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    Spoiler: Planeswalker - Black Coated Man

    Nai Tcideneb Zeugirdor Oaruma

    Alias: BCM, Black Coated Man, Rat Reagent, Typhoid Tyrant
    Gender: Male
    Species: Soul is Human but the body is a Lich Horror
    Age: Mentally in his mid-twenties but the current body he is inhibiting is near two hundred years old
    Alignment: Lawful (self appointed laws) Good (self appointed morals of good)
    Class: Planeswalker Black Mage
    Power Rating: Great Hero 魔王 (Maoh)
    Description: An image is worth a thousand words. So here is BCM, art by Sean Manaloto
    Personality: Polite and talkative. If irritated or worse, he does his best to throw insults and apply injuries.
    Equipment: 偃月刀 (guandao) made of black solidshade, Key ring with keys that transform into flying blades of solidshade.
    Abilities: All those of a Planeswalker, Black Mage, and any other mundane magics any sensible magic user has. Lich's body as well.
    Backstory: His friend's souls were exiled and his actual body is trapped. He seeks to kill the planeswalker that caused this and undo the damage.
    Quote: "I'm THE Black Coated Man!"

    Spoiler: Hedonist - Orphedysseus

    Heikas Heikas Estei Biberoi El Erohim Erohi Erohim Savant Erohim Eiehay Eiheyaja Eiehay Ado Night Ya Shadie Tetora Gramaton Shadie Agiosu Oh Heikas Iktron Ah Thanatos Agura Amen Zazus Zazus Nasta Zuzuss Orpheus Odysseus Dionysus Walprugis

    Alias: Orphedysseus, The Hedonist, Inhuman Slaver
    Gender: ALPHA Male!
    Species: A Lesser God of Pain and Pleasure
    Age: So far, three eternities and still looking good!
    Alignment: True Neutral (Whatever makes Orphydysseus, he does)
    Class: ShieldMage, a combination of impenetrable (as far as he knows) armor, and offensive magic
    Power Rating: Lesser God, by virtue of being one
    Description: Good looking everything, what can be noticed is his prismatic runed eyes.
    Personality: Shallow, Narcissistic, and whatever else comes with being a hedonist.
    Equipment: Silk clothes under padded leather under chain mail under scale mail under full plate holding a tower shield in each hand.
    Three artifacts, summons attack demon, magic demon, defense demon.
    Abilities: Spellcasting, Shield Mastery, Lovemaking
    Backtory: A soul that has suffered an eternity in a personal spirit hell. He outlived the end of time and spend two more eternities looking for joy.
    Quote: "My flesh is my master."
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