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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Weapons! (of Legacy, or Weapons Properties)

    i think i have a unique weapon for one of the regulars.

    threadnaught's and rudi's spork.

    Spoiler: fluff
    fluff, one day the great wizard threadnaught met a travelling vagrant who introduced himself as rudi.
    feeling sorry for rudi threadnaught offered to share his lunch with him, rudi gladly accepted as he had not eaten in a week. after eating hearty rudi thanked the noble wizard and gave him his one possession he owned and said it would keep threadnaught safe. threadnaught examined it a moment and when he looked up to ask a question rudi was gone.

    It looked like some sort of knife that could be retracted and hidden on your person, except it was not a blade that came out, but a spoon with prongs like a fork. it did not register as magical.

    later that night whilst sleeping he was attacked by bandits in the night, the bandits had magical aid and he could do nothing. he soon found himself helpless and at their mercy.
    as the leader went through his stuff he found the spork and asked what it was. threadnaught replied honestly and said "its a junk present a hungry vagrant gave me, its worthless".
    the leader of the bandits flicked it open and in that instant the clearing shone like daylight and a solar appeared and slew the bandits.
    through his daze he recognised the solar, none other than rudi himself.
    rudi revived threadnaught to his full health and then left. leaving only his spork behind as before.

    threadnaught's and rudi's spork appears to not be a weapon at first glance, but if wielded it counts as a master worked dagger that only deals nonlethal damage.

    if the spork is used to attack any creature with the evil subtype it acts as if a +3 dagger with the ghost touch and bane (targeted creature type) enchantments. the bane switches every time a different creature is attacked and reverts to its mundane state directly after the attack.

    if the owner of the spork ever has the spork stolen or it is disarmed from him, as soon as the spork is opened from being retracted (its normal position) a solar appears and immediately attacks the thief or assailant and returns the spork to its current rightful owner. the solar returns the owner to living and full health if needed and rescues the owner if necessary before disappearing. this effect is the equivalent of the gate spell but works regardless of the current circumstance and can even operate in an antimagic field.

    the owner of the spork may gift it to another being, but it must be in return for a kind act performed to them. if the spork is ever sold it disappears instantly and is lost forever until rudi (the solar called) finds a worthy owner again.

    p.s. where's my weapon
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