The Lexicon of the World Asunder is the most powerful of the lexicons. Unless stated otherwise, all utterances from the Lexicon of the World Asunder have an infinite range. The target and the area of effect are usually one and the same, and in other cases it is given in the description.
When not given in the description, the utterances of the Lexicon of the World Asunder have the following DCs:
Affects a creature: As Lexicon of the Evolving Mind
Affects an item or spell: As Lexicon of the Crafted Tool
Affects an area or similar: As Lexicon of the Perfected Map



Move you to someone or something you can see, or vice versa.
Spell Rebirth:
Restore a dispelled or dismissed spell, or dispel one spell.

Rend the World:

Create a massive fissure, or fix a natural hazard.


Word of the Planes:

Send a creature to another plane, or force creatures onto this one.
Voice of Command:
Take control of the target, or free it from magical control.
Second Word:
Set an utterance to start under certain conditions, or cast an utterance which will end under certain conditions.


Word of Unrelenting Force:

You shout so hard that all nearby creatures are thrown back, or throw yourself forwards out of harmís way.


Word of Rising:

Create a floating island, or sink one into the sea.
Walk between Worlds:
You can travel between planes at will, or prevent a target from travelling between planes.


Gate of Worlds:

Create a massive gate which can fit cities in, or summon an army of weak extraplanar creatures.

Spell Rebirth:
This utterance belongs to the Lexicon of the World Asunder instead of the Lexicon of the Evolving Mind. It targets a single spell, not a creature.

New Utterances:

Gate of Worlds:
Level: 9
Target: Area visible of up to 50 mile radius
Duration: concentration up to 2 rounds.
Normal: You create a Gate, as the spell, only large enough that it can potentially fit a city through it. You cannot, however, use the gate for summoning purposes. If the Gate of Worlds would close while it is blocked by a substantial object (at least colossal) it stays open for up to one more round. If it does close while something is part way through, they are cut in two as one might expect.
Reverse: You create a large gate which pours legions of relatively weak creatures through it. The gate produces either 2d6 CR 8 creatures 3d6 CR 7 creatures, 5d6 CR 6 creatures, 7d6 CR 5 creatures, 10d6 CR 4 creatures, 13d6 CR 3 creatures, 16d6 CR 2 creatures or 20d6 CR 1 creatures each round, determined by the caster. You must determine which creatures you are summoning when you use the utterance, but they can be different creatures - even creatures of different CR - each round, though it must be possible to find them on the same plane. This version of the utterance cannot otherwise be used for planar travel.

Level: 4
Target: Normal: Location visible, Reverse: Creature or object visible weighing no more than 250 lbs.
Duration: Instantaneous
Save: Normal: None, Reverse: Will partial
Normal: You teleport to the target location with perfect accuracy.
Reverse: The target goes to a location of your choosing within 10 feet of you. If the target is an object that will fit in your hand, you may cause it to go there and may use it normally. While you choose where the target ends up, you cannot place them in a solid object.
A target who passes their will save is instead teleported five feet towards you, unless that would cause them to end up in a solid object, in which case they are unaffected.

Rend The World:
Level: 5
Target: Normal: A line no longer than 60 feet, at least half of which you can see, on the ground or floor, Reverse: A natural hazard eg. a volcano or a normal Rend the World.
Duration: Instantaneous
Save: See text.
Normal: You attempt to cause a 5 foot wide fissure up to 100 foot deep along the line. In a building or similar, the utterance does 100d6 damage to the floor, and if the floor survives no fissure is created. The fissure will break through anything in or attached to the floor, and anyone atop the fissure must take a Reflex save or fall into the fissure - success allows them to leap to an adjacent square.
Reverse: You remove the danger posed by the natural hazard, by closing or otherwise deactivating it.

Second Word:
Level: 6
Target: 1 Utterance you can cast, see text.
Duration: One day, or until discharged.
General: Second Wordís truespeak DC is the same as the DC to utter the target utterance +10.
Normal: Second word acts in a similar manner to Contingency, save that it allows you to set a single utterance of a level up to a third of your Worldspeaker level to be activated under a certain condition, and not necessarily upon yourself.
Reverse: You use another Utterance, of any level you know, at the same time as Second Word. This comes into effect immediately, but under certain conditions will end.

Voice of Command:
Level: 6
Target: Creature or intelligent magic item you can see.
Duration: Normal: Six hours, Reverse: Instantaneous
Save: Will negates
Normal: The target creature obeys you utterly until the duration expires. If not commanded, it will attempt to protect both you and itself to the best of its ability, prioritising the former.
Reverse: The creature is freed from any effect preventing it from acting of its own free will, except for Gate, Geas/Quest, Limited Wish, Miracle, and Wish. If the caster can see the target, he is entitled to a will save, otherwise there is no save.
You may voluntarily increase the truespeak DC by 20 to affect Geas/Quest or Limited Wish, or by 30 to affect Gate, Miracle or Wish.

Walk Between Worlds:
Level: 8
Target: Normal: You, Reverse: Creature visible
Duration: Normal: 1 minute, Reverse: 1 hour
Save: Normal: None Reverse: Will negates
Normal: While the utterance is in effect, you may enter another plane of existence once per round during your movement. This is inaccurate at best; you invariably end up in a random habitable location on the plane.
Reverse: If the target fails their save, they cannot travel between planes by any means - if they walk through a Gate, they will literally walk directly to the other side of the gate unless it leads to the same plane.

Word of Rising:
CAUTION: While it lacks many practical applications, Word of Rising is easily the most powerful utterance available to a Worldspeaker, and more easily still the most complex. DMs should be wary of allowing a Worldspeaker to wield such power.
Level: 8
Target: Island (or similar object) of no more than 500 square miles visible.
Duration: Forever
General: The truespeak DC is as normal plus the highest HD of all creatures on the island, if any, apart from yourself. You may make the effect take half as long by increasing the DC by 20. You may thus quarter the time by increasing the DC by 40.
The law of Sequence applies solely to this utterance, forbidding you from using it while you have another Word of Rising active.
Normal: The target island begins to rise slowly into the air. This is a lengthy process, comprised of three stages.
The first stage lasts one day per square mile of the island - if the island is a fraction of a square mile, it rises faster proportionally. The entire island begins to lift itself out of the water. Every 3d6 minutes, everyone on the island must make a fortitude save or fall prone and take 1d4 nonlethal damage (the roll is made after the previous time this occurs). The entire island only rises about 50 feet from its original position during this time, but there is often a noticeable change in sea level.
The second stage takes 1 hour per square mile of the island. The entire island floats into the air, until it is about 600 feet above sea level at its lowest point. During this time, it is relatively stable.
The third stage lasts forever, and the island now floats proudly above its original location.
If the spell is dispelled, the island falls and falling damage is distributed as normal, much to the chagrin of those beneath it. If dispelled in the second or third stage, the island also creates a massive tidal wave which is 1 metre tall for each square mile of the island and travels the same distance as the island fell, the exact implications of which are left to the DM. Otherwise, the island lands with an ineffectual splash.
Reverse: The island is pushed underwater. This likewise comprises three stages.
The first stage lasts 1 day per square mile of the island - islands smaller than 1 square mile take proportionately less time - during which the island starts to submerge. It takes the entire time before the majority of the top surface is about 5 feet below the water, but after three quarters of the time the island is mainly below sea level. In any case, as it sinks beneath the waves the entire island acts as though subjected to the Earthquake spell every 3d6 minutes.
The second phase lasts 1 week per square mile of the island. The island drops down until it hits a solid object. Every 3d6 rounds, the entire island acts as though subjected to the Earthquake spell.
The third phase lasts forever, as the island lies at peace at the bottom of the world.
If the spell is dispelled in the first phase, the island invariably rises to the surface in the same time for which the spell was active, but to a maximum of only five minutes. If it is dispelled during the second or third, it rises as it fell only at sevenfold speed. It is not the subject of any more earthquakes. It then rises dramatically from the depths over five minutes. When the island rises, boats have a tendency to be unharmed if they can support themselves on dry land (i.e. are flat-bottomed) but otherwise the hull is usually ruined, or the ship topples over.

Word of the Planes:
Level: 6
Target: Creature visible
Duration: Instantaneous
Save: Will Negates (Harmless)
Normal: The target creature travels to a plane of your choice as per the Plane Shift spell. If you Speak Unto the Masses, all creatures who fail or eschew their will saves arrive in the same position relative to one another in which they currently are.
Reverse: A target on a different plane is dragged onto this one, generally between the Ethereal and Material planes. The target takes a -5 penalty on the will save due to their proximity.

Word of Unrelenting Force:
Level: 7
Target: Normal: 20 foot cone, Reverse: Location visible.
Cast time: Normal: Standard action, Reverse: Immediate action.
Duration: Instantaneous
Save: See text.
Normal: You shout so loudly that the force of your voice sends creatures flying back. Creatures in the area take 3d6 sonic damage, and, unless prone, must take a fortitude save or be hurled backwards. Creatures gain a +2 bonus to the fortitude save for each size category they are above medium, and a -2 penalty for each size category below. They pass automatically if they are further than 10 feet back.
Creatures passing the save must then take a reflex save or fall prone in their own square. Creatures who fail the initial save are launched backwards 5 feet and upwards 5 feet for each point they failed the save by, and take falling damage as normal.
Reverse: Your shouting carries you 50 feet from your current location, without falling. You move past obstructing creatures and do not provoke attacks of opportunity from moving. This will allow you to dodge attacks, spells, or even entire full attack actions.