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    One thing my group tried ended up being a big hit. Having the Players play their own hirelings.

    We have a player that has to skip every 3rd session, but thankfully its ultra-consistent with every single 3rd session missed. So as to not exclude him from plot development, 2/3rds of the time we play the regular full party on their high level adventures, and the other 1/3 the party-1 play the lower level lieutenants that protect the PC's home base, complete side missions for them and occasionally accompany the PCs when needed.

    Not only does this mean we don't have to awkwardly write out party members during random parts of the adventure, it also lets their stronghold remain a big part of the show and provides some lower level play to contrast the normal campaign. My players seem to appreciate the ability to experiment with some classes and builds they wanted to try without it being too high-risk for the main campaign. If it turns out unsatisfactory, they can just say they were fired or moved onto another contract and turn them over the DM for NPC use later on.

    It's definitely been fun deciding how the PC's spend their resources, whether to outfit themselves or their lieutenants. Also adds a new dimension to the low level play as certain options useful to low level PCs become cost effective only if you have access to a high level caster. 3.5 specific examples I can think are things like how 20gp might buy you one flask of alchemist's fire, but with the right caster it nets you 120 auto-proficient fire shuriken. Acid Flasks can be a game changer at low levels, but the expense adds up. However a caster with Water to Acid can create a mess of them at basically no cost to himself (Or infact a saving if he has to outfit his troops for trolls). Certain Eternal Wands go from being convenient items to snag, to being so indispensable we've had characters and strategies built around specific ones. We have pages and pages of ideas that we worked out, that work via economies of scale, but still let you follow relatively closely to WBL. Some end up rather effective - maybe we'll write a guide sometime

    Our campaigns always seem to focus largely on the character's strongholds, and we had some dissent over what level band to play at, so this was a well received, and quite organic development.
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