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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Weapons! (of Legacy, or Weapons Properties)

    Snowbluff, Legendary Weapon
    Spoiler: Snowbluff's Legendary Weapon
    Empty Binder
    Originally used by the swordsman Snowbluff to keep notes on the flaws of all creatures, the internet and laptops proved to be far more useful for this purpose. Left by the roadside, a homeless man used it to defend himself from kobold marauders by creating a daylight spell effect. Having been so saved, the man attached a handle to it and used it as a meat cleaver to gain great fame.
    Requirements: Any character can wield Empty Binder as a masterwork straightblade (Planar Handbook p69) and also gain the benefit
    of the exploit special ability. A battle scion who wields the Empty Binder gains additional special abilities if the character fulfills the following criteria.
    Base Attack Bonus: +8.
    Skills: Knowledge (any three) 4 ranks.
    Feats: Improved Initiative, Knowledge Devotion.
    Attributes: Empty Binder has the following attributes.
    Hardness/Hitpoints: 0/1.
    Caster Level: 10th.
    Value: To any character other than a battle scion who meets the above requirements, Empty Binder appears to be worth as much as a
    Medium masterwork straightblade that grants the exploit special ability (market price 55,307 gp). To anyone who has not witnessed its exploit ability it appears to be worth as much as a Medium masterwork straightblade (market price 307 gp).
    Special Abilities: Empty Binder provides a number of special abilities to its wielder, depending on the character’s class level in the
    battle scion prestige class (see the table below).
    Initial Abilities: When first acquired, Empty Binder functions as a masterwork straightblade . Anyone who wields it, whether a battle
    scion or not, also benefits from the exploit ability.
    Exploit (Su): The wielder of Empty Binder can exploit any one weakness a creature possesses (kobold's light sensitivity, vampire's holy
    symbol vulnerability) a number of times per day equal to their Int modifier. This creates an appropriate effect to take advantage of the weakness, and lasts for five rounds. The effect created cannot harm any creatures; if it would harm any, it immediately fails. If the creature has no weaknesses that would not result in damage or death, this ability cannot be used on them and is wasted.
    Knowledge of the Books (Ex): All knowledge skills are added to the battle scion's class skill list.
    Knowledge of all Flaws (Ex): A battle scion wielding Empty Binder gains a bonus on knowledge checks when using Knowledge Devotion
    or to learn of a creature's weaknesses. This bonus is +2 at first level, and increases by 2 at every even class level, to a maximum of +12 at 10th level.
    Quick Draw (Su): Once per round, a battle scion of 3rd level or higher can draw Empty Binder as a free action and treat their opponent
    as flat-footed for their first attack in their turn. They can also sheathe Empty Binder as a free action immediately following this attack if they choose.
    From Sheathe to Foe (Ex): A battle scion of 5th level or higher wielding Empty Binder deals an additional 3d6 points of damage per
    strike to their target upon a successful hit in any round they use quick draw. (but not lightning draw) This damage is neither weapon damage nor precision damage and does not ignore damage reduction. At 9th level this damage increases to 6d6.
    Lightning Draw (Su): A battle scion of 7th level or higher can draw Empty Binder as an immediate action and strike an opponent with it
    once per turn. Enemies are flat-footed against this attack, and this ability can be used even during an opponent's turn or against successfully tumbling targets. Using this ability counts as using quick draw for the round it is performed.

    Battle Scion Level Ability Gained
    1st Knowledge of the Books, Knowledge of all Flaws +2
    2nd Knowledge of all Flaws +4
    3rd Quick Draw
    4th Knowledge of all Flaws +6
    5th From Sheathe to Foe (+3d6)
    6th Knowledge of all Flaws +8
    7th Lightning Draw
    8th Knowledge of all Flaws +10
    9th From Sheathe to Foe (+6d6)
    10th Knowledge of all Flaws +12

    Whew, first time making such a complicated post. Hopefully it all reads okay. Legendary weapons are cool, right?

    Edit: So I'm first? Hope I didn't set the bar too high with this.... Also any comment on abilities would be appreciated.
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