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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Weapons! (of Legacy, or Weapons Properties)

    Okay. Here's my first attempt. If I feel so inspired, I may pull another. Elric, this one's for you.

    Spoiler: Altovilla, the Blade of Elric
    Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +1 Longsword
    Omen: When Altovilla is held, the wielder's mind is suddenly assaulted with visions of a thousand glorious victories in battle.

    • (DC 15) Many warriors have gone by the name Elric. It's a fairly popular name. One such Elric, however, became renowned, not for his own victories, but for his ability to lead others to victory. He was a trainer of warriors, humble but highly capable. Though he taught many students, great and small, strong and weak, wealthy and poor, he used a single weapon to train them. Like many warriors, he did not name this weapon; he believed that giving a name to your weapon was something only twits did.
    • (DC 20; Giving Aid to the Weak) Elric started as a tutor of fencing. He had a natural gift for the art of weapons, and readily shared it with students. He expanded from swords, to axes, to flails and whips, but the grip and blade of a well-made sword, including his own humble blade, was always his favorite. His reputation grew by leaps and bounds, as more students flocked to him, to learn from the master.
    • (DC 25; Shutting Down His Magic) It would not be long before Elric earned the ire of other warriors. Mostly, this was due to his reputation as a capable warrior. He was challenged to many duels over his lifetime, and his rules were simple: No magic. He believed in the power of the sword, but he was a realist when it came to the power of magic; the latter could warp reality, while the former could only warp flesh. And for the most part, his opponents honored that request. One exception, however, would prove his undoing. A haughty Duskblade was determined to prove himself superior to the swordsman Elric. Yet at every turn of their duel, Elric thwarted his thrusts, laughed at his lunges, and repelled his ripostes. Furious, the Duskblade violated the taboo, charging his blade with lightning and driving it into Elric's outstretched arm. The swordsman screamed with pain as the magic did its work, forever ruining his sword arm and ending his dueling career. The Duskblade, publicly shamed for his acts, was never heard from again.
    • (DC 30; The Teacher at His Podium) Now unable to duel, Elric retired from the public eye. Instead, he began to draft his memoirs, feeling for one brief moment that the world should know of his life before he passed. As he put pen to parchment, he realized how absurd a notion this was - he wasn't dying, just injured! And so he resolved to teach once more, but this time, with the pen, rather than the sword. He began to pen a treatise on the art of combat. When his text was finished, he looked upon it with satisfaction, only to realize that while the text was complete, the work never would be. And so, with a combination of satisfaction and determination, he set pen to parchment once more, this time to ensure that future students of the art of combat would be equipped with all possible knowledge.

    Legacy Rituals
    These rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of Altovilla, the Blade of Elric:
    • Giving Aid to the Weak: Elric was a teacher, and Altovilla will never accept a wielder who cannot teach. What is teaching? Teaching is the act of taking one who is lacking, and helping them to grow. You must find someone who is lacking in some way, or facing some obstacle, and teach them sufficiently that they can overcome it without aid. The specifics are between you and your DM. Possessing the Mentor feat automatically qualifies you for this, although you still have to pay the legacy cost. Cost: 3,200 gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Altovilla, the Blade of Elric).
    • Shutting Down His Magic: You must succeed where Elric failed. You must challenge an opponent to single combat. This opponent must be a difficult challenge for you (insert broken CR numbers here). You may not use spells or consumable magic items, but you may use magic arms and equipment, as well as Altovilla; your opponent may use anything he wishes. You need not win, but you must survive. Cost: 13,500 gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Altovilla, the Blade of Elric).
    • The Teacher at His Podium: You must share your knowledge on a wider scale. You must either publish a treatise on martial combat, or present your findings to a convention or symposium on the subject. If producing a written text, you must dedicate 8 hours daily to the writing for 1d4+1 weeks; if presenting to a symposium, you must dedicate one full week to presenting to and meeting with the guests and other panelists. Cost: 39,000 gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Altovilla, the Blade of Elric).

    Legacy Item Abilities
    All of the following are legacy item abilities of Altovilla, the Blade of Elric.
    • At 5th level, upon unlocking its Least Legacy, Altovilla becomes a +1 Aptitude Longsword.
    • At 7th level, Altovilla's bonus increases to +2.
    • At 9th level, Altovilla gains the Defending quality.
    • At 11th level, upon unlocking its Lesser Legacy, Altovilla gains the Spell Storing quality.
    • At 13th level, Altovilla's bonus increases to +3.
    • At 15th level, Altovilla gains the Eager quality.
    • At 17th level, upon unlocking its Greater Legacy, Altovilla's bonus increases to +4, and it gains the Spellstrike quality.
    • At 20th level, Altovilla's bonus increases to +5, and it gains the Smoking quality.

    Spoiler: Reasoning
    Altovilla, the Blade of Elric, is a dueling weapon. So it won't make you fly and teleport and other magical stuff. I added Spell Storing, because Magus, so it's possible for a magic-user to make good use of the blade. Other than that, it's combat-designed - Aptitude to adjust feats, Eager for initiative, Defending for emergency AC, Smoking for miss chance, and Spellstrike for saves. Capable but defensive.

    And yes, by the end, it is an epic weapon, having exceeded the +10 modifier limit. (+5 enhancement, +1 Aptitude, +1 Defending, +1 Spell Storing, +2 Eager, +1 Spellstrike, +1 Smoking, = +12. That's what makes it desirable as a Legacy weapon - at level 17, it is a +4 Aptitude Defending Spell Storing Eager Spellstrike Longsword, a total of +10, the threshold of epic weapons. Three levels later, it crosses that threshold. Bam.
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