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If you’re going to buy your equipment at level 1, you get 2d4x10gp plus what you got from your background – 5-25gp.
What you need to consider:

Armour and shield: Depending on your pecuniary capabilities and your Dex, you will want to pick 10gp Hide (the obvious starter option), 45gp Studded Leather (for the rich and agile) or simple Leather (for the really agile, dex 18+, who can't afford studded leather). A shield is 10gp and well worth it. Even if you intend to use a bow, you want a shield in your pack. But if you’re that hard up for cash, you can leave it off for now.
I just wanted to know if Druid's could actually use Studded Leather due to the fact they can't use armor with metal.

Also in your Land druid rundown section you have ritual spells listed in red (Could be a waste of your stuff); however later in the spells section you have them blue (Good stuff). I was wondering if one of these was a typo.