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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Weapons! (of Legacy, or Weapons Properties)

    Quote Originally Posted by PsyBomb View Post
    I, PsyBomb, hearby give my permission.
    Psybomb's Corrective Aid

    The great sage Psybomb used this heavy ash staff to correct the errors of his pupils in memorable fashion. A gently tap was sufficient to make them pause and reflect on their errors and mistake. This +1 merciful quarterstaff increases the DC of the user's stunning fist ability by 2. If the wielder has the gently touch ability, he may treat the essence capacity of that ability as 1 higher.

    Spoiler: reasoning
    Psybomb has been a huge part of the akashic mysteries playtests. I think everyone involved has had to stare blankly at a wall of damage sims a few times, so nonlethal stunning worked out.

    Actually, I want this to be a real weapon in the product release!

    If someone posts the full WoL table format, I might go crazy and expand it to that.
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