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    Tristan Sawyer


    Name: Tristan Sawyer
    Home World: Fortress World
    Birthright: In Service to the Throne, Born to Lead (200 XP)
    Lure of the Void: Zealot: Blessed Scars (200 XP to upgrade to common)
    Trials & Travails: High Vendetta
    Motivation: Loyalty (100 XP)
    Career: Arch-Militant
    Ship Role: Chief Bosun +5 Crew Rating and while on board ship Command tests involving the ship's crew does not penalties for reduced morale.

    Half: 3m
    Full: 6m
    Charge: 9m
    Run: 18m

    Wounds: 15/15 (4TB x2 + 1d5[5] + 1 Homeworld +1 SC)
    Fate Points: 4/4

    Corruption: 0/100
    Insanity: 0/100


    WS: 34
    BS: 43
    S: 36
    T: 41
    Ag: 36
    Int: 30
    Per: 34
    WP: 40
    Fel: 36


    • Common Lore (War) (Int) +10
    • Secret Tongue (Military) (Int) +10
    • Command (Fel)
    • Literacy (Int)
    • Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) (Int) +10
    • Inquiry (Fel)
    • Trade (Voidfarer) (Int)
    • Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)
    • Dodge (Ag)
    • Intimidate (S)

    Skill- & Characteristic-oriented Effects
    +10 Intimidate, -10 Charm
    +5 Willpower and Fellowship when aboard home ship


    • Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
    • Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
    • Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
    • Sound Constitution
    • Thrown Weapon Training (Universal)
    • Hatred (Tau)
    • Nerves of Steel
    • Paranoia

    Weapons training
    Basic (Las)
    Melee (chain, shock, power)
    Pistol (bolt, las, launcher, melta, plasma, sp)
    Thrown (primitive, chain, shock, power)

    Powers & Abilities/Traits/Implants/Mutations & Malignancies


    Constant Weapon Training: -5 to Social Interaction Tests regarding Non Combat topics (GM's Discretion)
    Blessed Scars: +10 Intimidate, -10 Charm
    Brook No Insult: You will allow no serious offence to your honour and person or those under your protection to pass unchallenged, meeting threat with threat and violence with violence. You may take a Willpower Test to avert this if you wish, modified by the provocation and the consequences (set by the GM) of succumbing to your rage
    Weapon Master (Pistols): When using Pistol Weapons, +10 to Hit, +2 Damage and +2 Init.


    Common bionic respirator: +20 Toughness to resist airborne toxins and gas weapons



    Primary Ranged
    Weapon: Good Quality Hellgun, Class: Basic, Range: 110m, Damage: 1d10+4, Type: E, Pen: 7, RoF: S/3/-, Magazine: 30/30, Rld: 2 Full, Weight: 6kg
    Good-Craftsmanship: Reliable

    Weapon: Ripper Pistol, Class: Pistol, Range: 30m, Damage: 1d10+3, Type: I, Pen: 7, RoF: S/2/-, Magazine: 8/8, Rld: Full, Weight: 4kg, Special: Tearing, Toxic

    Primary Melee
    Weapon: Good-Craftsmanship Mono Sword, Damage: 1d10, Type: R, Pen: 2, Weight: 3kg
    Balanced: +10 bonus to parry tests
    Good-Craftsmanship: +5 bonus to tests made to attack.

    Worn Armour
    Name: Enforcer light carapace armor
    Armour Points: Arms, Body, Head, Legs (5)


    Good-Craftsmanship Mono Sword
    Void suit
    Enforcer light carapace armour
    Bolt shell keepsake
    Arms coffer
    Common bionic respiration

    3 Hellgun Charge cores
    3 Ripper Pistol Magazines

    Common-Quality Ripper Pistol (+30 Negligible +0 Common Quality -30 Extremely Rare = +0)


    Total Exp: 500
    Spendable Exp: 0

    Origin Path Expenditures
    In Service to the Throne, Born to Lead 200 XP
    Zealot, Blessed Scars 200 XP
    Loyalty 100 XP


    Tristan was raised on a world whose primary purpose was to defend against the machinations of the Tau. He learned to field strip a lasgun before he could walk, and his first language was the local war cant. During training, a natural affinity for leading his fellows was noted, causing him to be transferred into the command class. Following graduation, he served honourably in the PDF, and begin rising in the ranks. When the chance finally arrived to serve the Emperor in battle, the entire population held a week long celebration, culminating in a lottery of all eligible citizens. Tristan was one of the lucky few chosen for the new regiment, and took the well wishes of his friends and family with him along with a commission as a Captain. He served gloriously, and would happily have continued to do so to the end of his days, until his regiment was hit by a chemical attack after making camp. Their respirators were useless, the chemical eating through the rubber, the skin on their faces, and their lungs. To make matters, worse, the command tent took a direct hit during a meeting of senior personnel, while Captain Sawyer was checking the picket lines. Those the attack did not kill outright were left with lungs were scarred beyond repair, and Tristan, now the most senior officer, found himself in charge of a regiment that had been written off as casualties. Facing an future of begging and with no way off the war torn world on which they were located, or an unofficial the God Emperor offered them a blessing in the form of a Rogue Trader vessel that had recently arrived and had openings for military trained personnel. The soldiers' scarred lungs were replaced with bionics, and new roles were found for them shipboard. Tristan and the other survivors had found a new purpose, and new battles to fight.