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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Weapons! (of Legacy, or Weapons Properties)

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    Also, for eggynack...

    Gatekeeper's Reach

    This +2 Byeshk Aberration-Bane Orcish Shotput gains special powers when wielded by Orcs or Half-Orcs, and by Druids. When wielded by an Orc or Half-Orc, Gatekeeper's Reach returns to its wielder after each attack, ready to be used again. When wielded by a Druid or other user of Wild Shape, Gatekeeper's Reach does not merge when the wielder changes form. Instead, the weapon appears to vanish down the Druid's throat. The Druid can then vomit forth the weapon as a ranged attack, attacking as if it were wielded in two hands, no matter how many hands the Druid's new form possesses. If the Druid is also a Half-Orc or Orc, when Gatekeeper's Reach returns after use it returns down the Druid's throat, ready to be used again. Half-Orc and Orc Druids automatically gain proficiency with Gatekeeper's Reach.

    Spoiler: Explanation:
    Druids, especially Half-Orc Druids, which means especially orcish-themed weapons...and it's hard to get a good ranged attack in most wild shape forms after all.
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