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    And I just realized the X-30 on Kl'ck's character sheet won't show up because I forgot the [tr] [/tr] tags. >_<. Reposting sheet so I can maintain wounds, strain, and XP.

    Spoiler: Kl'ck
    Spoiler: Character sheet
    Name: Kl'ck
    Species: Verpine
    Gender: Hermaphrodite
    Career: Smuggler
    Specializations: Scoundrel, Thief

    Soak: 3
    Wounds Taken: 0/12
    Strain Suffered: 2/12
    Defense: 1
    Microscopic Sight: Verpine add [Advantage] to all Perception checks.

    ( 2 )
    ( 3 )
    ( 3 )
    ( 3 )
    ( 2 )
    ( 2 )

    Spoiler: General Skills

    General Skills Characteristic Career Rank Dice Pool
    Astrogation Int - 0 ♦♦♦
    Athletics Br - - ♦♦
    Charm Pr 0 ♦♦
    Coercion Wil - 0 ♦♦
    Computers Int 1 ♦♦
    Cool Pr 0 ♦♦
    Coordination Ag 0 ♦♦♦
    Deception Cun 2 ★★
    Discipline Wil - 0 ♦♦
    Leadership Pr - 0 ♦♦
    Mechanics Int - 1 ♦♦
    Medicine Int - 0 ♦♦♦
    Negotiation Pr - 0 ♦♦
    Perception Cun 0 ♦♦♦
    Piloting - Planetary Ag - 0 ♦♦♦
    Piloting - Space Ag 0 ♦♦♦
    Resilience Br - 0 ♦♦
    Skulduggery Cun 1 ♦♦
    Stealth Ag 1 ♦♦
    Streetwise Cun 1 ♦♦
    Survival Cun - 0 ♦♦♦
    Vigilance Wil 0 ♦♦

    Spoiler: Combat Skills

    Combat Skills Characteristic Career Rank Dice Pool
    Brawl Br - 0 ♦♦
    Gunnery Ag - 0 ♦♦♦
    Melee Br - 0 ♦♦
    Ranged - Heavy Ag - 0 ♦♦♦
    Ranged - Light Ag 1 ♦♦

    Spoiler: Knowledge Skills

    Knowledge Skills Characteristic Career Rank Dice Pool
    Core Worlds Int - 0 ♦♦♦
    Education Int - 0 ♦♦♦
    Lore Int - 0 ♦♦♦
    Outer Rim Int - 0 ♦♦♦
    Underworld Int 0 ♦♦
    Xenology Int - 0 ♦♦♦
    Warfare Int - 0 ♦♦♦

    Spoiler: Talents

    Talent Rank Activation Acquisition
    Indistinguishable 1 Passive Thief
    Quick Draw 1 Incidental Scoundrel

    Spoiler: Equipment

    Encumbrance: 7/13
    Credits: 280 (Added Obligation for Credits)
    Weapon Qty Dam Crit Range Encum HP Held Equip Special
    X-30 Lancer 1 5 3 Long 1 2 - Accurate 1, Pierce 2, "Bantha's Eye" Laser sight: add one [ADV] to successful check mod
    HL-27 Light Blaster pistol 1 5 3 Medium 1 2 - Accurate 1, Stun Setting
    Armor Qty Soak MDef RDef Encum Held Equip Special
    Catch vest 1 1 - - - - +1 Soak vs. Energy
    Gear Qty Encum Held Special
    Modular Backpack 1 -6 Attachment: 3 Modular Backpack Expansions
    Utility Belt 1 -1 -
    Stimpack 3 0 -
    Concealment Holster 1 0 Add [Setback] to Perception checks to discover the concealed weapon
    Extra Reloads 2 2 -
    Rim Excursions Inc. Military Belt Pouch 1 0 Holds 2 items of encumbrance 0. Can draw those items as an incidental.
    Slicer Gear 1 2 -
    Datapad 1 1 -
    Comlink (Handheld) 1 0 -
    Macrobinoculars 1 1 -

    Spoiler: Duty & Obligation

    5 - Criminal: Roche criminal record, and a few blurry photos of a Verpine engaged in anti-Imperial activity
    10 - Family: Homesickness/loneliness due to lack of communication in his native frequency
    5 - Dutybound: His espionage tasks from Verpine Industries.
    (+2500 Credits, representing his initial backing by Roche)

    Spoiler: Experience

    Experience Spent: 120/120
    • 3 Agility: 30 XP
    • 3 Cunning: 30 XP
    • Thief Specialization: 20 XP
    • Quick Draw: 5 XP
    • Indistinguishable: 5 XP
    • Computers 1: 5 XP
    • Stealth 1: 5 XP
    • 2 Brawn: 20 XP Bonus

    Spoiler: Background

    The Verpine are widely known for the mechanical prowess and constant tinkering upon any equipment that they obtain. Many corporations within the Roche Asteroid have made fortunes marketing upgraded versions of non-Verpine produced items, such as the Verpine personal shields, by extension improving the lives of all Verpine within Roche. This industry was occasionally hurt by the competition stealing prototypes to reverse engineer and release before the Verpine could bring the product to market. Realizing the value of corporate espionage, they used their selective breeding program to produce hatchlings that would be raised as infiltrators and ne'er do wells, acting as covert operatives for the Verpine. Kl'ck is one such Verpine. Publicly declared an outlaw punished with banishment by the Roche government, Kl'ck has embraced this public role in order to hide the clandestine operations with which he is occasionally tasked.
    Through making his broad array of skills available to various less than legal enterprises, Kl'ck has made more than a few contacts in the underworld, and made himself a small reputation as a infiltration jack of all trades, able to handle a multitude of tasks with some measure of skill. These jobs have put him in contact with various other criminals with more specialized skills, a useful contact list for times when his industrial espionage assignments requires a particular speciality. Between "official assignments" Kl'ck picks up whatever work comes his way to keep solvent and help camouflage the work that comes through back channels from Roche. He particularly enjoys any job that entails upsetting the Empire, as their "human first" industrial policies have cost Roche based corporations lucrative contracts, despite having a better product.

    Spoiler: Personality

    As one trained in espionage, Kl'ck tends to be paranoid, preferring cautious analysis to rash action. Once things start to go south, he prefers to try to lie his way out of a bind, saving his blasters as a last resort. After all, you can always shoot someone after talking to them, but they aren't likely to talk if you've been shooting them. He is prone to bouts of homesickness and loneliness, especially when he ends up working alone, missing the constant activity and communal communication common to a Verpine hive. He hopes to eventually be invited back to Roche, but in the meanwhile he wants to experience as much of the universe as possible, and takes special enjoyment out of any action that inconveniences or annoys the Empire.
    Pronoun usage:
    As previously in Kl'ck's life he was assigned to fertilize an egg, he prefers that other sentients refer to him using the masculine pronoun for simplicity's sake. He is gradually getting into the habit of using the term "I" as he has not been part of a hive's collective democracy for some time. Still tends to use "This one" when talking to others in a group he belongs to.

    Spoiler: The Last Resort II
    YT-2400 Light Freighter "The Last Resort II"
    Silhouette: 4
    Speed: 3
    Handling: 0
    Armour: 4
    Fore Starboard Port Aft
    1 - - 1
    Hull Trauma Suffered: 0/25
    System Strain Suffered: 0/18
    Hull Type: Freighter
    Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2; Backup: Class 12
    NaviComputer: Yes
    Sensor Range: Short
    Ship's Complement: One Pilot, One Co-Pilot/Engineer
    Encumbrance Capacity Available: 140/140
    Passenger Capacity: 6
    Consumables: Two Months
    Customization Hardpoints Available: 5/5
    Weapon Location Fire Arc Dam Crit Range Qualities
    Turret Mounted Twin Medium Laser Cannon Dorsal All 6 3 Close Linked (1)
    Turret Mounted Twin Medium Laser Cannon Dorsal All 6 3 Close Linked (1)