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    Zaydos' Staff of Creation

    As you pick up this staff, you feel a rush of creative inspiration, and the will to shape it so that it becomes a reality. You can hear whispers of great inventors around you, guiding your own creations.

    This +4 Merciful Quarterstaff confers a number of benefits upon the user. Firstly, it allows the use of Minor Creation as an SLA 5 times per day, and the use of Major Creation 1 time per day. The items created are permanent as long as you do not try to sell them at profit, upon which they disappear immediately before the transaction is made. You may give them free of charge, however. Secondly, you gain the benefits of Craft Wondrous Item and Craft Magic Arms and Armor as bonus feats, if you have the required caster level. Lastly, you gain a +2 untyped bonus to INT and CHA while wielding this. You also gain a bonus to craft and linguistics equal to half your level.

    Spoiler: Reasoning
    Zaydos has done a bunch in the community, like homebrew, spells/etc. That it seems fitting to give him a staff that does what he does.
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