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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Weapons! (of Legacy, or Weapons Properties)

    Keledrath: Just as a preview for what you get(can't access the full file since I'm on mobile right now) here it is.

    Keledrath's Martial Blade. Found as a +3 Adamantine Longsword with a +2 Enchantment on it.

    3/Day, you may gain a number of maneuvers equal to your initiating modifier+2 as a move action that does not provoke. If you are not an initiator, your initiator lentil is considered 3/4 your character level, and Use your highest mental stat to determine your number of maneuvers. This can only grant maneuvers of a level equal or lower than what your initiator would allow. These maneuvers disappear at the end of the encounter.

    1/Day: You may transform this weapon into any other one handed melee weapon you are proficient in. This may be of any special material. You may also choose up to +5 worth of enhancements and enchantments on it.

    You are also granted the use of one stance as long as you wield this weapon, and benefit from both it and any other stance you are in. Your initiator level determines your highest level stance. You may change this at the beginning of each day. See the above special ability for non-initiators.
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