Speed Boost
    1st +0 +2 +2 +2 Bonus Feat, Flurry of Blows, Unarmed Strike, Ascetic Athleticism, Stunning Fist, Ki Strike (Wis-bonus alternative)
    2nd +1 +3 +3 +3 Bonus Feat, Evasion
    3rd +2 +3 +3 +3 Uncanny Dodge, Still Mind
    4th +3 +4 +4 +4 Ki Strike (magic, damage type), Meditation
    5th +3 +4 +4 +4 Purity of Body, Dedicated Dodge
    6th +4 +5 +5 +5 Bonus Feat, Mercurial Stride
    7th +5 +5 +5 +5 Wholeness of Body, Ki Strike (material, 1H, Critical Accuracy x2)
    8th +6 +6 +6 +6 Improved Uncanny Dodge, Tempered Body
    9th +6 +6 +6 +6 Improved Evasion, Unearthly Reactions
    10th +7 +7 +7 +7 Ki Strike (alignment, Wis-bonus accumulation), Abundant Step
    11th +8 +7 +7 +7 Diamond Body, Greater Flurry
    12th +9 +8 +8 +8 Bonus Feat, Touching The Ripples
    13th +9 +8 +8 +8 Diamond Soul, Ki Strike (Ghost Touch, 2H, Critical Accuracy x3)
    14th +10 +9 +9 +9 Freedom of Movement, Gentle Touch
    15th +11 +9 +9 +9 Quivering Palm, Retributive Flurry
    16th +12 +10 +10 +10 Ki Strike (any), Boundless Reach
    17th +12 +10 +10 +10 Diamond Resilience, Tongue of the Sun and Moon
    18th +13 +11 +11 +11 Bonus Feat, Temporal Ki Surge
    19th +14 +11 +11 +11 Empty Body, Diamond Essence
    20th +15 +12 +12 +12 Perfect Self, Ki Strike (all)

    Class Features

    Class Skills: Add Autohypnosis (XPH, p.36), Lucid Dreaming (MotP, p.203) and Spellcraft as class skills.
    Skill Points per Level: 6 + Int-mod (x4 at 1st level)

    Weapon and armor proficiency: Monks are proficient with all simple weapons and all Monk weapons specified for the PF Monk. They’re not proficient with armor or shields.

    Unarmed Strike
    In addition to the details presented in PHB:
    1. For all intent and purpose, a Monk is considered to possess the feat Improved Unarmed Strike.
    2. When fighting unarmed or when using Monk weapons, a monk gains a +1 bonus to all opposed combat checks (Bull Rush, Disarm, Feint, Grapple, Overrun, Trip and Sunder) – offensive as well as defensive. For every 4 Monk levels past 1st (5, 9, 13...), this bonus increases by an additional +1.
    3. Since the Quarterstaff is a double weapon, monks also possess the Double Weapon Fighting feat starting at 1st level.

    Special Monk Weapons & Enhanced Damage:

    Monks know how to use the Quarterstaff, Kama, Nunchaku & Tonfa (as well as Three-Section-Staff, if taken as an exotic weapon, with the proper feat investment) to deal the same damage as their unarmed strike (effectively, they advance with the advancement of unarmed strike).

    High level monks also know how to wield Sai, Shuriken & Throwing Iron better than anyone else. Each time a monk's unarmed damage improves (starting at 4th), the damage of these weapons increases as follows:
    - Sai: 1d6 / 1d8 / 1d10 / 2d6 / 2d8 at levels 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 respectively.
    - Shuriken & Throwing Iron: 1d4 / 1d6 / 1d8 / 1d10 / 2d6 at levels 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 respectively. Furthermore, at each level where Unarmed damage improves, the range increment of these weapons increases by +5'.

    Effectively, monks' superior damage with various weapons goes like this:

    Monk Level Unarmed Strike, Quarterstaff, Kama, Nunchaku & Tonfa Damage Sai Damage Shuriken & Throwing Iron Damage (&Rng Inc.)
    1d3 (15')
    1d4 (20')
    1d6 (25')
    1d8 (30')
    1d10 (35')
    2d6 (40')

    Flurry of Blows (Ex)
    A monk may use a standard, full, or charge attack to strike with a Flurry of Blows.

    Spoiler: FoB & TWF

    FoB and TWF don't stack.
    I find 3 compelling reasons for that:
    1. Common sense: FoB means attacking with your entire body, maximizing one's agility & momentum. There's no more room for offhand attacks to go in there - you're already using them.
    2. Gameflow practicality: Too many dice rolls hurt gameflow.
    3. Balance: This would quickly make the Monk overshadow the Warrior (Wis to Att & dmg and a ton of abilities a warrior can only dream of).
    So, I'd say it's either FoB or TWF. In the very few cases where the latter provides more attacks and you're facing a soft target, maybe it's worth considering (I believe not, but maybe).

    Ascetic Athleticism
    Monks are capable of incredible feats of athleticism and add their Monk level to any Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Jump, Move Silently, Swim and Tumble check.

    Stunning Fist (Ex)
    This is an inherent Monk’s class feature, not a feat available for picking.

    Ki Strike (Su)
    The Monk's most iconic feature of all is Ki Strike – the ability to apply technique that's empowered by an inner flow of intuition-driven spiritual energy.
    When fighting unarmed or when using Monk weapons, the monk receives a plethora of benefits.
    - At 1st level, monks may substitute Dex-to-hit and Str-to-damage (either or both) with their Wis-bonus.
    - At 4th level, a monk’s attacks are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of bypassing DR. The monk’s attacks now count as Piercing / Slashing (or bludgeoning). This however is not automatic. At the beginning of an encounter with an unknown opponent, this ability is inactive. Once the monk has made a successful attack against a target that has DR X/[damage type], the monk’s strike is partially blocked by the target’s DR. From there on, the monk may augment her strike’s Ki to ignore the target’s DR.
    - At 7th level, a monk’s attacks may count as any specific material, using the rules given for [damage type]. The monk’s strikes now count as 1-handed weapon for all purposes that favor this category over small weapons (e.g. Disarm, Sunder etc). Finally, for Crit-Substitution calculations, the monk’s accuracy-based extra damage is doubled.
    - At 10th level, having battled many denizens of the outer worlds and transcending her own inherent view of existence, a monk’s unarmed attack may count as fused with any single alignment, using the mechanics defined for Ki Strike (material). The monk may now add her Wis-bonus to attack rolls and damage scores on top of her Str/Dex bonuses.
    - At 13th level, the monk’s attacks count as having the Ghost Touch property. The monk’s unarmed strike now counts as 2-handed weapon for all purposes that favor this category over small weapons (e.g. Disarm, Sunder etc). Furthermore, for Crit-Substitution calculations, the monk’s accuracy-based extra damage is now tripled.
    - At 16th level, there’s no DR type a monk cannot adapt to, except DR/-.
    - A 20th level monk knows how to fuse her unarmed strike with fluctuating energies. The Monk’s attacks now completely ignore DR, with no adaptation required.

    Bonus Feat
    At levels 1 and 2nd, and at every level divisible by 6, a monk can select any Fighter Bonus feat.
    The Monk needs to meet the prerequisites as normal to select these feats, with the exception of Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows and Improved Bull Rush / Disarm / Feint / Grapple / Overrun / Sunder / Trip.

    Still Mind
    A monk of 3rd level or higher gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against spells and effects from the school of enchantment.
    Starting at 10th level, the monk’s mind is strong and disciplined enough to gain total immunity to fear, charm and compulsion effects and a +2 bonus to all other Will saves.

    All monks meditate, both as a way of recovering from the rigors of their intense physical workouts and as a means of pursuing ultimate enlightenment.
    When a monk meditates, she lets her conscious mind slumber, while her unconscious spirit roams ancient paths, seeking out the truths of those who came before.
    Though initially, entering a meditative state requires long periods of preparation, by the time a monk hits 4th level, meditating becomes as simple a matter as breathing.
    The long hours of practice grant the monk bonus ranks, in both Autohypnosis and Concentration, equal to a maximized C-C skill.
    - The monk may now mimic elven Trans instead of sleep for 1 hour, by making a Concentration check vs. DC 15. A monk who successfully meditates for eight hours straight gains all the benefits of a full day’s rest.
    - Elven monks have their meditative rest requirement cut down to 2 hours a day.
    A monk cannot benefit from the above more than once per day, but may make multiple attempts within the same day period and may benefit from normal rest as well.
    If the monk takes damage or is moved while meditating, she loses 1 hour worth of meditation.

    Purity of Body (Ex)
    At 5th level, a monk gains immunity to all diseases including supernatural and magical diseases.

    Dedicated Dodge (Ex)
    At 5th level, a monk gains the ability to evade with seemingly supernatural skill. At the beginning of her turn, she may decide to refrain from action (including AoOs, swift & immediate actions and 5'-steps) and instead add her Monk level as a Dodge bonus to her Reflex saves and dodge AC until the beginning of her next turn.
    When performing Dedicated Dodge, a monk is limited to moving up to her modified speed during her turn.

    Mercurial Stride (Ex)
    A 6th level monk may ignore all forms of difficult terrain that don’t require skill checks or saving throws to pass through, though areas magically altered to slow movement still function.
    She may also make any number of turns when charging, and can incorporate Balance checks, Climb checks, Jump checks, Swim checks and Tumble checks into her movement (including when charging).
    She may also run across water or up walls, provided her movement is no less than 50 and she makes a DC 25 balance check.

    Wholeness of Body (Su)
    At 7th level or higher, a monk can heal her own wounds.
    She can heal a number of hit points of damage equal to her (permanent Wis-bonus) X (monk level) each day, and she can spread this healing out among several uses.
    A monk, using this ability, may trade HP healing to negate certain conditions.
    She may remove:
    - Ability Damage / Dazzled / Fatigued / Shaken / Sickened at a rate of 1 per 5 HP
    - Dazed / Staggered at a rate of 1 per 10 HP
    - Diseased / Exhausted / Frightened / Nauseated at a rate of 1 per 15 HP
    - Blinded / Deafened / Poisoned / Stunned at a rate of 1 per 20 HP
    - Ability Drain / Paralyzed at a rate of 1 per 30 HP
    - Negative Levels at a rate of 1 per 40 HP.
    Using Wholeness of Body is a swift action.
    All of the above can be done at any desired combination, so long as the monk has HP left to heal.

    Tempered Body (Ex)
    By 8th level, a monk's own body has changed and now counts as manufactured.
    The monk now gains DR 1/- per 4 Monk levels.
    Also, experience has granted her new insights regarding the potential of Ki and how it can be harnessed for her benefit in new and unique ways.
    Through elaborate rituals that involve meditation, precious materials and inner Ki-channeling, a monk may fuse her own body with magical powers, as if enhancing magical items.
    The total number of SLs worth of powers a monk's body may manifest equals 1/2 her [Monk level * Wis-bonus]. When enhancing her body with offensive effects, the monk treats her entire body as a single weapon. The monk also treats her own body as armor when it comes to defensive powers.
    A monk's CL for the purpose of self-enhancements equals her Monk class level, and she needs not know a spell in order to apply an appropriate enhancement, but she does have to make a DC [25 + SL] Spellcraft check for an enhancement to succeed.
    There are, however, certain weapon enhancements that may not be applied to monks' unarmed attacks. A monk's unarmed strike can only be enhanced by magical powers that affect either a weapon's wielder or a weapon's targets. So, enhancements such as Dancing or Sizing are inapplicable for monks' unarmed strike. The same trail of thought should be applied regarding armor enhancements.
    Special: A monk of higher level than 8th can also aid the efforts of other monks and bestow magical Ki powers upon them, as long as the receiving monk is of at least 8th level.
    Special: A monk that’s brought down below 8th level by energy drain does not lose existing enhancements, but such powers are suppressed until the monk once again reaches 8th level, where her body is able to channel Ki to benefit from them.
    Special: A monk may purge no-longer-desired enhancements, spending 1/2 the time and cost they took to be imbued, and with no chance for failure.

    Unearthly Reactions (Ex)
    A 9th level monk's ability to act and react improves to inhuman levels.
    The monk may take a 5'-step after each successful attack roll.
    Furthermore, whenever the monk provokes an AoO due to attacking an opponent, she completes her attack(s) against her opponent before any AoOs are executed against her.

    Abundant Step (Su)
    By 10th level, a monk has learned the secret of magically slipping between spaces as part of her movement.
    As part of her movement, the monk may cover certain distances phased, thus can ignore physical barriers, moving at any direction in this fashion (horizontal as well as vertical), driven by her force of will. The distance that a monk can cover in this fashion cannot exceed twice her current movement speed.
    For each 5' traveled in such manner, access to this ability is denied for 1 round. For each Monk level beyond 12th, this denial period is reduced by 1 round.
    Note: This is not teleportation. The monk is phased, not plane-shifted, so spells like Wall of Force and Prismatic Wall/Sphere affect her normally, but Dimensional Anchor and Dimensional Lock do not prevent the use of this ability. Abundant Step does not consume an action (it is not an action by itself) and does not provoke AoOs.

    Touching The Ripples (Ex)
    The monk’s senses become so attuned that she can feel what’s happening around her.
    Starting at 12th level, a monk benefits from Blind Sense as well as Tremor Sense, out to 30' + 5' per level beyond 12th.
    The monk also senses phased and ethereal creatures and objects with this ability.

    Diamond Soul
    SR = Monk level + 10 + Wis-bonus.
    A monk may, as a free action, allow spells to automatically bypass her SR (usually when originating from allies). To do so, a monk must be aware of the incoming spell.

    Freedom of Movement (Su)
    At 14th level and on, a monk continuously benefits from Freedom of Movement spell effect.

    Gentle Touch (Su)
    A 14th level monk has such knowledge in Ki energy, anatomy and nerve centers, that she can manipulate living creatures – body and mind.
    A number of times per day equal to 1/2 the monk's Wis-bonus (minimum 1), the monk can make a melee touch attack vs. a living creature that deals no damage and, if successful, affect the target with one of the following effects: Charm Monster, Confusion, Hold Monster or Geas/Quest (CL = class-level). The save DC for all effects (including the latter) is [10 + 1/2 class-level + Wis-mod].
    The monk must declare the use of this power before making an attack roll. If she misses, the attempt is wasted.

    Quivering Palm (Su)
    This ability is usable once per day.
    Furthermore, a monk needs not gambit her Quivering Palm by announcing before making an attack roll and may choose to apply it only upon successful hit.
    Quivering Palm affects all living creatures - including oozes and plants, because it directly assault's the target's life force.
    Quivering Palm is an instantaneous effect - it cannot be postponed for a later time.
    For each 4 levels above 15th, a monk gains one additional daily use of Quivering Palm.

    Retributive Flurry (Ex)
    A 15th level monk's understanding of her martial arts is now perfected.
    From this point and on, whenever the monk is entitled to an AoO, she may retaliate in a blinding speed and make a FoB attack.

    Boundless Reach (Ex)
    This ability is an evolution of Abundant Step.
    A 16th level monk has the ability to slip extraordinarily between planes and dimensions, in a way that no magical effect can contain or block.
    The monk always returns to the plane from which she originated when executing Boundless Reach.
    The monk may now, instead of moving, affect thrown Monk weapons to bypass obstacles on their way to their targets for one round. A monk cannot apply Boundless Reach both to herself and to her thrown weapons in the same combat round.

    Diamond Resilience (Ex)
    By 17th level, your body is so strongly controlled that you can endure almost anything.
    The monk gains immunity to death effects.

    Temporal Ki Surge (Su)
    By 18th level, a monk has learned the secret of channeling Ki power to haste herself to godly speed as a once-per-hour swift action.
    This acceleration allows the monk to take an extra full-round action (essentially doubling her action allotment).
    Activating this ability comes with a price though. During the next round, the monk is fatigued and all benefits from Ki-Strike are suspended.

    Diamond Essence (Su)
    By 19th level, your essence is beyond the comprehension of most mortals and beyond the sway and detection of nearly all magic.
    You gain the benefits of a Mind blank effect at all times.
    Furthermore, once per day, as a free action, you gain the benefits of a Foresight spell effect.

    Perfect Self
    The monk’s quest for physical, mental and spiritual perfection is finally complete.
    The monk:
    - Receives a +2 perfection increase to all her ability scores.
    - Gains DR 10/-. This DR is applicable to damage from any attack, not just physical attacks.
    - Gains Blind Sight instead of Blind Sense ability. Touching The Ripples otherwise remains unchanged.
    - No longer ages. She remains in her current age category forever.

    New Feats

    The feats specified below are specialized Monk feats. A monk may use her Monk class bonus feats or general feats to take any of them. In addition, if the character upholds all the prerequisites and later on gains Warrior levels, she may also use her Warrior-level bonus feats for taking them.

    Bend like a Reed
    Requirements: Monk level 5th, Dex 15
    Benefits: Even the strongest, most straightforward and brutal martial artists know that the best way to resist an opponent is not always brute force versus brute force.
    Instead, monks know that the best way to defeat a strong opponent is very often to yield to them, to bend before her fury as the reed bows to the wind.
    - When making a defensive check against Bull Rush, Grapple, Overrun or Trip attempts, the monk can use Balance as a free action to attempt to negate any advantages in size, Strength, or momentum the opponent may possess. The monk must succeed on a Balance check vs. a DC [15 + the opponent’s Str-mod + size modifier (if any)].
    - By increasing the DC of the check to [25 + the opponent’s Str-mod + size modifier], the monk can truly turn her opponent’s own Strength against them – turning all opponent's Str & momentum bonuses into penalties.

    Dancing Willow
    Requirements: STR 13+, DEX 17+, FoB class feature, Spear proficiency
    Benefits: You treat the Spear and Shortspear as Monk weapons and may use them when performing a FoB.
    Your damage with a spear's primary attack (the blade) exceeds your unarmed damage by 1 step, culminating at 2d12 at level 20. At least one of your extra attacks from FoB must be made with the spear's backside (whether you have two extra FoB attacks or just one).
    Your damage with a Shortspear or the Spear's secondary attack matches your unarmed damage.

    Disgorgement Fist
    Requirements: Monk level 1 or Superior Unarmed Strike, BAB +4, Heal 5, Spot 3
    Benefits: You know how to make unarmed attacks with surgical accuracy, attacking the target’s diaphragm, forcing it to disgorge the contents of their stomachs and lungs in a convulsive gasp.
    You may use this ability either to save allies from the negative effects of ingested / inhaled poisons, or to injure your opponents.
    When using Disgorgement Fist to negate poison, you must perform it after the target has ingested or inhaled poison but before the saving throw against the secondary effects of the poison takes effect.
    If the target is willing to receive the blow, you must make a successful attack vs. AC 10. Otherwise you must succeed with a normal attack roll. If the attack roll is successful, then the targeted creature is entitled a Fort save vs. DC [10 + ½ your Heal ranks + Wis-mod] to resist the effect.
    When Disgorgement Fist is successful, the target instantly expels the contents of their stomach and exhales their breath in a long gasp, vomiting and breathing out whatever they ingested or inhaled, negating any lingering or secondary effects. The target is then nauseated for one full round.
    You can also use Disgorgement Fist to deal normal damage and nauseate opponents without providing its beneficial effect.

    Dispelling Fist
    Requirements: Monk 7th
    Benefits: By spending 2 uses of Stunning Fist as a free action, you can generate a touch-based Dispel Magic effect.
    starting at level 13, by spending 4 Ki points as a free action, you can generate a touch-based Greater Dispel Magic effect.

    Exceptional Deflection
    Requirements: Monk level 8, Deflect Ray (see the New Feats section)
    Benefit: You can deflect any ranged attacks, including boulders and spells that require ranged touch attacks (including spells w/o the [Ray] descriptor), as if they were arrows.
    When deflecting a spell w/o the [Ray] descriptor, add the SL to the DC to deflect the attack.

    Flurry Grappler
    Prerequisites: Imp. Grapple, Close Quarters Fighting, Greater Flurry
    Benefits: When grappling, as long as you're not pinned, you can flurry vs. an opponent you're grappling.

    Hydra's Toxin
    Requirements: Monk 10th
    Benefits: By spending 3 uses of Stunning Fist as a swift action, you can force an opponent that you hit to immediately make a Fort save (DC 10 + ½ HD + Wis-mod) or be afflicted with either the Burning Blood toxin (1d6 Constitution damage) or the Freezing Blood toxin (1d6 Dexterity damage).

    Ki Extend
    Requirements: Ki Strike
    Benefits: As a swift action, until the beginning of your next combat turn, you can make unarmed ranged touch attacks, dealing fire or force damage, with a range multiplier of 10’.
    You may augment your attacks via uses of Stunning Fist. For each spent use, you may either enhance the damage of all your attacks by 1d6 or extend their range multiplier by 10’.

    Ki Inflict:
    Requirements: Wholeness of Body, Hydra's Toxin
    Benefit: As part of your attack action, you may charge your attack with the negative version of whatever Wholeness of Body effect you may produce.
    Specifically for poison and disease, the ill effects are as given for Poison and Contagion respectively

    Ki Slash
    Requirements: Monk 6th
    Benefits: By spending 2 uses of Stunning Fist, the Monk may, as a standard action, swing a slashing weapon (including natural attack) and convert a physical attack into a 60' line / 30' arch (effectively a cone) / 15' hemisphere force effect that would deal the same amount of damage as her physical attack would to anyone in the AoE.
    Targets in the AoE that are able to see the monk perform this attack and are not flatfooted are entitled to a Ref save vs. DC equal to the monk's attack roll to take 1/2 damage.

    Lightning Fists
    Requirements: Monk 6th, Dex 15+
    Benefits: Your combat skills allow you to attempt a series of blindingly fast blows.
    While flurrying as a full round action, you can make an additional attack at your highest attack bonus, at the expense of -5 penalty to all attack rolls. Starting at 12th level, you can make 2 additional attacks at your highest attack bonus, taking -10 penalty to all attack rolls.
    Applying this maneuver requires all the attacks to be made unarmed.

    Path of Spiritual Chains
    The monk's attacks cannot be resisted by magical effects.
    Requirements: Monk 10th
    Benefits: By expending 3 uses of Stunning Fist , for 1 round per 3 Monk levels, the monk's touch neutralizes (but doesn't cancel) the effect of Freedom of Movement or similar abilities when initiating a grapple and prevents a grappled creature from teleporting or escaping to another plane, as if under the effects of a Dimensional Anchor spell.

    Pouncing Tiger Hidden Dragon
    You leap into the air as you charge, unleashing a blinding array of kickes and punches.
    Requirements: Flying Kick, Fleet of Foot
    Benefit: When charging, you may make a full attack with FoB.

    Walking Mediation
    Requirements: Monk 6th, Autohypnosis 5, Concentration 8
    Benefits: A monk who has mastered the art of meditating without moving can also learn how to enter a meditative state that allows her to speak, to observe the world around her and to move as normal. This state of enlightened awareness, at once travelling the earth and the realms of the mind and spirit, is known as the art of Walking Mediation.
    Entering a state of walking meditation requires 10 minutes of preparation, and a DC 25 Concentration check.
    - The monk adds her Wisdom modifier to her initiative checks.
    - While not engaged in combat, running or other intensely straining activities, the monk is considered to be fully resting, for all intents and purposes.
    Upon sustaining damage of any sort, the monk Walking Meditation state is lost until initiated once more.
    The following conditions also negate Walking Meditation: Confused, Dazed, Disabled, Fascinated, Frightened, Paralyzed, Shaken, Sickened, Stunned and Unconscious (or any of their more severe steps).
    Special: 6th level Elven monks gain this feat as a bonus feat upon meeting the skill rank requirements.

    Whirling Steel
    Requirements: STR 15+, DEX 15+, FoB class feature, Longsword proficiency
    Benefits: You treat the Longsword as Monk weapon and may flurry with a Longsword, provided you wield nothing in your other hand.
    Your damage with a longsword exceeds your unarmed damage by 1 step, culminating at 2d12 at level 20.

    Yin-Yang Ray (Su)
    (Inspired by this work)
    Requirements: Monk level 3, Alignment: N, Ki Extend
    Benefit: As a standard action, you may spend a use of Stunning Fist and fire a ray (ranged-touch attack) made of positive and/or negative energy (either type or 50% of each type) against a target up to 120' away, dealing 1d6 damage per 2 Monk levels.
    Special: Whenever a benefit of Ki Strike might be relevant to this attack – it applies.
    Special: Any derivative feats of this feat may be put to use together, given the proper investment of Stunning Fist #uses.

    Yin-Yang Blast (Su)
    Requirements: Monk level 6, Yin-Yang Ray
    Benefit: When firing a Yin-Yang Ray, you may spend another use of Stunning Fist. Upon successful hit, anyone within 20' of the target also takes damage, but is allowed a Ref save for 1/2 damage.

    Yin-Yang Bolt (Su)
    Requirements: Monk level 6, Yin-Yang Ray
    Benefit: When firing a Yin-Yang Ray, you may spend another use of Stunning Fist. Upon successful hit, a 5'-wide bolt (of the damage type you chose for Yin-Yang Ray) is formed between you and the target. You and the target are unaffected, but anyone else between the two of you also takes damage, but is allowed a Ref save for 1/2 damage.

    Yin-Yang Empowerment (Su)
    Requirements: Monk level 8, Yin-Yang Ray
    Benefit: When firing a Yin-Yang Ray (or Blast), you may spend another use of Stunning Fist to add a number of damage dice equal to 1/2 your Wis-bonus.
    Starting at Monk level 16, you add your full Wis-bonus as Yin-Yang Ray damage dice.

    Yin-Yang Ricochet (Su)
    Requirements: Monk level 6, Yin-Yang Ray
    Benefit: When firing a Yin-Yang Ray, you may spend another use of Stunning fist and make the ray bounce from one target to another, in the same manner that Eldritch Chain invocation functions (1 additional target per 5 Monk levels, 1/2 damage to iterative targets, maximum of 30' between one target to the next, etc.)

    Yin-Yang Stun (Su)
    Requirements: Monk level 9, Yin-Yang Ray
    Benefit: When firing a Yin-Yang Ray, you may spend another use of Stunning Fist to force your target to save vs. being Stunned.
    Special: If you also possess Yin-Yang Blast or Yin-Yang Bolt, you may spend 2 more uses of Stunning Fist and force a save vs. Stunning Fist upon anyone within the given area that has failed the Ref save for 1/2 damage (e.g. you may spend 2 uses for a blast that stretches 20' from the target and another 3 uses (a total of 5 daily uses) for potentially applying Stunning Fist vs. all targets).
    Special: If you also possess Yin-Yang Ricochet, you may spend 1 more use of Stunning Fist per target you wish to affect.

    Optional Rules: Martial Arts - practiced via Warcrafts

    Not all practitioners of martial arts are followers of the ascetic way of life.
    Some warriors mimic monks’ combat techniques to become expert brawlers.

    Note: I have decided to put this set of warcrafts here, because I find it somewhat controversial and believe it should be the domain of the DM to decide if s/he wishes to allow anyone to rival monks in martial arts – even if that someone is a warrior fully dedicated to martial arts. It is here so that no one overlooks this fact.

    Warcraft: Body Weaponry
    Requirements: Superior Unarmed Strike, Warrior level 3
    The warrior may use many parts of his body as weaponry. This allows him to attack normally, even when both hands are occupied.
    The warrior may also treat his body as manufactured, for the purpose of gaining weapons & armor magical enhancements & spell effects.

    Warcraft: Stunning Fist
    Requirements: Superior Unarmed Strike, Warrior level 5
    Other than the given prerequisites, this functions as given for the core Monk.

    Warcraft: Ki Strike (magic)
    Requirements: Stunning Fist, Warrior level 7
    The warrior’s attacks are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of bypassing DR.
    The warrior may spend 1 use of Stunning Fist and apply Ki Strike (magic) for 1 round to melee and ranged weapons he wields.

    Warcraft: Versatile Unarmed Strike
    Requirements: Superior Unarmed Strike, Warrior level 7.
    You employ a variety of unarmed fighting styles, allowing you to alter the type of damage your attacks deal.
    Each unarmed attack the warrior makes counts as damage type of the warrior's choosing.

    Warcraft: Ki Strike (material)
    Requirements: Ki Strike (magic), Warrior level 9
    At the beginning of his combat turn, the warrior chooses a specific special material (cold iron/alchemical silver/adamantine…). Until the beginning of his next combat turn, his unarmed strikes count as if made of that material for the purpose of bypassing DR.
    The warrior may spend 1 use of Stunning Fist and apply Ki Strike (material) for 1 round to melee and ranged weapons he wields.

    Warcraft: Ki Strike (alignment)
    Requirements: Ki Strike (magic), Warrior level 13
    At the beginning of his combat turn, the warrior chooses a specific alignment extreme (L/C/G/E). Until the beginning of his next combat turn, his unarmed strikes count as if carrying that alignment for the purpose of bypassing DR.
    The warrior may spend 1 use of Stunning Fist and apply Ki Strike (alignment) for 1 round to melee and ranged weapons he wields.

    Warcraft: Ki Strike (extra planar)
    Requirements: Ki Strike (magic), Warrior level 17
    At the beginning of his combat turn, the warrior may spend 1 use of Stunning Fist to imbue his unarmed strike with the Ghost Touch quality for 1 round.
    He may instead choose to spend 2 uses of Stunning Fist to apply the Ghost Touch quality to any carried weapon.

    Class: Colossus Hammer

    Inspired by this 3e version of the Hephaeston (originally from the OD&D AC9 Creature Catalogue, p.37) and the Juggernaut from X-Men.


    A colossus hammer is a combatant that hones his physical prowess and evolves in physical might to godly proportions.
    Through a combination of combat savagery, high craftsmanship and special abilities, a colossus hammer typically becomes the group’s primary frontliner.

    Only races with Powerful Built racial trait can grasp the never-ending pull of a heritage that draws them to reach for their oversized origins and advance as Colossus Hammer. Of the races given in this project, only the Goliath and Dwarf races are candidates.
    Note: The size details given below are to be applied to Goliaths that take levels in this class. Dwarves trail in size by a full category (e.g. gaining access to Large size at level 12).

    Hit Die: d12

    Table: Colossus Hammer
    Level BAB F R W Special
    1st +0 +2 +0 +0 Combat Powerhouse, Combat Crafter
    2nd +1 +3 +0 +0 Physical Might, Craftsman
    3rd +2 +3 +1 +1 Cleave, Steadfast Determination
    4th +3 +4 +1 +1 Grand as the Mountain
    5th +3 +4 +1 +1 Master Artisan
    6th +4 +5 +2 +2 Awesome Blow
    7th +5 +5 +2 +2 Mettle, Low-Light Vision
    8th +6 +6 +2 +2 Size Increase (Large, +10’)
    9th +6 +6 +3 +3 Mighty Swing
    10th +7 +7 +3 +3 Craft Magic Arms & Armor
    11th +8 +7 +3 +3 Giant Power
    12th +9 +8 +4 +4 Size Increase (Huge, +20’)
    13th +9 +8 +4 +4 Giant Power
    14th +10 +9 +4 +4 Rock Throwing
    15th +11 +9 +5 +5 Giant Power
    16th +12 +10 +5 +5 Size Increase (Gargantuan, +30’)
    17th +12 +10 +5 +5 Giant Power
    18th +13 +11 +6 +6 Improved Mettle
    19th +14 +11 +6 +6 Giant Power
    20th +15 +12 +6 +6 Size Increase (Colossal, +40’), True Transformation

    Class Features

    Class Skills: Climb, Craft, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Profession, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival, Swim and Tumble
    Skill Points per Level: 4

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: All simple and martial weapons, and with all armors and shields.

    Combat Powerhouse
    A colossus hammer gains the following feats as bonus feats, even w/o meeting all their prereqs:
    - Imp. Unarmed Strike
    - Imp. Bull Rush
    - Imp. Grapple
    - Imp. Sunder

    Combat Crafter
    There are no greater crafters of combat gear at a given level than a colossus hammer.
    A colossus hammer gains maximized ranks in Craft (weaponsmith) and Craft (armorsmith).
    A colossus hammer is so well versed at crafting that he may use his Colossus Hammer levels instead of his BAB when it comes to creating mastercrafted weapons and armors (see the modified Craft skill). This also applies should the character take ranks in Craft for the purpose of creating missile weapons and exotic string weapons (bowyer, fletcher, leatherworker).

    Physical Might
    At 2nd level, a colossus hammer gains a cumulative +1 increase to both his Str and Con, as well as +1 natural armor.
    Each 2 levels thereafter, he gains an additional +1 increase to his Str.
    Each 3 levels thereafter (5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, etc.), he gains an additional +1 increase to his natural armor.
    Each 4 levels thereafter (6, 10, 14, 18, etc.), he gains an additional +1 increase to his Con.

    At 2nd level, a colossus hammer gains Craftsman as a bonus feat.

    Steadfast Determination
    Starting at 3rd level, you gain Steadfast Determination as a bonus feat.

    At 3rd level, a colossus hammer gains Cleave as a bonus feat.

    Grand as the Mountain
    At 4th level, a colossus hammer gains Grand as the Mountain as a bonus feat, even without meeting all the prereqs.

    Master Artisan
    At 5th level, a colossus hammer becomes Master Artisan with both weaponsmithing and armorsmithing.
    Furthermore, a colossal hammer is such an outstanding craftsman that for any Craft skill with which he has at least 8 ranks, he automatically counts as Master Artisan for that skill.

    Size Increase (Su)
    Starting at 6th level, a colossus hammer gains the supernatural ability of increasing in size. Str and Dex shifts follow the rules given for Enlarge Person spell, with the exception that Dex penalty is applied only once. In addition, a colossus hammer gains a +4 increase in nat. armor for each size-step increase (+4 . . . +16), as well as Slam attack appropriate to his size.
    You don't get to add your Powerful Built trait on top of your size increase.
    A colossus hammer can maintain increased size for a total number of daily minutes equal to ½ his Colossus Hammer, taken in 1-minute increments.
    While enlarged, a colossus hammer can resist effects that would end or suppress this condition (e.g. Dispel Magic or Antimagic Shell) by making a special caster-level check using his [Colossus Hammer level + Str-bonus].
    Starting at 10th level, a colossus hammer may use this ability to shift between size increases (from Huge to Large and vise versa).

    Awesome Blow
    At 6th level, a colossus hammer gains Awesome Blow as a bonus feat. If you don't meet all its prereqs, it is postponed to a later time (and level) when you do.

    At 7th level you gain Mettle, as given for the official Hexblade.

    Low-Light Vision
    At 7th level you gain Low-Light Vision, if you don't already possess Low-Light Vision from racial traits.

    Craft Magical Arms & Armor (Su)
    Starting at 10th level, a colossus hammer may bestow items of Fame (or higher craftsmanship) with certain magical powers as follows.

    - (Greater) Magic Weapon
    - Flaming & Flame Burst
    - Frost & Icy Burst
    - Shock & Shocking Burst
    - Alignment (Anarchic/Axiomatic/Holy/Unholy (3rd SL))
    - Keen
    - Collision
    - Ghost Touch
    - Returning (thrown weapons only)
    - Vorpal

    - Silent Moves
    - Magic Vestment
    - Ghost Touch
    - Fortification (light/moderate/heavy - SL equivalence: 2 / 5 / 8)

    - Bashing
    - Ghost Touch

    Mighty Swing
    At 9th level you gain Mighty Swing as a bonus feat. If you don't meet all its prereqs, it is postponed to a later time (and level) when you do.

    Giant Power
    Choose one giant race (from post #31) whose size you can assume via your Size Increase ability. You gain one of that giant’s special attacks or special qualities.

    Rock Throwing (Ex)
    At 12th level you learn the giants’ iconic technique of throwing rocks.
    Your Rock Throwing (and Rock Catching) ability is as effective as any giant with HD equal to (or lower than) your Colossus Hammer level.

    Improved Mettle
    Starting at 18th level, when you fail to make a successful Fort/Will save, you still take only partial effect.

    True Transformation
    At level 20, a colossus hammer gains a unique twist to his Size Increase ability: The transformation is true (with equipment and everything) and unbreakable by any and all means.
    The colossus hammer may switch sizes between Medium and Colossal, and whenever a transformation is complete, it persists until the character uses this power again to shift in size.


    Swift Size Increase
    Requirements: Size Increase class ability
    Benefits: Size Increase is now a swift action.

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