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    @ rlh7yc: About studded leather: Iím in line with Nod_Hero. If you read the descriptions, the key word with studded leather is that itís made 'from leather'. The medium armour descriptions (except hide) mention metal specifically, where studded doesnít. Presumably there may be metal buckles on the armour straps too, for instance, without this counting as the armour being 'made of metal'. The wording of the prohibition is up to interpretation, as is the description of individual armour types.
    Of course, your DM may see it differently, but you should have some arguments to hand at least.
    About Rituals: Since you donít have a choice about being able to use rituals, the Ďit-might-be-a-wasteí is merely in comparison to everything else you get. In the context of a specific spell, it is of course a good thing that you have the option of casting it without expending a spell slot. I wanted something to draw attention to Ritual and Concentration spells, and the colours (and their connotations of 'nice' and 'look out') seemed the obvious choice.

    @ Nod_Hero: I agree completely. Thanks!

    @ mephnick: Itís a taboo, itís not supposed to make sense. But it's not caught out of thin air; the unwillingness to use certain metals for certain tasks is a religious taboo youíll find from a Flamen Dialis of ancient Rome to an American native shaman. The ability to work metals can be seen as a (or the) major step in moving away from humanityís Ďnaturalí stone-age state, and so defying it may seem proper for a druid. Your mileage may vary, of course.
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