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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Weapons! (of Legacy, or Weapons Properties)

    For Blackhawk:

    Mr Aochev
    "Mr Aochev, tear down this wall!"
    Mr Aochev is a +5 adamantine pickaxe. It ignores the hardness, magical defenses and damage reduction of any walls, and deals five times the normal damage to them. If wielded by a bard, it deals ten times the normal damage instead.

    For Sayt:

    Sayt's Terraformer
    "You fight a war to change the world, and it changes into a world with no place in it for you, the fighter. Those who fight for the bright future are not always, by nature, well fitted to live in it."
    Sayt's Terraformer is a +5 Flaming burst heavy crossbow. Whenever you hit with Sayt's Terraformer, if you hit someone standing on a natural surface, you turn the area you just hit, and that within 1d6*5 feet of it, into some inhospitable area. Roll 1d20:

    1-10 No effect
    11 Area is frozen over with ice.
    12 Area is subject to strong winds (if it wasn't under a greater wind effect already)
    13 Area is set ablaze even if it's not flammable.
    14 Area is covered in Webs (CL 20)
    15 Area is covered in thorny bushes.
    16 Area turns to mud as transmute rock to mud even if it's not made of mud.
    17 Area turns to water that goes down 30 feet.
    18 Area is subject to Reverse Gravity (CL 20)
    19 Area is beset by an Earthquake (CL 20)
    20 Area turns to lava.

    The spells last as long as the description. Ice and lava alike will melt given time, the fire will burn one round if there is nothing to burn, or as long as a mundane fire might burn (minimum one round) if there is. The thorny bushes will quickly wither and die if the area cannot sustain them, and can be hacked apart or burned easily enough. Water is simply water.
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