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    In my party we are 2 druids(1 moon druid and 1 land druid), we paly 2 urchin wood elf brother, the moon one is a barbarian 4/moon druid 6 and me in druid 8/ and i must decide 2 lvs.
    In my team we have also a monk a life cleric and an aoe blaster sorcerer. The DMN house rule we can't use divination school, and only conjure animal works( so forget conjure element and conjuer fey), contagion works differently( houserule, now it sucks hard). My combat strat is conjure 8 wolves, monkeys, or octupus and cast non concentration spell. We lack of a sigle-target dmg( the monk and the bear are kore tankish than dmg dealer). So i'm thinking to multiclass in a cleric( tempest, light, DEATH or trickery). What do you think?
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